6 Most Common Problems with John Deere x590 and Solutions

John Deere x590 is a multi-terrain lawn tractor. It can cut heavy grasses easily.   This powerful lawn tractor shows minimal problems. But every machine develops some problems with time. 

However, consumers have been complaining about some common John Deere x590 problems that they have experienced. They were sharing about starting issues, engine problems, smoke issues, cutting issues, steering issues, and more.

In this article I’ll expound over the common problems you will encounter with your John Deere x590 lawn tractor. I’ll also discuss the possible reasons and the troubleshooting.

Key Points:

  • The common problems with John x590 are starting difficulties, rough running, overheating. There can also be bad cutting and excessive vibration.  
  • Basically, a number of factors are responsible for these problems. The fuel quality, components like carburetor, air filter and spark plugs should be in good condition.
  • To ensure zero problem, you will have to maintain the tractor and keep the components out of damage.

6 Most Common John Deere x590 Problems and Solutions:

These are some of the most common John Deere x590 problems, and some general ideas are shown about how these problems can normally be dealt with.

1. Engine Doesn’t Start or Hard to Start

If the tractor doesn’t start at all, first check the electrical components. 

For instance, make sure the batteries and the starter are in good condition. If not, charge or change the battery with proper voltage and install a new starter. Also, look if you have any loose or corroded connection. Fix them.

If the electrical part is fine, the first thing you should check is the fuel tank. If the gas tank is empty, add fuel to it. Sometimes, wrong fuel grade or old fuel cause the hindrance in the supply of power. Drain the old fuel and any other debris from the fuel system.

Refill the tank with clean fuel of correct grade. Faulty fuel injectors should be replaced.

The stale fuel also clogs the fuel line as it develops different gummy elements when kept for long time. So, if you want to use fuel for more than one month, use fuel stabilizer. Clean the clogged fuel or air filter.

Replace them if they are damaged. Check the spark plug and safety switch.  Clean or replace the spark plugs with recommended space. Replace the safety switch if required.

If the engine starts but idle after some time, the problem can also be with the carburetor. Clean or replace it if the carburetor is damaged.

2. Engine Runs Rough

If you notice unnecessary sound, vibration or any other signs of your engine running rough, first check the carburettor.  Give it a thorough clean with carb cleaner if it is clogged. Clean the adjacent components also including the air filter. 

Another culprit can be clogged cooling fins. Remove all the dirt stick on the fins. The air filter can be also plugged or damaged.

Clean it or replace it if damaged.  You should see if the ignition system is functioning well. Test the ignition and spark plug using a multimeter or a spark plug tester. Look over the throttle cable and different electrical connections also.

3. Engine Overheats

Engine overheating can also indicate to dirty or misadjusted carburettor and clogged cooling fins. So, inspect and overhaul those components first.

Another major factor related to the overheating issue is the amount and quality of oil. If the oil level is too high or too low, it can cause the engine overheating. 

Check the oil level and pour oil to the right level. The oil should be of right grade and viscosity.

Other than these causes, engine can also overheat due to excessive engine load. If you mow heavy and wet grasses for a long time, your engine will overheat. So keep the mowing limited to the engine’s capacity. 

4. Mower Vibrates Excessively 

Mower vibrates when some pebble-like debris get stuck in the pulley or deck. So look over the mower deck and get rid of any small dirt.  Damaged or loose drive belt can also cause the vibration. 

Adjust the drive belt properly and replace it if it is damaged. Install a new pulley if required. Cutting blades can also contribute to the problem. Balance the loose blades and replace the damaged ones.

5. Uncut Grass or Uneven Cuts

Sometimes grass remain uncut even after mowing and sometimes you may encounter uneven cuts. It can occur for a number of reasons. First reason can be dull or damaged blades. The blades should always be sharp.  Replaced the worn blades. The deck level and cutting height is an important factor while cutting grass. If the height is too low, level the height. 

If you run the mower too fast or too slow, you should correct the blade speed. Otherwise, you’ll see uncut grasses in place to place. All tires should contain even pressure. Inflate the tires if they are lowly pressured and make sure the tire pressure is equal. 

6. Engine Emits Black Smoke or Losses Power

Black smokes come out when the air and fuel ratio is not right. If the air filter is clogged or damaged, it can cause this imbalance. So, clean the air filter.

On the other hand, engine losses power when the flow of fuel gets restricted. It can be due to the clogging in the carburettor, air filter.  Fouled spark plug can also cause this. Check those components and overhaul.  

What Majority of the Users Feel About John Deere x590?

John Deere x590 is a powerful machine with excellent cutting ability. It is easy to use and have a motor with great power that makes the mowing easy for you. This mower is manufactured prioritizing the user’s comfort and convenience.

That’s why the controls are color coded for easy identification. It is equipped with electric fuel injectors that delivers the correct amount of fuel to the engine automatically. As it is a multi-terrain tractor it can do heavy lifting and ride on hill.

However, sometimes operating it in the rear can be difficult for its heavy weight.  Overall, it is really reliable and an excellent choice.  

Final Words

Now that you are acquainted with the common problems, you should stay aware to avoid them. The key here is regular maintenance.  This lawn tractor habitually needs regular care. So, you always should keep the components and other things like the fuel quality in check. It will ensure a long life of the tractor. And there can be some other problems that you may not be familiar with. Contact an expert mechanic in such instance.

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