John Deere X748 vs John Deere X758: Which One To Choose?

The sole point of contention with the John Deere X748 and X758 is their mower deck. How much of this is reliable? Is there nothing else that distinguishes these two lawnmowers? Is it possible to tell them different from one another?

The X748 was a front-line John Deere product from 2006 to 2012. After that the place is seized by the X758 lawnmower. They are, however, not interchangeable. They differ in their wight, engine transmission, mower deck, price and so on other features.

This article will compare the John Deere X748 to the John Deere X758 in depth. Therefore, before making a decision, take your time and read the article all the way through.

John Deere X748 vs John Deere X758: Quick Comparison Table

The John Deere X748 and X758 lawnmowers have several significant differences. Take the following features into consideration.

John Deere X748 VS John Deere X758:

FeaturesJohn Deere X748John Deere X758
Weight1080 – 1153 lbs. (490 – 523 kg)1038 lbs. (470 kg)
Displacement1116 cc993 cc
Fuel Tank6.5 gal (24.6 L)5.2 gal (19.7 L)
TransmissionTuff Torq K92Tuff Torq K90
Mower Deck Element7-gauge Steel9-gauge Steel
Wheelbase55.7 inches54.5 inches
Price$11,449 (2011)$12,679 (2019)

What’s The Difference Between John Deere X748 and John Deere X758 Based on Features?

1. Lawnmower Weight

The John Deere X748 is the heavier of the two lawnmowers, weighing from 1080 to 1153 pounds (490 – 523 kg).

In comparison, the John Deere X758 weighs about 1038 pounds (470 kg).

As is well known, a model with more power will be heavier. As a result, the heavier X748 is more powerful than the lighter X758 lawnmower.

2. Displacement

All of the X748 lawnmowers have an engine that has 1116 cc. It refers that 1116 cubic centimeters are how much space the engine has for its cylinders.

Whereas, the X758 lawnmowers have a 993-cc engine. In this case, 993 cubic centimeters are the space that is available for the engine has for its cylinders.

When the two engines displacement figures are compared, the X748 lawnmowers proved to be stronger than the X758 lawnmowers. As we all know that the more air and fuel a vehicle can store, the larger its cubic capacity.

3. Fuel Tank

The 6.5 gallons (24.6 L) of fuel capacity has made X748 an easy and a good option to choose from these two lawnmowers. As you can run it for a long period because of its higher fuel capacity. Also, the fuel consumption per hour in X748 is pretty much decent. 

On the other hand, X758 has 5.2 gallons (19.7 L) of fuel capacity, which you can use for a long period too.

Considering the fuel tank of the two lawnmowers, X748 has the greater advantage over X758 as the fuel does not run out early in the X748 lawnmowers. Thus, it definitely has an advantage, and you should emphasize it when making your choice.

4. Transmission

The transmission of the X748 is a Tuff Torq K92. The K90 is equipped with enhanced materials and unique features that combine to make it the most durable transaxle in the household series.

Whereas, the X758 is equipped with a Tuff Torq K90 transmission.

The X748’s Tuff Torq K92 transmission is an upgraded version. It has various new features, and you’re much better off with the K92 if you want to conduct more work in the future.

5. Mower Deck Element

The X748 is offered with four different mower deck configurations. 48″ mower decks, 54″ mower decks, 60″ mower decks, and 62″ mower decks are all common mid-mount mower decks.

However, the mower deck of the X748 is built of 7-gauge steel, which is heavier and stronger than the mower deck on the X758 lawnmower.

The X758 is offered with three different mower deck sizes: 48″ mower decks, 54″ mower decks, and 60″ mower decks.

The mower deck of the X758 lawnmower is composed of 9-gauge steel, which is lighter than the mower deck of the X748 lawnmower. It needs more thorough cleaning to function correctly.

When it comes to mower decks, the X748 lawnmower cutting deck is preferred over the X758 for mowing more grass. As a consequence, the X748’s mower deck performance will be superior to that of the X758.

The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheel axles of the X748 is 55.7 inches.

The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheel axles of the X758 is 54.5 inches.

Lawnmowers with a longer wheelbase ride more smoothly than those with a shorter wheelbase. The mower is less prone to get upset since there is more time between the front and rear wheels clashing with any obstacles.

Therefore, the X748 lawnmowers have the upper hand in this portion of the comparison.

John Deere X748 or John Deere X758: Which One to Choose?

As far as features go, both models have their advantages and disadvantages. However, if you must choose from X748 and X758 lawnmowers, you will be completely assured of your decision after reading the article.

Given the information shown so far, it is fair to say that the John Deere X748 has more appealing characteristics than the John Deere X758, not only the mower deck part. 

The John Deere X748 is the mower for you if you have an unparallel field to mow, which requires more power, strong transaxles, and is comparatively under a low budget.

The John Deere X758 is also a better option if you do not have a habit of cleaning your lawnmowers mower deck and love to work with light machines.

Is It Appropriate to Upgrade My John Deere X748 to A John Deere X758?

No, switching from the X748 to the X758 is not a wise decision. Though both X748 and X758 lawnmowers are doing well for their owners, numerous shortcomings of the X758 lawnmowers have already been mentioned in this article. As a result, there is no reason to upgrade from the X758 to the X748.

John Deere X748 and X758: Which Mower Deck is Better?

On the X748 lawnmower, the 7 iron mower decks are present. Whereas in the X758 lawnmower in general 60” high-capacity mower decks have been used.

In case of 7 iron mower deck, it does not need to clean it thoroughly after few days’ interval. But in case of 60” high-capacity mower decks, it needs to clean in regular intervals for functioning properly.

Also, the deck is comparatively weighed low as it is made up of 9-gauge steel. Therefore, from my perception the X748 lawnmowers mower deck is better than X758. 


John Deere X748 or John Deere X758: Which One to Choose? You should have a better idea of the differences between the two lawnmowers if you read so far. And now, you will be able to make the right choice on which one to choose.

Customers who have used the X748 to mow their lawns have given a positive recommendation on several popular websites for this lawnmower.

To sum it up, with the high-back seat, power transmission take-off, an extra power button and other options such as power steering and a large fuel tank, the X748 was John Deere’s most elegant model.

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