The Practical Solutions of Troy-Bilt Mower Deck Problems

The Practical Solutions of Troy-Bilt Mower Deck Problems

Troy-Bilt is a very reputed brand for lawnmowers when it comes to durability. They offer such fine lawnmowers at a reasonable price with having great facilities. But mowers face some common problems like deck problems or starter issues sometimes. 

I have discussed some of the common problems of Troy-Bilt mower deck with solutions, a user might face. But let’s get a quick idea from the chart first.

Troy-Bilt Mower Deck Problems with Solution 

Troy-Bilt mowers are very satisfying according to consumers’ choice. They come at a less price compared to other big brands yet maintain top-notch performance. 

To get this top performance always, you need to be aware of these problems and their solutions below: 

ProblemsPossible Causes
Uneven deckHeight differences of blades from the ground
Starter IssueBad fuel
Dirty fuel filter
Damaged safety switch
Dirty fuel filter
Broken recoil
Hydrostatic transmissionOld or low hydraulic fluids Bad drive belt Bad tensioner pulley
Bad drive belt
Bad tensioner pulley

1. Uneven Deck

To get the highest performance from a mower you must check if the deck is leveled correctly or not. An even deck helps the blades reach the ground at the same point. 

And if the blades are at a safe and even distance from the ground, it gives you the premium experience of grass-cutting. 

So, before going out with the mower, kindly measure the distance of the blades from the ground and check if they are placed correctly from back to front. 

If you notice the measurements are not okay which should be within 1/16 inch from each side to the other, then you must need to level the deck first. 

Follow the steps given below to level your deck: 

Step 01:

Make sure your mower is on a leveled surface. Turn off the engine and get to the work after 30 minutes, ensure if it’s cool. Withdraw the ignition key. Don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug ignition wire and draw the parking brake. 

Step 02: 

Remember to wear heavy working gloves. You have to change the deck from the front to the rear. 

For that, you have to place the deck lift lever in the middle position. 

Then, rotate the blade cabinet to the discharge panel to the lawnmower. 

Step 03:

Measure the difference between the front and the rear blade. It’s better if you follow the operator manual for the proper in-between measurements. 

Then lift the front of the deck, for that, you have to screw up the hex nut. 

Next, level the deck from back to back by rotating the blades perpendicular to the mower. 

Measure the height difference of the side of the blade by side of the deck from the ground. 

Step 04:

Then keep the recommended measure by using the adjustment gear. The position of the adjustment gear may vary depending on the models. 

For models with the adjustment gear, there are adjustment rods located inside the wheel area. 

Use the rods as a side-to-side adjustment to even the blade’s distance. Then connect the spark plug and start the mower.’

2. Starter Issue

Troy-Bilt lawn mower consumers have to go through this very common problem. Your mower won’t start or move due to many issues. Some of them are bad or old fuel, dirty filter, Dirty carburetor, Damaged switch, Broken recoil. 

Bad fuel

Bad or old used fuel may block the fuel system. It prevents your engine from generating the power it needs. 

So, having bad or old fuel can cause the over-hitting issue and won’t let your mower move. 

To avoid that, check the fuel periodically or change it if needed. 

Dirty fuel filter

The fuel filter gets dirty after a quite amount of time of using. If your mower doesn’t move despite having a full tank of fresh fuel then kindly, check if the fuel filter is clean enough. If not, you have to change the filter. 

Damaged safety switch

Safety switch measures the power of your mower. It prevents your mower from going to critical situations. Check the safety switch if it’s damaged, change it as soon as possible. 

Dirty carburetor

The carburetor gets dirty if bad or old fuel flows through it. If it’s dirty, it causes several issues including blocking the flow system. 

So, make sure the carburetor is solid enough to create power. 

Broken recoil

To initiate the power engine needs help from the recoil first. If the recoil is broken, it prevents your engine from starting or operating. 

Check the recoil and replace it with a recommended one for your model. 

3. Hydrostatic Transmission Issue

If your mower is facing the hydrostatic transmission issue, it’s probably because of the old hydraulic fluid. 

There are some other reasons as well to cause it. Like the drive belt and the tensioner pulley. 

Old hydraulic fluid

Low or old hydraulic fluid can cause this transmission issue. Old fluid stops the hydraulic system work properly. 

Check the hydraulic fluid from time to time and change it if needed. 

Bad drive belt

A bad drive belt errors the operation and makes seem the process weak. Replace the damaged or torn belt for a better operation. 

Bad tensioner pulley

The tensioner of the pulley helps to keep the tension on the drive belt. If it gets damaged it can’t keep the tension properly. So, a bad tensioner pulley can be an issue in this case.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Why my Troy-Bilt lawn mower will not start?

Check the fuel and the fuel filter. Bad fuel or dirty fuel filters can block the engine. Also leaving the old fuel in the machine can prevent the carburetor from creating power. 

Is Troy Bilt a good engine?

To be honest, Troy-Bilt offers you the same facility mowers at a very affordable price compared to other renowned brands. 

How long does a Troy-Bilt lawn mower last?

The life expectancy of lawnmowers is 8-10 years if well taken care of. 

What brand engine does Troy-Bilt use?

Troy-Bilt uses the Briggs & Stratton 140cc EX 550 Series™ Engine.

Final Verdict

Troy-Bilt is successfully delivering mowers with the best features yet at a reasonable price for years. They are always in a good position when it comes to durability. Though, some problems are very basic and easy to be solved if instructed properly. 

I have tried to put together the common problems and solutions in steps. It is suggested also to follow the instruction manual before operating yourself.

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