5 Most Common Branson Tractor Problems & Their Solutions

Branson Tractor was founded in 1968 and. They were involved in a technical collaboration with John Deere and Yanmar in 1978. The Bransons have been around for quite some time.

However, the most common problems with the Branson tractors are the overheating issues, starting issues, no power, poor shift in gears and whining of gears, hydraulic oil leak at PTO shaft and many more.

In this article, I will be addressing all these issues in detail and let you know the respective fixes. Grab a snack and read on for finally finding answers!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Branson TractorSolutions
OverheatingClean radiator, replace blown head gasket.
No PowerFix bad connections and damaged fuses.
Poor StartFix/replace bad starter, ignition.
Bad Gear ShiftsTroubleshoot the clutch.
Fuel/Gas Tank LeakFix with other metal.

5 Most Common Problems with Branson Tractor and Their Possilbe Solutions:

You may experience Branson Tractor problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the problems and how to solve them.

1. Overheating

You can hear bubbling sounds due to overheating inside your gauge. You might try cleaning of the radiators and condensers. But that won’t keep the engine from being on the verge of blowing up again.

The overflow tank will begin to release water after being started for a few minutes. It almost seems as though the radiator isn’t recirculating water to the engine.

The Fix:

The radiator can be clogged with dust and debris. Cool off the tractor and clean it. After cleaning the radiator with water, blast the radiator’s fins out with the air compressor.

The head gasket can blow up when the tractor overheats. Because gases will force out coolant in the overflow tank in the cylinders. Inspect the engine oil for coolant as well.

Unscrew the radiator cap. Fill it all the way to the brim. Turn the key in the ignition. it’s a blown head gasket if you see any bubbles.

2. No Power

The Branson F4350 Tractor suddenly loses power to the key switch/starter button. Replacing the battery may not help start it back.

You will also notice that when you start the tractor, take it to higher RPMs, the gears will be problematic. And the tractor may just die suddenly.

The tractor may still run. But will not have power. Especially if you let it sit for some days, it will not turn over. You may hear the glow plug solenoid, but nothing after that.

The Fix:

You may have a fusible link issue that a bad remote starter relay can trace. Using a simple 12 volt probe test light, you can see if the safety switches have power.

When you find a safety switch that doesn’t work properly, it’s time to replace it immediately. Additionally, check your fuses, and verify sure the battery ground is properly connected to the frame.

3. Poor Start

The Branson tractors often start slowly for the first few seconds. After that, it would pick in speed a little before starting to turn over regularly after a few seconds. You may try backing the tractor out but it may stop running.

In the winter, it’s easy to see the same problems. At first, it turned over quite slowly. But it gets faster and is able to start the engine.

The Fix:

A bad starter, or failing engine ignition can be the cause of this. If the battery is good, then surely the starter is weak. Replace or fix the starter by taking it to the dealership.

You can also get a manual and troubleshoot the starter yourself. However, don’t due it if you’re a true amateur.

4. Bad Gear Shifts

You may be unable to shift into any gear. Especially after manually moving from the 2nd to reverse. The shifter becomes loose. It may feellike the transmission’s fork became loose or snapped.

Additionally, switching from one gear to the next is difficult. The vehicle may stop with the clutch fully engaged. It just wouldn’t shift into neutral very easy. You may notice gear grinding obviously!

The Fix:

Pull the range selector out of gear while the tractor is operating and the clutch is in the half-released position. The clutch often needs to be eased. The problem with the grips is less frequent and intermittent.

5. Fuel/Gas Tank Leak

You may notice a big patch of liquid underneath the tractor (if left overnight). The tank leaks around the joint where the filler pipe joins it. The reason of these frequent leaks is that the tank is made of plastic rather than metal.

The Fix:

You can fix the tank with soldering iron. Remove the tank and dry it in the sun. Then scrape out the extra surface around the leak. Put soldering iron or any other suitable metal.

Afterward, cool it and then heat it again. It should become perfect for use.

What Majority of the Users Feel about Branson Tractor?

Bransons, who are of South Korean descent, were identical to Zetor’s Century series. The other vehicles are made in Korea and only the 6530 has a Cummins engine.

They appear to be a well-built tractor at a reasonable price. According to what I understand, the sole drawback is that they only include a shuttle shift and no creeper gear.

Therefore, they wouldn’t be a good tractor if you wanted to do rototilling. However, it appears that everyone who owns them adores them. But there’s a flip side too.

There is an issue of fuel leak between the saddle tanks. This part is almost unaccessible by human hands. So to replace a 79 cent item, the tractor must be disassembled.

Additionally, it’s incredibly challenging to keep it going. It’s unfathomable why an engine block heater is not included in a machine sold in the chilly states of USA too.

There is no support for these tractors. You may as well pick up some Korean if you want customer service. The worst customer service out there.

You may as well purchase a John Deere or a Kubota for yourself. Although some parts have been improved by Branson.

The tie rods, which used to be an issue, have now been strengthened. On the undercarriage, they do a fantastic job of keeping things up and safe. Overall, a great tractor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Branson tractors?

Kukje Manufacturing of South Korea

Are Branson and TYM the same tractor?

Branson’s parent business Kukje Machinery Company was bought by TYM in 2016 and TYM-USA and Branson are both North American subsidiaries of Korea-based TYM Group. TYM has full control over both companies currently.

What is the warranty on Branson tractors?

4-year limited warranty.

Are Branson Tractor warranties transferable?

There will be no powertrain warranty coverage transferability for the first five to seven years of the warranty period. Only authorized Branson dealers can provide warranty servicing.

Final Thoughts

Branson is a good strong tractor. Unfortunately, their customer service might be a little underwhelming. And at times, representative of the worst service. However, their tractors are mostly problem-free. I would definitely recommend them any day!

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