6 Common Problems with Tym Tractor and Troubleshooting

Tym is a South Korea based manufacturer of automobile parts. They are one of the mostly used heavy-duty tractors. They are quite reliable and widely used. However, they are no free from the usual tractor problems.

Problems like transmission issues, bad engine smell, bad fuel economy, uneven cuts, steering problems usually occur after using this model for a few years.

In this article, I will discuss the most common problems you can encounter with tym tractor and their possible troubleshoot. 

Key Points:

  • The most vulnerable part with Tym tractors is the transmission.  The transmission problems primarily occur because of contaminated fuel and low RPM.
  • Discharged batteries and worn connections can cause the light not to illuminate or the engine not to start.  
  • Lack of maintenance causes most of these problems.  So you should take regular care of your engine.

6 Common Problems with Tym Tractor and Their Solutions:

Let’s learn all the problems and troubleshooting of tym tractor below.

1. Transmission Problems

The most common complain pertinent to transmission is the tractor makes a incessant whining sound while operating.

Firstly, a modest noise is normal with Tym tractors that operate with hydraulic pump.  But if the sound gets excessively noisy, there are some probable reasons.

Sometimes, wearing from usage can lead to the transmission. In that case you may need to replace the weary transmission parts. Otherwise, it can be a drive axel issue.

If there is a huge amount of air in the drive axel elements, it can create noise. Change the drive fluid if it is too old. 

Hydraulic transmission system is also prone to issues like not providing enough power. There can be several reasons behind it including the improper position of control lever, defective valves and damaged cylinders. 

These defects increase the hydraulic pressure which ultimately makes the transmission unable to provide sufficient power to the wheels and you cannot do the heavy works done. 

If the problem is control lever, set it to the lowering position from the stop position. Otherwise, you should seek professional help is recommended. 

There can be other reasons like low RPM of engine, contaminated low fluid level can also be the culprit. Check those factors and fix them.

2. Engine Releasing Bad Smell

If you experience a foul odour from your Tym tractor engine, this mostly happens due to malfunctioning fuel system or substandard fuel and lubricant. 

Change the engine oil and clean the fuel system. Get rid of any dirt and debris build up in the fuel system.

You should be using quality lubricant and oil. Low grade oil commonly mixed with alcohol not only creates such foul odor, it can also damage the tractor over time.

So, never use such fuel to provide long-life to your tractor. Fuel caps, fuel and air filter and possible leaks also need attention.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

A considerable number of complaints were about the poor fuel economy. Although Tym tractors are not equipped with the best fuel economy technology, a few ways are there to improve the fuel consumption. 

Keep the tire pressure even and at optimized level. If the tire is over inflated or under inflated, the tractor will consume much fuel. So keep that in mind.

4. Steering Problems

At times, your steering wheel may not operate optimally.  It usually happens when you are maneuvering slopes. 

The primary reason of this can be the uneven pressure on tire.

Improper alignment of wheels can also be responsible. So, adjust toe-in level and make the pressure of the tires even and to the recommended level. 

On the other side, if any of the metal parts and steering wheel shaft start wearing out, it can make the steering wheel loose.

So, if the wheel starts moving freely and the tractor starts leaning to one side, tighten the steering wheel connections and replace the worn-out parts.

5. Engine Doesn’t Start or Turn Over

We found some complaints narrating that their tractor doesn’t start.  Sometimes, the engine doesn’t even turn over. It mostly happens due to discharged battery or loose connections.

Get a voltmeter and check the connections for any voltage drop.  The starter solenoid can also go defective.  Replace the starter.  Stale fuel should be drained and the fuel tank should be refilled with clean fuel.

6. Lighting System 

Issues with lighting system are very common with Tym Tractor. If you are working at night or at an unlit place, lights are necessary.

But several or all lights can go defective at times. Sometimes they can get burnt out.

Loose wire or battery cable connections, discharged battery, inoperative voltage regulator and blown fuse can be the reasons of light not illuminating. 

Charge the battery, tighten the connections and check the parts and get the faulty ones fixed. This should solve the problem.

Other Engine Problems

You may encounter excessive smoke spewing out from the engine or the power loss of engine. Contaminated fuel and clogged filters can cause the smoke. Use the recommended oil in the tractor. The same reason can contribute in the power loss problem. Inspect the fuel injector nozzles also. If the engine overheats, reduce the load on your tractor.

What Majority of the Users Feel About the Tym Tractor?

Tym tractors gas received mixed reviews from the users. There are people who find this tractor reliable while some says choosing other expensive brand would be better.

Although Tym tractors are not that widely used like John Deere tractors, they are in the automobile industry for more than 50 years.  So they have a good experience over the preferences of the users.

These tractors are equipped with powerful engine that can run for almost 70 hours. So they are very good for heavy-duty works. They are easy to use and comparatively less expensive than other tractors.  The Tym tractor dealer’s service is also quick.

Final Words

Getting familiar with the common problems will keep you aware of them. Remember, such problems are very common with any tractor.  So they are not the problem with the tractor.

Rather, the lack of maintenance begets such problems. So the first thing you should emphasize on is the regular servicing of the tractor. It will ensure the durability of your tractor. Whenever there is a damaged part, try replacing it unsteady of repairing it repeatedly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information! I’ve been experiencing some issues with my Tym Tractor and was curious to know if these problems are similar to what you’ve discussed in your post. Could you please provide more details on troubleshooting the problem with the diffuser? I’ve noticed that my diffuser isn’t working properly and would love to find a solution. Great post!!

    1. Absolutely! I’d be happy to help troubleshoot the issue with your Tym Tractor’s diffuser. Could you provide more specifics about the problem you’re experiencing? Feel free to share any symptoms or observations, and we’ll do my best to assist you in finding a solution. –Plant Native Team

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