6 Common Problems with LS MT125 Tractor and Their Solution

Lawn tractors are very valuable possessions for lawn owners. They help them keep the lawn beautiful.  Coming at lesser price, LS tractors have proved their reliability and effectiveness.

 MT125 is one of their tractors. However, just like other tractors LS MT125 has its problems that you’ll encounter while using this. A foreknowledge of the common problems will save your time and effort when you encounter one.

Problems like starting issues, stalling issues, overheating issues, exhaust of smokes, power issues can occur after using this model for a few years.

In this article I’ve discussed six common problems with LS MT125 tractors and their possible troubleshoot.

Key Points:

  • LS MT125 tractors are prone to engine issues like starting difficulties, stalling, low power or overheating. Fuel system faults and defective electrical components can be the reason of the engine issues.
  • Use of quality fuel and lubricants, regular servicing of the electrical components may help you avert them.
  • There can be problems with steering and brakes. Usually, misalignment of various bolts or components leads to them.

6 Most Common LS MT125 Tractor Problems and Their Solution:

Let’s learn all the problems and troubleshooting of LS MT125 Tractors below

1. Engine Starting Difficulties

We found a lot of users bemoaning about different starting issues in different forums. Firstly, if the engine doesn’t turn over, check the battery. Make sure they are not discharged and are in good condition to hold charge. Charge them or replace them if they are worn.

Check all safety switches and other wire connections. Tighten the loose connections. Remember to keep the PTO switch in off position. The starter solenoid can also go wrong. Repair or replace it.

If the engine doesn’t start even after cranking, the problem can be with fuel system also. Check the fuel filters if they are clogged. Sometimes air in fuel system also stops the engine. Bleed the excessive air. Low grade fuel can also be responsible. Use oil of proper viscosity.

2. Engine Stalls

Some customers complained that their engine suddenly stops after certain time of operation. Whenever this happens, make sure you have sufficient fuel in the tank. Fuel shortage can lead to stalling. Fill the tank. Faulty nozzles should be repaired. 

Another reason can be poor lubrication. Poor lubricant deteriorates the tractor components over time and they can’t perform efficiently.  So always use recommended lubricants.

If the engine stops at low speed, that can be due to incorrect valve gap or faulty injection pump. Adjust the gap and perform required repairs.

3. Engine Overheats

Engine overheating is an obvious complaint we get from the users. Engine usually overheats when there is insufficient coolant. Always make sure you have the necessary amount of coolant to prevent the engine from overheating.

Another crucial area can be the radiator screen. If there is dirt on the radiator screen, heat won’t radiate and consequentially engine will get heated. Wash the radiator and get rid of the dirt.

Dirty air filter contribute in heating the engine excessively. Clean the filter or replace it. The other reason can be bad fan belt tension or broken belt. Adjust the tension or replace it.

4. Exhaust Smoke

Sometimes engine emit smoke. The colour of the smoke is an important factor in determining the problem area. Black smoke indicates to higher fuel to air ratio. If the air filter gets clogged the flow of air to the combustion chamber gets restricted and this ratio goes high.

Repair all damages that can cause such issue. Black smoke can also be a consequence of old or stale fuel. Drain the bad fuel and refill the tank. Always use quality fuel. Dirty or damaged nozzle should be repaired.

Conversely, lack of fuel supply can cause white smoke. Clogged air cleaner should be cleaned or repaired. Excessive engine oil can also be the culprit.  Adjust the oil to the proper level.

5. Engine Power Is Low

At times, you don’t get the optimal power from your engine. Such power loss is something we never want to have. But it can occur for a number of reasons. Clogged injection nozzle and faulty injector can be a reason.

Faulty injector leads to bad injection timing which ultimately results in the loss of power.

These repairments should be done by professionals. Any defect that resists the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber can cause lack of power.

So, clean the fuel line, fuel filter drain old fuel and fill the tank with fuel.  The clogged air cleaners should be cleaned.

6. Steering Problems

You may encounter difficulties in steering the tractor. If the steering wheel is hard to turn, there is misalignment in the steering unit spline and  column spline. The bolts should be connected properly.

The hydraulic pump failure also leads to this problem. Repair or replace the pump. On the other side, bad assembly of steering gear and steering hose can make the wheel turn excessively to the opposite side. 

Lack of oil, excessive air in the system can also create some issues like abnormal noise in steering. Be aware of that also.

Apart from these issues these can also be problems with brake.  Wrong brake pedal play can cause defect to the brake. A damage in oil seal can cause oil leakage.

If you encounter sudden vibration, clean of any dirt from underneath the tractor. The brake linkage should also be cleaned. However, you are not going to face such issues usually.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Ls mt125?

LS MT125 is a good utility tractor. They are less known than other brands but they do possess excellent features. If you do some research, you’ll easily find that. However, things depend on the dealer also. The complaints we got were mostly about the dealers.

Keeping that aside, almost all users were satisfied with LS tractors and some even find them better than many reputed brands. Although they lack resale value, they have better horsepower and performance ability. 

So, if you want to save some bucks and get a quality tractor, go for this without hesitation.

Final Words

You now are familiar with most common issues with your tractor. We have also mentioned some obvious troubleshoots of those problems which you can perform on your own before calling out a professional.

What you have to remember is prevention is always the best. So try to stop these issues before they even appear. This will let the tractor give its full efficacy for years. And to prevent this, keep the tractor under regular maintenance!

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