9 Common Cub Cadet Rzt 50 Problems and Their Solutions

Ever wonder why some problems are very common to Cub Cadet RZT 50 for many users? Well, this must be some technical problems which are not serious according to the company or fixing them with new machines might cost lots of money. Although it is not a cheap mower have issues regarding it. 

However, they are not actually bad. Just like any other mowers, they have some minor issues. Are these issues easy to fix? Can you have a Cub Cadet RZT 50 without any problem?

Some of the problems can be solved at home, but some may need an expert to fix them. But it’s not like all of the products are faulty. The truth is, most of the mowers are good. Just a small fraction of the Cub Cadet RZT 50 are having some technical problems.

What are the problems in Cub Cadet RZT 50?

Some of the most common faults that you may find in Cub Cadet RZT 50 are just like any other mowers at the same price. Some of the common problems are- transmission issues, starting problems, PTO switch problems, uneven cutting, engine problems, etc. 

Now, let’s talk about these in detail.

1. Starting problem

The starting problem may happen due to many reasons. I will share them one by one. 

2. Safety interlock system

The Safety Interlock System on the Cub Cadet RZT 50 is meant to restrict the mower from starting if it is not in a secure position.

The left- and right-hand drive controlling levers must be pulled completely outward into the neutral state to activate the Safety Interlock System. 

The PTO, which operates the cutting blade, must be turned off or “disengaged.” If the operator is not in the operating position, the RZT 50 will not start. The RZT mower will come to a halt if the parking brake is not activated and the operator exits the seat.

3. Starting position

If the panel controls are not properly configured when the ignition button is turned on, the RZT will not start. It is necessary to activate the parking brake.

The throttle control should be set somewhere between “slow” and “rapid.” The choke control must be cranked all the way up to the full choke setting if the engine hasn’t previously warmed up.

4. Fuel

A gasoline tank that is empty or almost empty will not deliver sufficient fuel for ignition, stopping the engine from starting. Fuel may be at the rear of the tank if the RZT 50 is on a slope, and may not reach the carburetor priming line when starting. 

Also, make sure the gasoline isn’t older than 30 days. Consequently, old gasoline will start to degrade and deposit debris into the fuel system, clogging it.

5. Batteries

An RZT 50 may also be unable to start due to a dead battery. Check to verify if the battery is fully charged. Consult the battery’s owner’s handbook to find out how long it will last; batteries can lose their capacity to hold a charge over time.

If the battery is fully charged but the vehicle still won’t start, inspect the battery connections for corrosion.

Using a sharp wire brush and baking soda, scrub them. Also, look for any damage or whether the battery connections are in the wrong place.

The red lead should be connected to the positive terminal by a “+” symbol, whereas the black negative lead must be connected to the negative terminal by a “-” sign.

6. Transmission issue

It is one of the problems you may find in your RZT mower. Although, the percentage of facing this is low. It may happen that while you are using the mower transmission on the left side may stop working.

Fluid failure when it warms up is the most prevalent cause of this. Hydraulic pressure is lost as the fluid boils. The piston seal in the pumps or engine might be failing owing to misalignment or galling, but the fluid is more probable.

7. PTO switch problem

Sometimes the PTO switch might struggle to run the blades. This may happen when the connections are loose and stop working. There may be a problem with the switch as well. Sometimes the switches may come faulty which will cause issues. 

If any of the problems are seen related to the PTO switch problem it is better to change it. I would also suggest you see and discuss the problems with an expert mechanic. 

8. Uneven cutting

Another disturbance can be the uneven cutting problem. The grasses are not cut evenly which will not be good to see. If you find this you should follow the mentioned method-

Make a side-to-side deck modification to level the mowing deck. If the cutting continues to remain uneven, sharpen or change the blade, and ensure sure all tires have the same tire pressure.

If the mower isn’t mulching the grass, turn the throttle to the “FAST” position. Make sure the grass is completely dry. (Only for mowers that come with a mulching kit.)

For excessively high grass, first, mow the lawn with the mowing level set to the highest setting. Then mow to the required size once again.

9. Engine Problem

If you ever encounter anything related to the engine, then do troubleshooting of the engine. You can follow the following method-

If you’re having trouble starting the engine, turn the PTO/Blade switch to the “OFF” position and apply the parking brake. Return the drive-control levers to the default positions. Make sure that the spark plug is properly wired and connected, and the gap is free of debris. 

Check if the fuel tank has enough gas in it. Start the engine with the throttle in the “FAST” position while pulling the choke to the maximum choke setting.

If the engine runs abnormally, turn the choke lever to the “OFF” position. Check to see if the spark plug cable is completely attached. Clean the fuel pipe, change the fuel filtration system, and add new gasoline to the tank. Ensure the gas cap’s vent is clean. Change the paper component in the air cleaner.

If your motor is overheating, ensure you’re using the correct amount and weight of fuel. Grass trimmings and trash should be kept away from the cooling system and blower on the engine.

To avoid engine hesitation or excessive idling, make sure the spark plug gap is set to the right distance. Whenever the air cleaner element becomes filthy, change it.

Is Cub Cadet RZT 50 good according to the users?

RZT 50 is a very reliable mower despite some minor issues which can be fixed easily. Most users have reviewed that this mower is excellent for longer use and durability. Most of them have used this mower for more than five years. And most of them didn’t complain about the mower.

Many users have praised how good the engine is in the RZT. I also noticed that the majority of RZT users and owners are pleased with their decision and believe that RZT is worthwhile to try. Some even said that RZTs are well worth the price tag.

The product quality of RZT is remarkable as many users have reviewed it. However, many have also reported the common problems that the Cub Cadet RZT 50 has.


Cub Cadet RZT 50 is quite popular and worthy of the price. People have praised this mower and have been using it for many years. Just like any other mower in this price range RZT also has some issues that may happen if you are unlucky. But if you take good care of the mower, it will give you a longer service.

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