8 Common Problems with John Deere x730 (Solution Added)

John Deere has been a glorious name in terms of manufacturing agricultural machineries for years.  X700 series tractors are also performing greatly and got much appreciation.  However, with times any tractor will come up with some problems no matter how good they are.  John Deere X730 makes no exception. 

Consumers have been complaining about some common problems that they have experienced. They were sharing about starting issues, engine problems, rough running issues, steering issues, and more.

In this article we will be explaining the common problems you may have to face with your John Deere X730 tractor and their possible troubleshooting.

Key Points:

  • The common problems with John Deere X730 are starting problems, rough running and overheating of engine, exhaust smoke etc.
  • Always use quality fuel in the tractor and keep your tractor under regular maintenance.
  • Clogged components can degrade the tractor’s performance. So don’t let dirt build up on the tractor.

8 Most Common John Deere X730 Problems and Their Solutions:

These are some of the most common John Deere X730 problems, and some general ideas are shown about how these problems can normally be dealt with.

1. Engine Starting Issue

If you are using the tractor for some time, you most probably have faced more or less starting issues.

Engine doesn’t turn over when the starter doesn’t work accordingly.  It can occur due to a number of reasons. See if the fuse is defective and install a new one of it is.

Faulty batteries or corroded terminal connection can get you into this trouble. Check the battery if it’s of right voltage or is in good condition and overhaul.

Clean the terminals. Make sure all wire connections are properly secured and ignition switch is working. You may have to change the starter solenoid.

If the engine turns over but the tractor doesn’t start, check the fuel tank if you have fuel in it. Low quality or old fuel can also cause this problem.

Drain the stale fuel and refill the tank with quality fuel. Some users fill the tank without draining the existing fuel. Never do that. 

Bleed air or water from the fuel system. Starting difficulties can also appear due to clogged fuel filter or defective carburettor.

Change the filter and carburettor. Malfunctioning spark plugs can create such difficulties.  Check the spark plugs and change them if necessary.

2. Engine Rough Running

There are times when engine starts making noise or excessive vibration and the overall performance deteriorates. You can experience such rough running when the cooling fans are clogged. Clean them. 

Engine can also run rough if the electrical connections are corroded ordamaged. Check and replace those contacts. Engine cannot perform well if the ignition process doesn’t work properly.

Inspect the spark plug if they can ignite properly. If the air filter gets dirty there can be lack of power due to lack of air in the combustion chamber.

Clean or replace the air filter. Another crucial component is the carburettor.  If it is clogged you will face problems with the engine performance. While cleaning it, always clean the adjacent components also.

3. Engine Backfires

If the engine backfires, that can be because of fouled spark plugs. Check them and overhaul. Adjust or change the throttle. Inspect the ignition coil air gap and adjust it if it’s not in recommended gap.

4. Engine Overheats

Clogged fins don’t let the engine get cooled and as a result the engine overheats which can breed different other problems. So periodically cleaning the fins is important.  If the engine oil is too low or too high, add or drain oil. Poor quality oil can also be the culprit. 

Drain the oil and always use oil of correct grade. Engine can also overheat when the load is excessive. If the idle speed is fast, adjust the carburettor for slower idle speed. Apart from these, clogged air filter or carburettor should be cleaned or replaced.

5. Engine Loses Power

We get problems regarding the power loss of engine frequently. Power loss can happen when the air filter is clogged. Excessive engine oil should be drained. Defective fuel pumps can also cause such problems.

Repair the pump or replace it. Inspect the governor also and repair it if necessary. 

6. Engine Smoke

If you notice black smoke spewing out from your tractor, the fuel to air ratio in the combustion chamber has gone high.

If the air cleaner element is blocked, sufficient air won’t be able to go into the combustion chamber. Clean the air cleaner. Removing excessive oil may also help.

7. Excessive Vibration

If the tractor vibrates too much, see the drive belt. Make sure they are properly adjusted and are in good condition. If the belt is loose, adjust it. Change it if it is damaged.

 Dirt and debris clogged in the pulley or deck can cause excessive vibration. Get rid of any small debris. Mower blades can also be a reason of vibration. Balance the blades properly and change them as needed.

8. Uneven Cut

If you experience uneven cut with these mowers, that has to do with the blades. Blades get blunt and defective over time. You always should work with sharp blades. So change the defective blades.

Low mower deck height can also cause uneven cuts. Adjust the height properly. Inflate the tires if the tire pressure is low. Don’t operate the mower at very fast or low speed. Adjust the speed if you are doing this wrong.

What Majority of the Users Feel About John Deere X730?

Most of the users have loved this tractor and recommended it. Most of the users praised its excellent mowing speed and quality. One claimed that it could mow his three feet tall weeds and grasses in one round whereas his previous mowers needed 3-4 rounds.

The comfort of this tractor was also appreciated by many. The deck design makes the cleaning process a breeze. Customers also vouched for its durability.  The old users said they mowed for several seasons with this tractor without any big issue.

However, there were some discontents regarding the fuel consumption of this mower. Some had bad experience with the mower performance. The good thing is that the customer care team of John Deere was very active in terms of solving such issues.

Final Words

We’ve thoroughly discussed the issues that you may encounter with your John Deere X730 tractor. Although these problems are repairable, you always should try to prevent such issues. Because these small problems gradually lead to big damages which need costly repair.  It also deteriorates the efficiency of your tractor. So always give priority to the maintenance. If any troubleshooting seems hard to you, contact a professional mechanic to solve them.

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