4 Common Problems with Ferris IS700Z and Their Solutions

Ferris is a very convenient mower for people who like to enjoy a relaxing time while mowing. But some users have reported that they have found some similar issues while using this product. This is not uncommon for mowers to have some problems with the engine or the blades.

Hence, people wonder what are those common problems found in Ferris IS700Z? Are these problems quite common? 

Breakdowns, broken transmission belts, engine knock, etc. are some of the common problems of Ferris IS700Z. These are very similar to other mower problems of this price range. However, unfortunately, you may find the problems often in many machines.

4 Most Coomon Ferris is700z Problems and Solutions:

I have mentioned some of the common problems of this model. Let’s find out what happens if these problems occur and what can you do if you face them. 

1. Breakdown issue:

A lawnmower that does not start is a regular problem, especially during the long winter months when lawnmowers aren’t used much. A little basic maintenance is frequently all that is required to avoid problems. 

However, some of Ferris IS7000Z which start and suddenly stops is an irritating problem that may be caused by a variety of factors.

The troubleshooting steps listed below should assist you in identifying and resolving the problem.

  • If the carburetor is blocked or there is bad/old gasoline in the float bowl, not quite enough fuel can reach the engine, resulting in the issue. Empty the old gasoline from the float bowl and gently cleanse the carburetor to fix this. If this fails, the carburetor might have to be replaced.
  • A lawnmower that starts and then stops is frequently due to a fault with the petrol cap. A tiny vent in the petrol cap allows air to return to the tank, however, it might get clogged or malfunction. If the engine continues to run after loosening the fuel cap, it may be time to replace it. The petrol cap can also be cleaned in rare situations.
  • A breakdown can be frequently caused by a faulty spark plug. Clean the plug properly to solve the problem. It may need to be changed if this does not work.

2. Engine knocks problem:

Engines feature a lot of moving components, which results in the cacophony of noise we experience while listening to an automotive engine. It’s time to sit up and listen if you start hearing strange noises. It’s possible that the valves or tappets are stuck, as evidenced by the gentle tap that rises or reduces with the pressure on the gas pedal.

If you hear a louder banging sound, the ignition timing is probably incorrect, especially if you detect a loss of power. When you start the car, you’ll hear a rattling sound, followed by a louder banging sound, which might help you figure out what’s causing the ignition timing to be off. Repairing rattling that appears to emanate from beneath the engine will take longer.

Low oil level or using low-quality oil may cause this engine to knock.

How to fix engine knocking?

An oil replacement is the first step. Oil greases the engine’s mechanical components and aids in the dissipation of heat as well as the removal of metal filings and other dirt. Much of the particles are removed by the oil filter, but sludge accumulates and will recirculate into engine components.

Then you should focus on oil quality. The type of fuel you use might have a negative impact on engine wear and functionality. While low-octane gasoline is less expensive, engine performance and economy may suffer. Repairing engine damage might also be more expensive. 

If you’re having an engine knock, check sure you’re using the proper gasoline type from the manufacturer. You may also use an octane booster to raise the octane rating and, therefore, eliminate the knocking.

There are some other functions which you can do to improve the system. Such as using fuel detergent, checking the spark plugs, etc. 

3. Hydrostatic issue:

A differential and a driving axle are fundamental components of hydrostatic transmissions, as are rubber or metallic tubes by which the fluid is driven.

Any mechanical part failure, a broken hose, or a clogged filter may create hydrostatic transmission problems in tractors.

The most common issue, however, will be the oil. Inside the transmission section of your operator’s manual, there is a section on oil viscosity.

You need to purge the drive system and if necessary, change it.

4. Unit steers or handles poorly issues:

Some users have found this quite common in this model of Ferris. It becomes stuck or hard to steer the mower.

Now if you want to fix the problem, follow the given steps-

  • Place the lawnmower on a level area and switch off the ignition to prepare it for repair.
  • Make sure the tire pressure is correct. Pump the tires with air if they appear to be too low.
  • By loosening the steering support nuts, you may inspect the steering gear.
  • Bushings that have been damaged should be replaced.
  • Cracked bearings, shafts, and gaskets in the steering unit should be replaced.
  • Examine the drag linkage between the tie rod and the gear sector.
  • Check the lawnmower’s performance once the repairs have been performed.

How good is Ferris IS700Z?

Ferris IS700Z is a zero-turn mower powered by a Kawasaki engine. The electric start on this dual-cylinder engine allows it to be started simply by turning a key.

This engine’s fuel tank will hold up to 5.5 gallons of fuel, which really is a lot by any measure. This big amount of gasoline is required since the lawnmower can go at a max speed of 10 mph forward and 5 mph backward.

This mower is very comfortable and convenient in terms of use and style. You can cut the grass very easily and drive the mower comfortably.

It is quite strong and durable. The materials used in this model make this one pretty hard and it will not be easy to break this mower. Ferris doesn’t compromise the durability for anything.

It also has a four years warranty which gives you a tension-free user experience and keeps you safe from any kind of trouble that you may face.

Overall, Ferris IS700Z is a great mower and very unique with all the good sides. People have positive views towards this mower.


Ferris IS700Z can be your everyday partner for cutting the grass on your lovely lawn. It is true that it may show one or two minor issues that are mentioned above but it is also very reliable with the warranty and durability. You will enjoy a great time using this mower and if you take care of it properly it will give you the outcome that you want.

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