4 Common Problems with Husqvarna TS 354xd (Solutions Included)

Husqvarna manufactures a wide variety of lawn mowers, including zero-turn lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, and more. But its ts354xd model is one of the very popular products of Husqvarna. It is packed with great quality and performance.

But you may find that there is some engine problem which is causing smoke coming from it. Or your mower is vibrating intensively due to some problems. 

Thus, in this article, you will know about the common problems of Husqvarna ts354xd and how to solve them easily. So, keep reading and find out.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Husqvarna TS 354xdSolutions
The deck wouldn’t raise all the way upChange it, clean rust and remove particles
Engine SmokeClean filter, remove extra oil, find oil leaks and seal
Excessive oil consumptionUse good grade oil, change old oil, clean the filters and pump, keep sufficient oil while using
Excessive vibrationFix belt and blades

4 Most Common Problems with Husqvarna TS 354xd and Their Possible Solutions:

Here are some of the most common problems of Husqvarna ts354xd mower-

1. The Deck Wouldn’t Raise All The Way Up

The first problem that I want to discuss is the deck getting stuck and cannot raise. This problem can happen if there is a design fault in the mower. It can happen very rarely. So, you should check for the other possibilities.

If you have been using the mower for a long time and see this problem suddenly it can be due to the rusting of the deck screws or deck structure.

There can be something stuck inside the joints which are preventing it from moving.

The Fix:

If you have a faulty deck design, go to the dealer and change the deck. If you are under the warranty, it should not cost you anything. But if you are not, then depending on the market price it can vary.

If the problem is due to the rusting, pick up a brush and oil. Brush the rust and oil it well so the movement gets smooth.

You should also check inside the joint if anything is stuck in there. It may happen that some dirt or hard particle is struck inside which is hampering the deck’s normal movements. If you remove it, it should get back to normal.

2. Engine Smoke

The majority of the time, the engine of Husqvarna ts354xd will all of a sudden start belching out blue or white smoke since some of the oil got poured on it.

It’s possible that you replaced or added oil and spilled some of it, or that you overloaded the container.

Alternately, perhaps you performed servicing on the mower by turning it on its side or even inverting it. Mowing on a slope that is too steep for a lawnmower can also be a source.

The mower’s lubrication systems do not have reliable seals, and therefore typically feature an overflow oil reservoir along with a release outlet via which any extra oil can escape.

The Fix:

Here are some possible solutions that you can check out-

  • Make sure the air filter is clean or change it.
  • Be sure to check the level, quality, and kind of oil. If needed, you should replace the oil in the lawn mower.
  • Whenever oil goes onto the engine of the lawn mower, you should let it run till the oil burns off in a safe manner.
  • Ensuring that the angle at which you are cutting the grass is correct. Your lawn mower may start to smoke if it is tilted at an angle larger than 15 degrees.

3. Excessive Oil Consumption

It has been observed that the amount of oil consumed by particular Husqvarna ts354xd models has dramatically increased. Problems with the carburetor are one possible contributing factor.

Unusual occurrences are possible anytime the carburetor is clogged with debris or the fuel system develops a leak that was not anticipated.

The most common reason for inefficient usage of fuel is carburetors that have become blocked with debris.

If the carburetors are clogged, fuel will not be able to come out of the carburetor plate ports. This will cause the spark plugs to become soaked, which will prohibit the engine from starting.

Fuels that include higher quantities of ethanol are more prone to collect water vapor around them compared to fuels that have lower levels.

Rusting is an inevitable consequence of exposing metals to moisture, which also makes them more prone to rusting. Consequently, this causes the elements of mowers to corrode and leak.

The Fix:

To begin, look around for some high-quality oil that you can use in your Husqvarna ts354xd mower.

Fixing the oil issue will be a worthwhile endeavor because using the incorrect oil grade will result in damage to the engine and a rise in the amount of gasoline that is consumed.

Never operate the mower while there is a low level of oil. It will be more expensive than usual for you.

Altering the oil at regular intervals is also important because using stale oil can be detrimental to the economy of the oil industry.

You must bring the mower to a professional to have any leaks in it sealed, and if it has to be changed, you need to do so. 

4. Excessive Vibration

The Husqvarna ts354xd is prone to vibrating and making odd noises due to its design flaws.

This issue can be traced back to a simple root cause, which is that the drive belts for the connectors are either damaged or have reached the end of their lifespan. The strange action of the mower may also have another probable reason, and that is the existence of junk on the drive pulleys.

It is necessary to examine the parking brake while the tractor is idling still and with the engine running. When the bypass valve has been shut off, there is also the possibility that this problem will occur.

The Fix:

  • To get started, the driven belt needs to be changed if it ever exhibits symptoms of wear and tear or gets a crack.
  • Make sure there are no damaged belts and change them if required.
  • In case the blades are bent, imbalanced, or broken in some other way, you will have to swap them with a new one.
  • If you want to move the mower when the parking brake is engaged, the only thing you can do is gradually release its grip on the vehicle.
  • Disable the lever which operates the bypass valve once the bypass gate has been removed from its position.
  • If the blades have gotten excessively slack, you must tighten them as required.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

If you want to buy a Husqvarna ts354xd then the user opinions are important to know. People have mixed reactions to this one. However, it should be placed in an average section of mowers.

People who used this mower said it is fairly good and they did not face many problems using it. It is an easy mower to operate. But you will not get that sleek feel on this one.

Some other users said that they had different troubles with this mower and had to service it a few times. Still, they did not get the best out of it.

But many people also praised it and said this one was the best mower they ever had.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much engine power does Husqvarna ts354xd have?

Husqvarna ts354xd has 24 horsepower engine.

What engine does Husqvarna ts354xd have?

Husqvarna ts354xd uses the Kawasaki engine.

How much does a Husqvarna ts354xd weight?

The Husqvarna ts254xd weighs about 690 lbs.

Final Thoughts

There is no telling what you will get from a machine. It may work for you or you may get many troubles coming along with it. The Husqvarna ts254xd is a great mower indeed. But you may find some issues like some other users as well.

Hence, if you read this article, you will be able to fix them quickly.

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