How To Fix Kubota Ignition Switch Problem? (Explained)

The Kubota ignition switch is mounted to the steering column behind the tractor’s ignition cylinder. It is one of the vital internal components that directly affect the performance of any utility vehicle since it is responsible for transferring energy from the internal engine battery to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Also, Kubota ignition switch problem or failure is one of the most common complaints reported against several Kubota tractor models based on several consumer forums reports.

But what are the reasons behind the Kubota ignition switch failure, and how to fix it? Continue reading this article to find out everything you need to know.

What Sign You Should Look For To detect Kubota Ignition Switch Problem?

In general, as soon as the Kubota ignition switch starts turning bad, you will notice some clear signs to get the hint.

According to most Kubota users and Auto experts’ experiences, major obvious signs of Kubota ignition switch problems are engine won’t start, starter failure, or dashboard warning lights flashing.

What Are The Symptoms Of The Kubota Ignition Switch Problem?

Other most common symptoms of Kubota tractor’s ignition switch problem are usually associated with the following explained indications:

1. Engine Starting Difficulty or Failure:

When the ignition switch turns faulty in any Kubota tractor, it will fail to supply adequate power from the battery to other electrical components, including the starter motor, ignition system, and other major engine controlling parts.

As a consequence, the engine will struggle or fail to startup.

Several Kubota tractor owners have mentioned encountering intermittent starting problems, which are caused due to faulty ignition key switches.

However, engine starting difficulty or complete startup failure not only occur due to an ignition key switch, and such engine trouble can occur due to other potential electrical and mechanical problems.

Thus, the best way to figure out which caused the main issue is to diagnose the issue properly and thoroughly.

2. Tractor Stalls After Starting:

Generally, the engine fails to start when the ignition switch turns defective.

But based on several users’ experiences, they sometimes fail to figure out the issue initially because the vehicle started like normal, and they noticed the issue as soon the engine begins stalling just after the startup.

At the initial stage of the ignition switch defect, it might allow the engine start like usual, but it is a brief power that the ignition switch could provide.

As a result, the tractor’s fuel pump and ignition system will soon begin starving for the required power supply from the internal battery and eventually will force the tractor to stall.

Users also noticed that in some situations the tractor stalls turn too aggressive when they could not figure out the issue earlier and failed to fix it on time.

3. Irregular Flashing or Loss of Lighting and Other Related Accessories:

Another common symptom of the ignition switch malfunctioning is when you notice that the dashboard lights are flashing while turning the key, and still, you cannot hear any cranking sound. This occurs due to worn-out contacts inside the ignition switch.

However, a similar thing can happen if you have a defective starter motor or a damaged internal battery, so you should inspect thoroughly to confirm what is causing the trouble.

Besides that, many Kubota users reported interior lights, dash lights, and other related accessories sometimes suddenly shut off, and when they investigated further, it was the defective ignition switch.

4. Restarting Failure, Difficulty to Turn the Switch & Quiet Starter Motor:

In some cases, Kubota tractor users also experienced that the ignition switch failure caused their tractor restart failure and when they investigated further, they found that the reason was torn or worn-out ignition contacts.

All of a sudden, if you ever notice that the starter motor has turned unusually silent, check the current state of the ignition switch because it’s a potential sign of a bad or defective ignition switch.

Another symptom is a stuck key that is difficult to turn and forces the tractor engine to run even after removing it.

These are the symptoms that will let you know when to do a thorough inspection of the ignition system and switch.

Causes and Solutions of Kubota Ignition Switch Problem

Now, one can wonder what causes the ignition switch failure on the Kubota tractors.

There is no fixed reason behind this trouble, and there are various potential causes of ignition switch failure.

The Kubota ignition switch can turn bad due to broken springs, worn internal ignition switch contacts, or temperature problems.

Whenever you encounter any of the symptoms that I have mentioned and explained earlier, make sure to follow the easy steps mentioned below to fix your problem:

Do a Thorough Investigation:

As I already mentioned earlier, some symptoms are conflicting since the same symptoms will occur due to other electrical and mechanical components.

Therefore, first and foremost, confirm that the problem is happening due to the bad ignition switch and nothing else.

I would recommend checking other electrical and mechanical areas for any sign first, then investigating the ignition system, especially the ignition switch.

Test with a Multimeter:

When you have checked other potential compartments and internal elements to confirm that the ignition switch is the only left area to inspect, you should first test the ignition switch with a multimeter.

To test the ignition switch, place the positive end of the multimeter to the power supply and its negative end to the distributor’s base.

Next, set the key to the ignition switch’s running position to check the internal battery voltage using the same multimeter.

Now, carefully check the voltage reading, and if it is 90% lower than the main battery’s voltage, the culprit is either a defective ignition switch or wire.

Replace the Ignition Switch:

After doing the multimeter test properly, you can confirm whether it’s the ignition switch or defects in other related areas.

Next, you need to either contact the nearest Kubota dealership for professional service or replace the ignition switch and faulty wires by yourself.

However, if you are not good at such technical tasks, I highly recommend getting the replacement done by a professional mechanic.

Because in some Kubota tractor models, installing a new ignition switch requires disabling the steering column, or removing the air conditioning ducts.

Thus, if anything goes bad during the process, it can become more dangerous and expensive to fix later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kubota Ignition Switch replacement part cost?

The price will highly vary depending on the tractor model you own or have, but a Kubota ignition switch price will hang between $20 and $80.

How much labor expense does it cost to replace a Kubota Ignition Switch?

Remember the labor cost will vary depending on your location and the damage level of your tractor, but you can expect expenses between $60 and $100.

How much does it take to replace A Kubota Ignition Switch?

It will most probably take twenty minutes if you replace it from any Kubota dealership or workshop.

Final Thoughts

Although an ignition switch might seem like an easy problem to solve and fix, it can be a big issue if you do not fix the problem on time and can easily cause further major damage to your Kubota tractor.

Thus, remember to keep a close eye to detect the early stage symptoms before it becomes too late and today’s article will guide you on that.

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