4 Common Problems with Cub Cadet gt2550 (Solutions Included)

In the 2500 series of lawn and garden tractors from Cub Cadet, the GT2550 is a two-wheel-drive (AWD) model. From 2005 until 2010, Cub Cadet, which is now a part of MTD, was the company that produced this tractor. It is a typical type of mower, and it has a few of the typical problems.

You may find issues with transmission, engine or oil. If you find the transmission problem in your mower you can purge it and follow some instructions to fix it.

Hence, for your guide line, I have given some instructions and the causes of the problems that you may face in your Cub Cadet gt2550.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Cub Cadet gt2550Solutions
1. Transmission problemSeveral cleaning and oil change.
2. Engine not startingGet quality oil, change spark plug, clean or change filter.
3. Overconsumption of oilUse fuel stabilizer.
4. Excessive VibrationReplace mower belt, The driving pully should constantly be intensively cleaned.

4 Common Problems with Cub Cadet gt2550 and their Possible Solutions:

Here are some of the common problems of Cub Cadet gt2550 and some solutions as well for easy fixes.

1. Transmission Problem

A transmission problem is common in Cub Cadet gt2550. Here are the main reasons for this problem-

  • Air contamination is responsible for approximately eighty percent of all hydraulic failures in a cadet gt2550 hydrostatic transmission. The hydraulic fluids get tainted whenever there is a leak in the system or a malfunctioning pump that allows air to enter the hydraulic system. Both aeration and cavitation pose a significant threat to the integrity of your hydrostatic transmission.
  • Leaks in the system are the root of the problem of contaminated fluids. If the hydraulic fluid becomes polluted, the fluid’s quality will suffer, which will in turn damage the effectiveness of the system. In addition, fluid degradation is a potential source of temperature problems within the system.
  • A heated hydraulic system might hinder lubrication from working properly and lead to fluid leaks. Additionally, it has a significant impact on the oxidation of fluids as well as their density. This results in the thickening of your hydraulic fluid, which allows for the accumulation of debris within the system. Too much cold can also hamper the system.
  • A malfunction in the system of your hydrostatic transmission might be brought on by a number of factors, including filthy cooling fins, damaged components, and mismatched parts.

The Fix:


If your hydraulic motor is moving at an extremely sluggish pace or if there is the air that has become caught in the system, you may want to consider purging your hydrostatic transmission. Here are the steps you can follow-

Put The Machine in Park on The Even Ground:

Place the machinery on a level surface, such as your garage floor, and engage the brakes. Before you begin troubleshooting, check to see that the system has the appropriate amount of oil in it.

Disassemble The Transmission: 

First, you will need to deactivate the system, and then you will need to take a seat in the driver’s seat in order to access the engine and start it.

While the engine is running, the throttle control should be moved to a low position, the brake paddle or clutch should be detached, and the motion control levelers should be in a stable state.

Take Out the Air: 

This requires pushing the motion control levelers forward and keeping them there for a minute. Reverse the motion control levelers and hold for one additional minute.

Run it a few times to clear the hydrostatic transmission of any trapped air.

Inspect and Clean the Dirty Cooling Fins:

Dirty pump cooling fins might create hydrostatic transmission problems. Cleaning the pump’s cooling fins with a brush or fresh towel is all that’s required. Compressed air may be used to perform this cleaning task in the home setting.

Change any damaged parts and replace:

Inspect and find out if any parts in the transmission are damaged. If you find any you should repair them. If it cannot be repaired, it is time to change to a new part for the transmission. This might help solve the problem.

2. Engine Not Starting

The engine in your Cub Cadet gt2550 may fail to start for no apparent reason. There are numerous possibilities for why this is happening.

Your mower won’t start if you don’t have any oil in the tank. A mismatch in oil quality or old fuel in the tank might also cause this.

Spark plug faults or damage may also be a contributing factor in a vehicle’s inability to start.

In addition to being unable to start the engine due to a broken safety switch, A jammed filter can cause problems with starting the engine.

The Fix:

The first step is to identify the root cause of the issue. Once you’ve located the issue, you’ll be able to resolve it. Here are a few ideas for dealing with a few specific issues.

  • The simplest solution is to just add oil to the tank if you discover there is none left in it after checking the oil level. It’s as simple as emptying the tank and refilling it with the appropriate grade of oil if you’re dealing with an oil issue.
  • You need to replace your mower’s spark plugs if they are broken or defective. Because repairing it will be problematic. It is best to replace the safety switch if it is found to be defective.
  • The engine will have difficulty starting if the filter is blocked. To avoid this, routine cleaning is essential.

3. Overconsumption of Oil

Some Cub Cadet gt2550 models show a substantial increase in oil consumption. Problems with the carburetor are possible causes. When the carburetor is jammed or the fuel system has an unexpected leak, unusual things can happen.

The most common reason for poor fuel efficiency is clogged carburetors. When a carburetor is clogged, fuel leaks through the carburetor plate outlets, soaking the spark plugs.

When the highest amount of ethanol is used, humidity from nearby air is drawn into the fuel itself. Moreover, metals exposed to moisture will rust. Consequently, the mowers’ body’s internal elements corrode and leak, as a direct result.

The Fix:

The application of a gasoline stabilizer can significantly alleviate this problem. Besides ethanol deposits, there will be less concern about unwanted carbon deposits.

Replacing obsolete equipment and checking for leaks must follow. Reducing the speed during running the mower, reducing idle time, and inspecting the oil filter for any issues are all safety precautions you must also do.

4. Excessive Vibration

Cadet gt2550’s vibration problem is primarily due to a faulty traction drive belt. In the event of deterioration, it may result in significant vibration. Debris on the drive shaft may also be to blame for this type of vibration.

The Fix:

Fortunately, the answer to this issue is easy. The mower’s belt must be disconnected. Replace the belt if it’s worn out. The driving pully should constantly be intensively cleaned.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Cub Cadet mowers are all good. But this particular gt2550 has some issues that many people have mentioned.

Some people said that the engine in this Cub Cadet is strong, but the mounting design is subpar. The air intake is positioned to face the body of the mower where it is placed, which is at the steering column.

The air intake becomes covered in grass clippings, which reduces the amount of air that may enter. This results in the engine becoming overheated.

The leading edge of the engine is surrounded by an excessive amount of shroud, which causes the fins to overheat.

The engine is constantly leaking, and if the level in the engine is not monitored around every five hours, it will become dry.

But many other users praised this mower also.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Cub Cadet gt2550 last?

For those who aren’t mechanically inclined or don’t want to conduct their own work, keeping the mower for more than 10 years is unlikely.

But if you’re able to maintain and fix it yourself, you’ll be able to get the most out of your investment and the mower can last about 15-20 years.

What engine does the Cub Cadet gt2550 use?

Cub Cadet gt2550 uses Kohler Command which has air-cooled V-Twin OHV which is packed with 22 hp.

Final Thoughts

Cub Cadet is a great name in the mower manufacturing market. Its gt2550 mower is a decent one with many features.

But if you face any issues regarding the gt2550 you can find the solutions in this article. I hope you will not get in trouble with your mower and have a happy experience.

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