Common Problems with Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Hydrostatic Mowers

Cub cadet brand is providing quality zero-turn mowers for decades to the consumers. But even the best products face issues that are very basic and easy to be resolved. 

You probably have faced one of the problems and thinking about how to deal with them? No problem. Let’s have a look at the article.

Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Hydrostatic Problems and Solutions

I have put together all the possible problems and solutions for the cub cadet zero-turn hydrostatic mowers. You can follow the article to the end to solve your common problems. 

Starter issue

Many users face the starter issue very often. The mower is all set to go and it goes then stops. It happens for some reason. 

Battery went dead: If this happens then the battery wasn’t as suited to the mower. Get the right voltage battery according to the model of your mower. 

Levers position: Make sure the direction levers on fully seated in the outward position. 

Solenoid trigger: Jump from the battery cable to the solenoid trigger. If you have two trigger wires then jump one and leave another. 

PTO issue: If you don’t notice any of them, then it might be the PTO switch issue. You must change the PTO switch and clutch along with the fuses to get rid of this issue.

I have explained the PTO switch issue right below. Check that afterward for more information. 

PTO issues: Engaging and disengaging 

People usually face this issue while using a cub cadet mower. PTO (Power take-off) switch doesn’t work properly sometimes. 

Like, it doesn’t engage or disengage the blades when they pull the switch up or down. 

If this happens too often, it can cause more problems like the switch getting damaged for good, the electrical clutch facing further issues, and the Interlocking issues. 

The Solution: 

So, I have gathered some of the very ideas to solve this PTO issue. Let’s have a look at it. 

Step: 01

Change your mower’s PTO switch certainly and the fuses connected to the battery. 

While changing the switch, make sure if it’s electrically shocked or not. 

To check that, notice if the voltage of your battery flows through the PTO switch. 

Step: 02

Change the clutch once you are changing the switch as well. And don’t forget the fuses that are properly matched with the clutch and the switch. 

The right measured set of fuses helps the electricity flow better through the clutch and the switch. 

Step: 03

Check the resistance over the clutch to fit it. The amount of resistance should be 2.5 ohms for a solid operation. 

Step: 04

To deal with the interlocking issue, one must check the Air-gap pressure.

Oil Indicator Issue

To have an easy-going season without facing any trouble with your mower, make sure to have a look at your oil pressure every now and then. 

Because the oil pressure of your mower has to be set on a certain meter before getting on work. 

The cub cadet zero turn mowers always have an hour meter as an alert for Low oil or oil change. But the problem with the light is, it blinks even if your tank is filled with oil. 

This can happen because of 2 things. 

  • To show the Low oil level. 
  • To change oil or to replace the filter. 

The Solution: 

Here is how to get rid of this issue. I have explained it in brief. 

Showing the low oil level:

The light blinks when the engine requires enough oil to generate the power. If you fill the oil to an indicated point, the light will stop blinking. 

Changing the oil or replacing the filter:

Well, if the light is still blinking even after you filled the tank. Then it needs new oil and a new filter. Change the old oil and fill it in with some fresh of them. And proceed a new filter to make the operation go easy. 

After doing it, keep the engine on for an hour and the LED light will reset and turn itself off. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Why won’t my Cub Cadet go forward?

Check your pedals before operating. They get stuck and block your mower from moving if the reverse or forward control gets blocked. Also, see if the parking brake is activated or not, it can also block your mower from operating. 

How often should you change hydrostatic transmission fluid?

Experts suggest changing the transmission fluid and the filter after the first 75 hours of the operation and after 400 hours occasionally. 

What happens if you don’t change transmission fluid?

Change your transmission fluid after a frequent amount of time. Not changing the fluid on time can cause over-heating issues. The left-out fluid will prevent the engine from creating enough power. Hence, the inconvenience. 

Final Verdict

Machines are always a bit technical to use. Cub Cadet is a very good brand for mowers but some problems are very usual to have with the machine. But this is not a thing get panicked about. 

These problems are frequently happening and getting solved with easy steps. Kindly follow the article through and leave your comments below.

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