4 Most Common Problems with Kubota L4060 Tractor

Kubota introduced its manufacturing tractors in 1960, Kubota tractors have consistently led the market. Therefore, the Kubota L4060 tractor provides a broad range of facilities and purposes to its consumers. Besides this, you may have to encounter some issues with this particular tractor after the usage for a while.

However, the most common problems with the Kubota L4060 tractor are hydraulic issues, lack of smoothness, FEL issues, and horsepower dropping.

As a result, this article will examine the causes of the problems, how long you can use your specific tractor, and the most likely fixes. Keep reading till the very end!

Problems and solutions at a Glance:

Hydraulic issuesReleasing the loading stick
Lack of smoothnessUsing the turn signal button
FEL issuesFixing the hydro-locking system
Horsepower droppingUsing the manual mode

4 Most Common Problems with Kubota L4060 Tractor and Their Solutions:

Your experience with Kubota L4060 Tractor may contain several problems.  The reasons behind the problems and the most preferable solutions will be discussed below.

1. Hydraulic Issues

Several users report these problems with the Kubota L4060 tractor. After eight to twelve months of use, the tractor appeared to be acting strangely and concerned with hydraulics.

For instance, the tractor runs as slowly as possible if a user mows uphill on a gentle slope, in the low range, and using the H-DS worm.

The user tries to slightly increase or reduce his front-end loader while keeping the engine open at 2600 RPM, but the tractor bogs severely, and the stall gear engages.

The Fix:

You release the loading stick and try to restore everything to normal in an effort to stop the problem. Then everything will be back to normal as soon as you release the loading stick.

Hopefully, whenever the tractor gets stopped, the loader will work fine.

If the issue remains after releasing the loading stick, check the battery. If there is no issue with the battery system, take your Kubota L4060 tractor to the company’s customer service point.

They will examine the core reason behind the problems and fix these with their professional mechanics.

2. Lack of Smoothness

Some users experience this dangerous problem. The steering of the Kubota L4060 tractor is jerky if the front wheels are suddenly moved in either direction during mowing.

It has a binding or jerking feeling. The operator may become confused as a result of this problem.

Furthermore, periodically, while starting uphill, it nearly feels like the transmission slips. It does not run as smoothly for a short period as most users are accustomed to with their HST on their Kubota L4060 tractor.

The Fix:

Occasionally, you may use the turn signal button to make the steering feel strange to solve the problem. Because when you turn, it automatically cancels like a car, and it sometimes seems a little tight.

Nevertheless, in this case, the hydraulics cannot keep up with how swiftly you try to turn, so that is not the issue. Maybe the hydraulics are exhausted.

Because you might not have switched to Low-High with a flick of the button and achieved a few mph on the smoother road, the H-DS gearbox is not functioning correctly.

To fix the problem, try this method. Whenever there is an inclination, return to Low-Low. When you set the autopilot, it just slows down when necessary. Albeit unexpected, but is attractive and hands-free, which will probably make the ride smoother.  

3. FEL Issues

This is a pathetic problem with the Kubota L4060 tractor. After operating for five to six hours on L4060 HST and the FEL, several issues appeared. These functions perform as they should but raise and lower only partially or not at all, respectively, until users switch to float.

The raising mechanism works whenever the lever is halfway down but completely stops once it is entirely down.

In addition, each time the lower feature is activated, the pail is raised by roughly 1/4 inch. However, it has no impact whatsoever on the pail’s level.

The Fix:

Take your tractor to the company’s qualified mechanics so they can investigate the problem. The symptoms may point to a coupler, connection, or return tube clog on the lift side. The problem seems to be hydro-locking. Fix the system as soon as possible.

Once you float, the compression hose releases into the open hydraulic point, which then causes oil to flow backward via the loader valve, causing the pail to drop.

Be assured that the limitation was not caused by accidentally bumping the returning tube on the loader frame and flattening it. According to experts, the arm lowering hose coupler should be disconnected and loosened after placing a sawhorse under the loader pail.

4. Horsepower Dropping

Compared to other tractors of the Kubota company, such as the L4600 model, the L4060 model has a severe level of problems like dropping horsepower usage in the fields. Several users encountered the same issue with their specific vehicles.

They complained that the difference between pulling a disc and their 6-foot tiller was too small to pull. Whenever users try again, they notice that the ability to transition from the top to the bottom range was crucial.

Specialists say that though the automated option that does it for users depending on RPM does not particularly amaze them, it is unusual for many customers, and it seems uncomfortable. Therefore, the annoying part is that horsepower drooping slowed the tractor down and occasionally felt like it was shifting.

The Fix:

To prevent the issue, you can use the manual mode, which is usually available on all Kubota tractors. After using the Kubota L4060 tractor for approximately an hour, you must immediately switch to manual mode.

It would be best to run it in the low range when you do till with this particular tractor. By this procedure, you also need to keep the gear in the middle. Hopefully, it will be able to complete the field faster than the other identical models.

The tractor has an automatic cruise control feature that will help you lock in an RPM setting. Nevertheless, if the issue remains, contact the company’s service department. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Kubota L4060?

The majority of customers think the Kubota L4060 tractor is the best tractor for their tilling field, but after using it for a while, they lose that opinion. Issues frequently arise when consumers start tilling longer in the field.

A significant component of the Kubota L4060 tractor that might create uneven use on the fields, such as pausing while driving FWD and reverse, has been mainly addressed by users.

However, users commonly have issued such problems as hydraulic issues, FEL issues, and horsepower dropping, which can sometimes necessitate multiple trips to the repair facility.


How Much Engine Power Does a Kubota L4060 Have?

42 HP

What is the Current Price Range of the Kubota L4060?

$31,162, $32,472, $33038, and $45,744 USD.

What Type of Fluid Goes in a Kubota Hydrostatic Transmission?

Kubota Super UDT2 is an all-weather hydraulic fluid.

Which Kubota Tractor is Rated the Best?

Kubota MU4501 2WD is the most demanded tractor of Kubota and is rated the best

Which John Deere Model is Comparable to Kubota L4060?

The John Deere 4044R compares to Kubota L4060.

Final Thoughts

After performing my research, I discovered many problems with the Kubota L4060 tractor. Spend your money on a giant tractor instead. Although the Kubota L4060 tractor is smaller than the others, it is reasonably comprehensive and its maintenance costs are affordable, but with time, customers grow to find their frequent issues inconvenient.

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