5 Common Problems with New Holland TS110 (Solutions Included)

There is no doubt that you can rely on any tractor from New Holland and the New Holland TS110 is one of them. With excellent features, the New Holland TS110 provides users with excellent performance.

However, a few particular problems with the New Holland TS110 might cause you trouble.

Some of the most common problems are the engine not working properly and trouble with gears.

Users may now wonder why these issues may occur or when the problems can occur? Is it possible to get rid of these issues you may be facing? All of the questions will be answered throughout the article.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with New Holland TS110Solutions
Engine IssuesFix the area of the radiator
Issues with controllingHave a test drive before buying the tractor
The tractor gets noisy occasionally  Consider getting it serviced by a qualified mechanic
Trouble with gearUse the method of lubrication on the area.
Issues with the fuel pumpThe system must be drained, flushed, and filled.

5 Most Common Problems with New Holland TS110 and Their Possible Solutions:

There are always some specific reasons to happen issues. The reasons for the problems with New Holland TS110 are pointed out below alongside the solutions.

1. Engine System Issues

Having tractors with no issue with engines is a myth. Thus, it is one of the most common problems with tractors like New Holland TS11O.

Engine overheating is an issue that may occur on the tractor, and there may be several reasons behind this problem. A few possibilities include a filthy or leaky radiator, a clogged air filter, and insufficient fuel.       

There is another reason why overheating may occur. The dirty air filters can easily make the engine overheat.

The negative sight of this issue is that the engine will have to be active more than the usual time and use more fuel due to a filthy air filter.

The Fix:

There is nothing to worry about even if you are having issues with the engine as here I am with the solutions.

Firstly when you get to know the problem with the radiator, work on that part. For this, you might require a radiator cleaning liquid.

However, it would be best to remember that a radiator cleaner works better than distilled water. Do not forget to empty the radiator before cleaning it.

When you come to know that the dirty air filters are creating issues with the engine, cleaning the area is the first thing to attempt.

It is effortless to clean an air filter, and anyone can do it at home with no problem. Only a vacuum cleaner is required.

2. Issues with Controlling

Having issues with controlling can be another major issue with the NH TS 110.

Individuals usually read reviews from many websites before purchasing tractors. Many people have complaints about how the Holland TS110 tractor’s controls leave them helpless.

However, if one gives it some thought, he could realize that this is not a severe problem because control depends on the recommended system.

In that case, seeing the tractor’s control system may look good to one person but may become difficult for another user.

The Fix:

Even though one knows that the control issue depends on personal thought, there is still a gap. There is still a matter of headache that looks for a solution.

To avoid this irritation, one must take a test drive of the NH TS110 before making a purchase. Consequently, one will comprehend things better and be in a better position to make a choice.

3. The tractor gets noisy occasionally

The Holland TS110 tractor may get overly noisy at times. It may occasionally make noise for a variety of reasons. Your Holland TS110 tractor may have an issue with one of its internal parts.

The user finds such an issue frustrating and unpleasant. Moreover, driving a loud tractor is also dangerous since it might result in a lot more problems.

The Fix:

It’s important to note that tractors are noisier than other vehicles. However, if your tractor’s noise level has become unbearable, you should think about getting it serviced by a qualified mechanic.

4. Trouble with Gear

In any tractor, gear issues are a typical occurrence. One must manually adjust the gear clutch packs if the tractor is coming up with gear issues lately.

As a general guideline, one should refer to the tractor’s user handbook to learn more about the gears.

The Fix:

Consider the lubrication method used on the Holland TS110 tractor’s gearbox to eliminate the gear problem.

Tractors require lubrication from time to time, just like any other vehicle. Consequently, it is a good idea to oil the gears once a month to keep them in good operating order.

One is free from the tension of choosing the appropriate oil for the method of lubrication as so many different oils and lubricants are on the market.

Once the process gets done, all that is left to do is start the tractor to be sure if the problem is still there or not.

5. Issues with the Fuel Pump

Several people have voiced complaints regarding the fuel pump on their New Holland TS110. As a result, the motor starts off with a lot of force.

However, the primary cause of this problem is either a filthy or improperly set fuel pump.

Additionally, it is obvious why the issue is occurring since the gasoline shut-off valve is closed.

There are numerous additional causes, such as a malfunctioning cold start system or defective or failing piston rings.

One cannot avoid noticing a malfunctioning fuel pump on the tractor or the presence of water, dirt, or air in the fuel system.

The Fix:

Users should stop worrying about the issue after discovering its causes. All that is possible is to drain, flush, fill, and bleed the system.

If the crankcase oil becomes too thick, use oil with the appropriate viscosity.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Most users deem the New Holland TS110 a tractor that will always provide excellent service like a new item. However, they often forget that the tractor needs proper maintenance with care; otherwise, it will develop many flaws over time. 

Soon after purchasing the tractor, problems usually start to show themselves. Problems with the cooling system, engine, fuel pump, and electricity are where it all begins. They must, of course, endure the terrible journey over time. Adequate maintenance is required to keep the tractor operational.

The tractor occasionally becomes noisy, and some problems with electrical parts, for example, persist. As a result, visiting the repair shop becomes a regular practice for most users.


How much engine power does a New Holland TS110 have?

New Holland TS110 comes up with 110 HP engine power.

What is the current price of the New Holland TS110?

$31,900.00 USD

Which transmission does the New Holland TS110 use?

Synchro Command Transmission.

Who makes engines for New Holland?

CNH ( Case New Holland) Industrial.

Which John Deere model is comparable to New Holland TS 110?

The John Deere 6150R is mostly comparable to NH Ts110.

Final Thoughts

The TS110 tractor from Holland is renowned for its dependability and superior features. However, operating this tractor frequently results in a few issues.

Sometimes the engine overheats or refuses to start, or the gears may not work correctly. The article has provided some reasonable solutions to fix these problems. However, if the issues persist, think about seeing a technician.

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