6 Most Common Problems with Kubota L4701 and Their Solutions

The Kubota L4701 is a standard L-series compact utility tractor, with a four-cylinder diesel liquid-cooled engine, with a capacity of just under 2 1/2L, and has a fuel capacity of just over 50 L.

It has a rear three-point hitch system with position control, a hydrostatic power steering system, and a mechanical wet differential braking system and the cab is a two-post folding ROPS.

However, some consumers encounter diesel issues, engine issues, motor issues, HST issues, and others. So, check out the article to know the common Kubota l4701 problems and solutions.

6 Common Problems with Kubota L4701 and their Solutions:

Check out these Kubota L4701 problems and solutions in detail below:

1. Diesel issues

A customer shared his experience with this l series loader. Lately, he noticed a breakdown on his Kubota L4701 loader. The diesel didn’t rotate. 

The wrong type or grade of fuel can be the reason. 

Just make sure whatever oil you use has an API rating of CF or higher.

Kubota recommends oil with an API rating of CF or higher. If the synthetic oil that you are using meets those standards, it can be used in Kubota engines.

The faulty fuel pump drive can be another reason. You need to examine it and repair it if needed. Sometimes the fuel line couldn’t get the fuel on time for the incorrect fuel injection pump timing.

This needs proper adjustment.

The fuel pump drive shaft can get defective. Water could get mixed in the fuel or fuel gets too heavy at low temperature.

2. HST problems

This L4701 can show some hydrostatic transmission problems.

The transmission creates rough shifting. There can be multiple causes. But one of the main reasons is the failure to fully depress the clutch pedal when shifting. So, the driver needs to follow the instructions.

3. Engine problem

The engine of the Kubota L4701 can lose power. Too much oil in the engine can cause this problem. Some owners have the tendency to pour oil more than necessary. But this is never recommended.

Another cause of the engine problem is uneven fuel injection. The injection pump can get clogged. Replace the injection pump. This can also happen for the incorrect clearance of the valve.

Another customer mentioned that the engine of his tractor stalled.

Sometimes, the engine seizes due to low or poor oil. You need to use 15W-40, 10W-30, or SAE30 engine oil. So, for the stale or dirty fuel, the fuel supply pump gets clogged.

You may notice the warning light with code P3001 on the screen when the temperature gets too cold. The code simply indicates that the engine needs a regen.

This occurs when the temperature goes below 20 F. and you have to stop the tractor.

If you need a forced regen, it can be done only by the dealer or their service manager.

4. Steering issue

The buyers are confused about why the steering wheel spinning without resistance.

Low hydraulic oil levels in the tank can be one of the reasons. It is required to add oil.

The steering cylinder can be heavily worn. You may need to make a replacement.

The defective steering pump can also be another reason. Install a new pump.

Sometimes, the steering wheel works very badly.

The airlock in the steering system can create this issue.  Remove air from the system. Air leaks on suction lines can happen as well.

The air can also be formed in the hydraulic system. You must release air from the system. There is a hydraulic oil small indicator in the tank. Fill the tank to the level. Possible malfunction of hydraulic steering cylinder can hamper the working. So, make a replacement.

Uneven tire pressure can also create the issue. Adjust the pressure. There can also be hydraulic connection leaking.  Eliminate the problem.

The pump of the power steering can be broken. Repair the pump. The power steering can get worn. Replace it.

Improper valve timing, high or low compression, worn ear cylinder bores, valves, and seat leakage – all these are other causes of steering problems.

5. Motor issues

The motor of your Kubota L4701 can overheat. It can happen for the low coolant level. So, you need to pour liquid into the radiator to the recommended level. 

Sometimes, the radiator gets dirty. So, you need to clean it. 

If the engine gets overloaded, shift to a lower gear or reduce load. 

A loose or defective fan belt can create this issue. Replace fan belt as required. Also, check the belt tensioner.

6. Accessories issues

A customer acquired a Kubota L4701 with a backhoe. There was a breakdown and the diesel did not get started. And the starter speed was slow. 

So, to get rid of the issue, the owner needs to check the starter and replace it if necessary. 

The fuel line can be clogged up. Clean and flush it. There can be dirt in the fuel filter – Change it. 

Piston rings can get broken – Refit a new set of piston rings.

Tank vent can get restricted. 

The driving front axle can be cracking regularly during operation for the failure of any gear or ball bearings.

You also need to check the injection nozzle and injection pump.

The locking differential can break immediately.

The diaphragm can get damaged or disks of the friction clutch can get worn out. 

If white smoke comes from the exhaust pipe, you need to replace piston rings urgently. 

How Do the Users Feel About Kubota L4701?

When it comes to quality, comfort, and ease of use, everyone loves the Kubota L series compact tractor L4701. The small property owners love this roomy, airy operating space with contoured suspension seating to improve comfort and reduce fatigue on longer rides.

The Kubota transmission system offers both efficiency and driving comfort, and the tractor cab is extremely comfortable and ergonomically adaptable.

This one has precise control which is good for tight areas.

Final Words

I have talked about all common Kubota L4701 problems in this article. Knowing these problems will keep you aware of the reasons and you can prevent them by keeping those issues in check from the beginning. Again, regular maintenance is always important.

Because you will never want to spend much money on the troubleshooting. So maintain the tractor regularly and keep the issues minimal. Finally, if you face any issue that you cannot diagnose, we always recommend to see an expert mechanic.

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