5 Most Common Problems with Kubota MX5200 and Their Fixes

Key Points:

  • Knowing the common problems relating to Kubota MX5200 will resolve half of the issues.
  • Regular maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the durability of your mower. 
  • Points like dirt, debris, clogged carburetors are more severe than it seems. 

When it comes to utility tractors, the Kubota mx5200 has no match! The professionals claim it as a high product vehicle, and the maneuverability of this piece can impress you within a moment. But as with every other lawnmower, Kubota mx5200 problems are nothing unusual.

However, many of its customers came up with starting problems, frequent stalling, clogged carburetors, and many other issues. These issues seem prominent when the user doesn’t know how to deal with them. 

Common Problems of Kubota MX5200 and their Solutions:

So, I’ve pointed out some common problems relating to the Kubota MX5200-

1. Engine Starting Issues

There can be several issues why your mower isn’t starting even after several attempts. Go through the following steps for smoothening your engine’s performance-

  • Inspect the position of the gear shift lever if it’s an inappropriate position or not. Position the range shift lever into neutral and detect if the engine throttle level doesn’t go forward. Shift the throttle full or half impulse. 
  • Your mower can even face starting issues if the battery is disconnected or loose. Immediately connect the battery if it’s not connected.
  • Fuel shutoff valve also causes hindrance to start your engine. Inspect it for surety. 
  • Improper fuel level also stops your engine from starting. Always maintain the fuel level of Kubota MX5200 to ensure smooth function. 
  • Inspect if the oil viscosity is normal or not. If you notice anything abnormal in the thickness or discoloration, drain that oil immediately. 

2. Stalling After Several Starting Attempt

We doubt its battery problem whenever a customer complains about their mower stalling after several starting attempts. If your engine and the battery are not in good condition, Kubota MX5200 will face frequent stalling issues even after several starting attempts.

Get your battery voltage checked. If it’s alright, you can also inspect its holding power and exchange it as soon as possible. 

A clogged carburetor can be another reason why your Kubota MX5200 is halting even after several attempts to start. Besides other dirt, you’ll end up clogging your carburetor if the fuel is left inside for long. 

When you leave your fuel inside your mower’s tank for months, the ingredients of the fuel vaporize. As a result, it affects the fuel tank’s condition and performance. 

So, refill your fuel tank and always maintain your fuel balance. Never let your fuel tank stay dirty or your carburetor clog. That’s why it’s equally important to clean your carburetor like your mower’s fuel tank. 

3. Frequent Cranks Without Starting

Your mower’s cylinder, fuel system, and shutoff valve are responsible for unwanted cranks. In this case, review if your cylinder is connected with your fuel line. 

You may also check if the air filter is alright. Suppose your cylinder is too chilled to combust, the combination of air and fuel. Cranking issues can also happen if the fuel doesn’t reach the engine. 

4. Engine Overheating Issues

Overheating issues are not abnormal if your engine takes way more load than it can take. Lighten the shift or load to a lower gear for that. If your Kubota MX5200 suffers from overheating issues, it’ll rapidly degrade its performance level. 

Checking the coolant level is a must if your engine often overheats, and maybe it needs instant refilling. Don’t forget to look over the radiator and hoses as well. 

If there’s any loose connection between the radiator and hoses, overheating issues will aggravate. Cleaning the radiator core or screen can also solve this problem. 

Blockage in your cooling system can also make your engine overheat. If the coolant system has any block, the fuel will be affected. You can thoroughly flush the whole blockage system and replace the coolant system. 

5. Black Smoke

Once your mower becomes comparatively older, it’s more likely to emit black smoke. Like any other mowers, Kubota MX5200 will emit black smoke due to poor maintenance.

Many professionals refer to this issue as engine running rich. If your engine emits more fuel than usual, it’ll emit black smoke, and the fuel needle will emit tons of black smoke if it’s broken or faulty. 

Black smoke is not a trivial issue, and it’ll affect your mower’s condition and environment as well. So, it’s high time you overlooked this issue. 

Maintenance of Kubota MX5200

If you want your Kubota MX5200 to perform like a beast forever, never ignore the importance of repairing it. Proper maintenance and repair have no alternative for your mower’s maximum performance and durability. 

Preventing your carburetor from clogging is essential for maintaining your mower’s operation levels. It would be best to take care of every part of this Kubota mower for maximum endurance and durability. 

Regular maintenance, tire check, carburetor inspection, lubrication check is the key to achieving your mower’s standability. Fixing a specific date every month for the next maintenance is a clever hack to prevent issues. 

Cleaning the outer parts of Kubota MX5200 is equally essential as it can create debris. Dirt and debris can end up making the carburetor clog in your mower. For cleaning the air filter, you can use soap water. 

Focusing on cleaning your mower carburetor is essential. You need to remove the outer components of your carburetor first for that. And then only can you clean the outer portion. 

After repairing your mower from inside-outside, it’s a must to reassemble the mower like it was. If you end up making a mess, your mower won’t start. 


As I’ve discussed the Kubota MX5200 problems here, you’ll easily be able to deal with them. This article comprehends that there’s no alternative to regular maintenance. 

There’s no doubt that Kubota MX5200 is a masterpiece. But it will only remain one if you know how to maintain it. This article beholds every information that a new Kubota MX5200 may need.

I hope this article helps you more than any other one on the internet!

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