Most Common Problems with Massey Ferguson GC1725MB

The GC 1725MB has a 25 HP three-cylinder engine with a two-range hydro transmission, diff lock, and cruise control from Massey Ferguson. It includes the capability of a Quick Attach Backhoe and 3 Point Hitch Standard, as well as a Quick Attach Loader with Skid Steer Style Bucket.

The Massey Ferguson GC1725MB has a few minor faults, notably a noisy hydraulic system and a problematic PTO.

I searched through a number of websites and online forums in search of specific issues with particular Massey Ferguson tractor models. This post will go through each of these problems as well as the suitable fixes. Stay tuned, then!

Problems with Kubota G2160Solutions
Hydraulic noiseCheck the fluid flow, and proper connection of the functioning parts
PTO problemCheck the electrical connection

Most Common Problems with Massey Ferguson GC1725MB and Their Possible Solutions:

I only have two issues with the famed sub-compact tractor, according to the forum. The first is hydraulic noise, and the second is a PTO issue. Other than that, it is among the greatest sub-compact tractors available. 

1. Hydraulic Noise

Your Massey Ferguson GC1725MB tractor’s pump could start to produce strange noises if something inhibits the fluid from reaching and maintaining its optimal flow.

You can have a cavitation issue if your pump is always whining. In this instance, the pump is unable to distribute its fluid at the proper amount or pace. The suction pipe of the pump is not receiving enough liquid.

A blockage is a common cause of cavitation. For instance, the fluid may not be flowing at its full pace because of a blocked or dirty line, filter, strainer, or vent. Alternatively, the fluid could be too viscous to flow freely.

If one of a hydraulic pump’s components or connections is malfunctioning, the pump may become loud. If there is a problem with a connected pipe, you could occasionally hear vibrating clunks when your pump operates. 

The Fix:

Make sure that a certain flow of fluid must be delivered by the pump for the system to function.

You can have a cavitation issue if your pump whines nonstop. Deliver the fluid within at the proper rate or volume. A blockage is a common cause of cavitation. The fluid may not be flowing at its maximum pace because of a blocked or filthy line, filter, strainer, or vent. Thus, tidy them up. Check the viscosity as well because the fluid may also be too thick to flow smoothly.

A hydraulic pump may become loud if one of its components or connections isn’t working properly. Ensure that all of the connections are appropriately tightened.

2. PTO Problem

The PTO issue on your Massey Ferguson GC1725MB tractor could be brought by either low air pressure or low transmission oil levels.

Corroded terminals or connections, broken or damaged wires, or something obstructing the circuit may all be to blame for your electrical connection.

Your PTO clutch may not have enough voltage to operate if it appears to be malfunctioning but you are unsure of the cause.

The PTO Light may occasionally be on when the clutch is engaged and the PTO shaft may not be turning. Check the linkage between the hand lever and the clutch if your PTO is mechanical and has levers. That must not be bent for the clutch to engage.

The Fix:

A bad electrical connection should be checked. By changing faulty or damaged wires and cleaning corroded terminals or connections, you can improve your electrical connection.

Make the appropriate changes, then check to see if the PTO has resumed. If not, keep looking for problems.

There could be a blockage in the circuit. Examine the hoses and screens for obstructions or kinks and fix any issues you find.

It’s possible that a lack of voltage is one of the causes of your PTO clutch’s apparent malfunction. Verify voltage with a voltmeter. If your PTO shaft doesn’t receive adequate electricity, it won’t engage.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The GC1700 series is “the ideal all-around equipment for handling your daily duties,” according to Massey Ferguson. It includes the GC1725MB. Small landowners, farmers, and hunters can all benefit from its sub-compact tractor.

Given that it comes with a backhoe package, the GC1725MB model is perhaps the most well-liked and sought-after sub-compact tractor in the whole series.

A 24hp engine and a 24.5 hp PTO are mounted on the compact 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The GC1723 can easily handle the majority of low-level work because to its 661lbs of rear lifting capability and 1191lbs of end lifting capacity.

According to several customers, the Massey Ferguson 1700 series sub-compact tractor is the greatest option in the lineup whether you need to mow the grass, dig a tiny pond for your ducks, or remove that tree stump from the ground. You still have your Massey Ferguson GC1725MB.

This sub-compact tractor can handle virtually as much labor as its larger sister while keeping the price, dimensions, and fuel consumption as low as possible. It has a tiny chassis that may fit well in limited locations and lots of power given by 3-cylinder engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the GC1725MB from Massey Ferguson comfortable?

The operator has been enhanced to enable switching from a lawn tractor to a sub-compact tractor easier. It is now simpler to access and use all of the primary controls and functioning paddles.

What use does the Massey Ferguson GC1725thick MB’s rubber floor mat serve?

Massey Ferguson GC1725thick MB’s rubber floor mat provides a robust surface while minimizing foot vibration.

What do you think of the Massey Ferguson GC1725MB seat?

The Massey Ferguson GC1725MB has a rear-mounted radiator with a detachable mesh screen that pushes air over the engine to keep hot air off you.

What makes the Massey Ferguson GC1725MB and GC1725M models different from one another?

The variant of the Massey Ferguson GC1725M is what distinguishes it from the Massey Ferguson GC1725MB. In contrast to the Massey Ferguson GC1725M, the Massey Ferguson GC1725MB is a tractor with a backhoe loader.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be delighted by how the GC1725MB compares to its sub-compact competitors whether you’re a home client or a seasoned professional. Additionally, the CB65 model full-size backhoe features bigger cylinders with a larger bucket and a unique.

Use the GC1725 MB variant for basic farm maintenance, transporting, feeding horses and other animals, landscaping, and building work on your farm, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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