Simplicity Vs. Ariens Zero Turn Mowers: Which Is The Best?

Simplicity vs. Ariens comes to rising when the topic of zero-turn mower arises. The debate of Simplicity vs. Ariens zero turn is nothing new in the business. But which one is worth it? What are the differences between them?

Both Simplicity and Ariens have qualities worth every client’s attention. Their capacity, reliability, and efficiency can beat any mainstream zero-turn mower on the market. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about the fundamental differences between these pieces so you can make a wise decision. Here, I’ve included a comparison chart for better analysis.  

Simplicity Vs. Ariens: Quick Comparison Table

There are considerable differences between Simplicity and Ariens mower.Here are some of the vital ones down below-

Simplicity Vs. Ariens Zero Turn

Deck Size48″-61”52”-62”
Engine(18-23) HP(23-27)HP
PriceComparatively cheaper Pricey
Warranty2-4 years2-5 years
Dealership AvailabilityModerateFlexible
Resale ValueGoodNot Satisfactory
Extra featuresHigh backseat with padded armrest. Tubular steel frame With welded joints.
Overall EfficiencyGoodGood

Simplicity Vs. Ariens: About the Brand

Simplicity is a US-based lawn-mower and gardening equipment manufacturing company. It’s been headquartered in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The company started its journey after William J. Niederkorn found it. 

However, Simplicity started manufacturing three-wheelers in 1939. The brand had paused its garden mower production during the period of WWI. It has significantly contributed to making electric fence inspectors, and Surface Grinders satisfy the war production board. 

Simplicity started its journey as a riding mower company in 1757 with Wonder Boy. This mower manufacturing company marked its 75 years journey back in 1997. 

Ariens, on the other hand, is an American equipment-based company. The company is famous for manufacturing lawn mowers, snow blowers, and zero-turn lawn mowers. It’s found in Wisconsin and entered the lawn market back in 1958. 

Their first riding mower had gained mass attention from the lawn market. In 1968 the company came up with a 23,000-square feet manufacturing plant in Brillion. Till then, Ariens was focusing only on residential mowers. 

But in 1982, they started focusing on commercial mowers after the acquisition of Gravely company. 

What’s The Difference Between Simplicity and Ariens Based on Features?

1. Deck Size:

A mower’s deck size is one of the most underrated features. If you cannot manage your mowers deck size in field, there’s no use for any other features. Any zero-turn mower deck cutting width can be between 42″ -72″. 

And the width plays a vital role for even grass cutting. Nobody wants weird-looking and uneven grass on their lawn, right? 

Simplicity zero turn mowers usually feature a deck sizes of 48″-61″, and it’s an excellent measure to rely upon. But Ariens has no comparison to any other brand regarding deck size. 

Ariens offers a wide range of 52″ -62″ in deck sizes. Those looking for a firm grip over their lawnmower must not compromise with deck size. If you’re one of them, Ariens will please you. 

2. Engine:

A mowers engine makes it perform like a beast, which clearly defines what role a machine has to play. You don’t want your mower to go out of power before executing your task, and that’s why you need to pick a mower with an efficient engine.

If we talk about Simplicity zero-turn mowers, they feature engines of 18 to 23 HP. Trimming vast lawns is no less than a fun ride with such a productive engine.

Ariens, on the other hand, manufactures their zero-turn mowers using Kawasaki engines, ranging from 23 to 27 HP. According to professionals, these premium engines are the best for commercial-grade mowing. 

3. Price:

Everyone wants to invest in a mower that will bring them significant profit. What’s the point of buying something which costs much and does nothing?

Ariens performance will allure you, but it’s a bit pricey. On the other hand, Simplicity is a cheap dupe of high-end zero-turn mowers. If you’re inclined to purchase a Simplicity mower, you can get one for $4,500. 

And for Ariens, you may need a budget of $6,000. I suggest going for the cheap one before jumping into a professional-grade mower for beginners. But for intermediate and higher-grade chores, Ariens is the best!  

4. Warranty:

Warranties on mowers are a blessing in disguise. The brand is answerable to you for the product they’ve sold you, and they’ll render you service free of cost within their terms and conditions. 

And if they’ve sold something faulty, you’ll get back your money. When it comes to Simplicity zero-turn mowers, you get a warranty issued of 2-4 years. 

And Ariens ensures a warranty of 2-5 years. Those who desire to enjoy some extra reliability can go for this masterpiece, and no other zero-turn mower offers a more extended warranty period than Ariens. 

You can also learn more about the necessity of warranties here. 

5. Dealership Availability:

Simplicity zero turn mowers are very impressive as a low-budget appliance. But its dealership availability options are not that satisfying compared to many other brands. Whereas other competing brands have smarter dealership flags, Simplicity has lagged. 

On the other hand, Ariens are customers’ favorite choice for their flexible dealership availability. The landscapers of America are more comfortable with Ariens dealership than any other business brand. 

Dealership availability is the most acceptable way to develop a customer-seller relationship. Simplicity has to improve their service a bit more in this field. 

6. Resale Value:

Besides any other features, a zero-turn mowers resale value also plays a pivotal role. Not every landscaper prefers purchasing a new mower as a beginner, and that’s when the customers focus on mower resale value.

Any buyer will indeed ponder the resale value before making a purchase. If you talk about Simplicity, its resale value is pretty alluring. You can resell them if you are not happy with their service.

But the resell value of Ariens zero turn mower isn’t much satisfactory. Even though they perform like a beast, they don’t offer much resell value. However, you can check out Equipment Trader for reselling purposes. 

7. Extra Features:

Are their piles of zero-turn mowers brands in the market right now? Every customer is waiting for a brand to provide a bit more to allure them. And that’s when extra features of a mower win the game. 

A high back seat with a padded armrest is a big plus point in Simplicity mowers. Maximum customers are very comfortable with this brand due to this specific feature. 

Ariens feature tubular steel frames with welded joints in their zero-turn mowers. This feature increases the mower’s efficiency and pleases its purchasers. 

Simplicity or Ariens: Which One to Choose Finally?

Choosing one of these two mowers is very hard for somebody who knows their outstanding features. But if you ask me, I’ll select one for you based on some essential points.

  • Budget
  • Demand of features
  • Variations in chores
  • Experience of the rider

If you have a limited budget and are a beginner, the Simplicity zero-turn mower is a good option. You can’t expect a low-budget mower to perform better than this masterpiece.

And for premium and experienced users, nothing less than Arien mowers can quench their thirst for skills on the field. There’s hardly any professional landscaper not praising Ariens manufacture. 

However, Simplicity can be the most acceptable option for you if you’re scouring for something unique within your budget, and this one is comparatively cheaper than Ariens. 

Ariens is an A-1 brand that meets its customer’s needs and ensures quality. Purchasing this masterpiece with a high price tag is not unworthy. Even though it costs a little more, it’s worth paying for a new one. 

Simplicity is a wise choice for those new to lawnmowing chores. It’s the cheapest dupe of high-end models, and you won’t get another zero-turn mower that performs better than Ariens at such an affordable rate. 

Are Simplicity Zero Turn Mowers Any Good?

While discussing the oldest lawn mower brands, there’s no chance of omitting the Simplicity mower’s name. It’s been serving its customers since 1937, and Simplicity has brought one of the finest lineups of zero-turn mowers. 

Very few mowers offer super-sharp cutting quality like Simplicity offers. And this brand’s consistency is worth praising as well. No wonder a Simplicity mower is many professional landscapers’ first preference!


The article widely discusses the essential factors of Simplicity vs. Ariens zero-turn mowers. It’ll guide a user or purchaser to choose between both of them. I’ve compiled all necessary information related to these mowers here.

Whereas Simplicity is a cheap dupe of high-end brands, Ariens is for those who prefer premium performance. Both of these brands come with notable brand recognition.

I promise that purchasing any of these brands will not be a sunk cost for you!

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