The Key Differences Between Simplicity Vs. Ferris

Both the Simplicity and Ferris have great features with some distinctions. Both of them are very well-liked. Having said that, you will need to determine which one of them to buy.

In this situation, in order to pick between the two options available to you, you need to have a solid understanding of the primary distinctions that exist between them. 

The two variants are distinguished from one another by a number of features, including their respective wheel drives, starting mechanisms, prices, and engine power, among other things.

I hope this article will help you out with the differences between these two mowers and make the right choice.

Simplicity Vs. Ferris: Quick Comparison Table

Engine PowerMoreLess
Cutting WidthshorterLonger
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and Reverse
Price3500- 17349 USD4500-19500 USD
Charging Capacity12 volts, 35 Ah12 volts, 35 Ah
Fuel CapacityLess capacityMore Capacity
StarterMostly KeyMostly Electric
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficient

About the Brand: Simplicity Vs Ferris

The Simplicity Manufacturing Corporation is a firm that has its headquarters in Port Washington, Wisconsin, in the United States of America. The company manufactures lawn and garden tools under a number of different brand names.

The business, which is now a division of Briggs & Stratton and goes by the name Simplicity Outdoors, was once known as Simple Power.

This company also makes lawn and garden tractors, zero-turn mowers, snow blowers.

Ferris is a subsidiary company of Simplicity. It has a long history starting from 1909. It became a subsidiary of Simplicity in 1999.

Since then, they have focused on mowers making. They manufacture Zero Turn Mowers, Walk Behind Mowers, Front Mount Lawn Mowers, Stand-On Mowers, Stand-On Blowers.

What Is the Difference Between Simplicity Vs Ferris on Features?

1. Manufacturer

If you compare the manufacturers then it may seem a bit complicated. It is because the Ferris is a subsidiary of Simplicity. However, they both have different manufacturing facilities and different quality.

It is true that Ferris has more popularity but Simplicity makes more reliable mowers.

2. Engine Power

Simplicity as a mother company makes more powerful mowers than Ferris. Ferris mowers comparatively has less HP engine than Simplicity on an average.

However, you can expect more heavy work from Simplicity than Ferris making it a better choice for many people.

3. Wheel Drive

The Simplicity can drive both forward and backward with a speed of 5.5 mph and 3 mph respectively on average. This will help you move around the field and easily mow it. 

Ferris has similar facilities and can go forward and backward without any hassle. It can even run faster than Simplicity on average at 8 mph speed and it can go backward at 4 mph. 

In terms of speed Ferris will win with a slight advantage. 

4. Price 

About the price, Simplicity can cost you around 3500- 17349 USD give or take. With all the features in it, this price is a decent one.

Ferris, on the other hand, is mostly expensive. The price range is 4500-19500 USD. And most of the mowers are priced highly compared to Simplicity.

5. Reliability

Simplicity is extremely reliable and durable. The steel frame of this mower is dependable and hard to crack. You can use this mower for over 3-4 years without any problems.

Ferris does not fall behind on reliability. The build quality is very impressive. There are no low-quality materials used.

The Ferris is hence a good and durable mower maker. You can rest assure for about 4-5 years without any maintenance if you buy a Ferris mower.

6. Total Comfort

Both of these mowers have some excellent comfort system. Simplicity has some great feature for that.

The Suspension Comfort System was designed to provide a wonderfully smooth mowing experience. It was inspired by advances in the automobile industry.

This unique attribute comes with a suspension that may have two or four points of contact, a suspension seat, and several additional comfort features, depending on the model.

No pain, more gain is the motto of Ferris and it provides amazing comfort. It has special suspension system. Comfortable seats with easily moveable mower. Superior handling makes it easier to use.

However, Simplicity has better comfort if you compare.

7. Cutting width

The cutting width is an important section as you can cover more area if the cutting width is bigger.

Simplicity has a cutting width of about 42 inches which is good. But Ferris has 46 inches cutting width which is better than Simplicity.

8. Weight

The weight of Simplicity is less than Ferris in average and these are not very heavy yet not light. It is a perfect weight for a mower to drive. 

Ferris, on the other hand, has heavy mowers which are also perfect for use.

For many people, heavier mowers are good who has to mow the bigger field and needs heavy mowers. But some people like to drive a light-weight mower for easy turning and driving which will cost less fuel.

9. Charging Capacity

The battery of both the mowers can charge up to 12 volts and the battery capacity is 35 AH.

There is no difference between these two mowers in terms of battery and charging capacity. It will remain a tie.

10. Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is a big issue for mowers. With a low fuel capacity mower, you cannot work without refilling it over and over again.

But with a big fuel capacity mower, you can work without worrying about refilling.

The simplicity has an average 3.5-gal fuel capacity whereas, Ferris has an average 5.5-gal fuel capacity. Thus, Ferris wins in fuel capacity point.

11. Starter

The Simplicity mower uses a key to start the engine but Ferris uses an electric system which is trendier and easier.

But it actually depends on people’s preferences. Many people will like the key and many others will like the electric system.

12. Warranty

Warranty is a big question when it comes to tension-free service. Simplicity will give you a 3 years warranty which is excellent for worry-free mower use. 

Ferris does not stay behind and provides a 3 years warranty as well for good and stable after-sell service. Both the mowers will be best in terms of the warranty.

Simplicity or Ferris: Which One to Choose Finally?

Figuring out the best mower from Simplicity and Ferris is quite hard. Both have a good reputation and great features.  

Simplicity has several sides that can make you choose it. It has a great engine and is made for heavy work. It has a better transmission that can be very useful at times. There is no doubt that Simplicity is a powerful mower. 

You can use Simplicity for heavy work and it will work for a long time. With a 3 years warranty, you can have a decent tension-free working capacity.

However, at the same price tag, Ferris can give you something else. You will get better fuel capacity, a better starter system, and a cutting width. But you will not get that extra power from Simplicity. 

If you want more power and a mower that can do heavy work Simplicity is one of the best choices. But for flexibility and easy work Ferris will not disappoint you.


Simplicity and Ferris both have decent features with some variations. There is no doubt both the mowers are remarkable for durability and dependability.

But there are some people who would buy a powerful engine and transmission over a flexible and good fuel capacity and buy the Simplicity mower.

However, it is up to you which one you will consider for you.

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