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7 Best Apple Trees To Grow In Alabama

Apple trees can be grown anywhere in Alabama, but they can thrive in colder climates. Unlike other fruits, apple trees do not require a lot of watering or fertilizer and are tolerant of most soil types.

They also require minimal pruning and can be planted in any part of your yard. Soil pH should be 7.0 or above. Planting an apple tree in your yard is easy, and there are many varieties to choose from.

The first step is to determine whether your area is suitable for apple trees. The ideal pH for an apple tree is 7.0. If your soil contains a high pH, it may be best to add ground rock sulfur.

The ground rock sulfur is easy to add to your soil. If the soil is acidic, you can mix it into the soil with a garden rake. Once established, a small amount of fertilizer is sufficient to keep the tree healthy.

You should know that an apple tree needs an inch of rainfall every seven to ten days to thrive. A good idea is to plant a spur-type tree.

These trees produce their fruit earlier and are smaller than the old-fashioned large apple trees. Aside from being disease-resistant, they are also suitable for the Alabama climate.

You should also avoid European-type pears because they need more cold in winter to flower properly. But Asian pears can be grown in both central and northern parts of the state.

Dorsett Golden Apple Tree

Dorsett Golden Apple Trees yield a delicious early harvest of apples and an optional second harvest in warm areas.

The amazing results you get with this Southern tree come from its ability to handle both high temperatures and cold temperatures.

Is there anything better? Since it is resistant to most diseases, it is hassle-free as well.

As early as mid-January in milder climates, the Dorsett Golden apple is the first to bloom out of all apple varieties. It means that by late June, you should be able to harvest enormous apples.

What does the Dorset taste like? The answer is simple: Delicious. You can make a Dorsett Golden Apple by taking a Golden Delicious apple, adding a hint of vanilla, and adding just the right amount of sweetness.

Though it ripens in early summer, the Dorsett doesn’t have the sharp berry flavor of most summer varieties, so it has the taste and firmness of a fall apple.

Fuji & Haralson Twisted Apple Tree

With its delicious, sweet, crunchy apples and meticulous nurturing, the Fuji & Haralson Twisted Apple Tree produces the perfect snack right in your backyard — right from the tree! You’ve never had it so easy to get the perfect snack!

It doesn’t matter whether you eat the Red Fujis straight from the tree or bake them into oven-fresh pastries, they are known for their exceptional quality.

Haralson is also known for its amazing, tart flavor that makes it perfect for cooking. As a result, you get the benefits of both of these trees in one package.

Cox Orange Pippin Apple Tree

Classic English apples remain unsurpassed for their complexity of flavor and richness for centuries!

Cox Orange Pippin Apple Tree (Malus ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’) has a beautiful orange-red color and is one of the best and most tasty apples in the world.

With a medium size, crimson-brown striped rind and yellow skin, this fruit has a yellow-orange skin. Fruits turn crimson as they ripen.

This chance seedling has flourished since the 19th century and thrives in cool summers and coastal areas.

Apples are grown for cider, cooking, and eating. White flesh with a fine texture grows between mid-fall and early winter and cannot tolerate extreme temperatures or low humidity. With a heavy bearing variety, you’ll have a good crop not long after planting!

A creamy yellow color, the flesh has a sweetness and a tartness to it, is firm and juicy, and has a crisp texture. This fruit is not only delicious, but it is also aromatic. Often associated with both sweet and savory dishes, it pairs particularly well with pork dishes.

Cameo Apple Tree

The pretty Cameo apples used for cheese plates, salads & pies are a favorite among chefs.

Consider growing one yourself! You’ll always have a fresh supply of ripe, brown-resistant fruit with this awesome adventure!

Growing rave reviews from both growers and consumers, the Cameo Apple Tree (Malus ‘Cameo’) is the successor to the Carousel Apple Tree. It is a versatile and adaptable fruit tree with vigorous growth and ornamental beauty!

In addition to their thin skin and tangy, sweet, tangy and juicy flavor, cameos are revered for their thin skin.

Their flavor is said to be firm and sweet, yet tart. As an added bonus, these healthy snacks contain high levels of antioxidants!

Crisp and zingy, they are great straight off the tree, in salads and preserves, as well as blended with other types of apples in your favorite baked goods because they hold their shape during baking.

They are popular in salads and sandwiches because they don’t brown when cut. Cheese plates can be topped with crisp and juicy Cameo slices for a chic dessert.

Pink Lady® Apple Tree

A beautiful apple tree throughout the seasons: A Pink Lady Apple Tree boasts spring, summer and autumn beauty, as well as fresh fruit in November.

We graft our apples so you can start enjoying fruit sooner since you will have an earlier start.

We also find that our Pink Lady does exceptionally well in hot and cold climates.

In addition to being cold hardy, heat resistant, and easy to grow, this variety is also very easy to grow. Regardless of whether you have a green thumb or not, you still get results.

Spring brings creamy white to pale pink blossoms and summer brings emerald foliage.

In October, blazing autumnal hues of orange, maroon, and yellow, and classic red apples offer a fresh, delectable harvest.

Keeping them in the fridge for a few weeks makes them taste best and is perfect for all your fall and winter holiday baking. They are delicious when refrigerated for up to 6 weeks, making them a favorite for baking and canning.

Tasty Red Urban Apple Tree

American culture wouldn’t be complete without apple pie. Unfortunately, few of us have enough space in our yards to grow apple trees or an apple orchard.

Malus domestica x ‘UEB 3449-1, the tasty Red Urban Apple, is about to change that! You’ll find that this is not your standard apple tree.

It is small and narrow with only two feet of width. For urban gardens, that makes it an ideal tree. Growing it in a container is impressive, but it also flourishes in a bed.

The ramrod-straight Apple trees are draped with romantic, sweet-smelling blossoms in the spring.

In the fall, they are covered with delicious apples, nestled along the limbs like Brussels sprouts. How wonderful it would be if you could pick full-sized apples directly from your balcony or patio!

There’s no Apple-pie-in-the-sky thing going on here either. In the first year, you will see these apples grow, and the yields will only increase with each subsequent year!

“Tasty Red” needs a pollinator, so plant it in twin containers on the patio, flanking the entrance, or in the garden bed with “Tangy Green Urban Apple.”. Double the fun and yield!

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