Shade Trees

Best 5 Shade Trees To Grow In Los Angeles

If you are looking to plant shade trees in Los Angeles, there are certain species that will make better choices than others. There can be a lot to take in with all the countless kinds of trees available in the market today, but don’t get overwhelmed! Our collection of shade trees is designed to help you make Californian homes.

Shade trees are among the most popular types of plants for gardening, but certain kinds will make better choices when it comes to planting shade trees in Los Angeles.

The whole landscape tree thing can be a bit confusing and overwhelming, but try not to get overwhelmed by all the different types of trees out there. We provide a collection of shade trees that will assist you in making an informed decision about the types of trees that may be most appropriate for your California home.

Chinese Pistache Tree

A Chinese Pistache Tree delivers dazzling colors of red, orange, and yellow throughout the autumn: this tree is a standout when it comes to hues of red, orange, and yellow. Moreover, because it is grown right here in California, you can be sure that it will work well in your landscape.

Imagine the beauty of the Chinese Pistache’s foliage in your yard, with displays that last well into December.

Early April brings the emergence of new leaves, which arise in a rounded silhouette and are a deep green color.

Throughout its life, your tree develops deep fissures in its bark, adding to its visual interest.

West Coast Live Oak

With its eye-catching evergreen foliage, beautiful flowers during springtime, and a graceful wildlife show that includes birds and butterflies, the West Coast Live Oak Tree delivers it all. Moreover, as it is grown for California landscapes, it is seamlessly incorporated into yours.

The West Coast Live Oak is unique. Plant it anywhere and you’ll love its unique look, no matter how you care for it. Slow-growing, but consistent, it can adapt to any climate.

After a few years, it can be watered by rainfall since it doesn’t need fertilizer.

Kentucky Coffee tree

Are you looking to expand your shade tree planting horizons while planting something as reliable and maintenance-free as possible?

It is easy to see the striking visual appeal of the Kentucky Coffee tree all year round because of its unique upward branching pattern – which guarantees no two trees look alike.

Best of all, this tree is hardy, tolerant, and adaptable in every way possible; it is a remarkable evergreen specimen.

It doesn’t matter where you plant the Kentucky Coffee tree – what climate you have, how polluted the air is, how poor or rich the soil is, how wet or how dry the weather is, the plant thrives wherever it is planted.

Nothing can take down this sturdy, dependable tree because it is completely resistant to pests, diseases, deer, and other damaging wildlife.

Redpointe® Maple

Redpointe Maples are well-known for their colorful foliage during the fall, but their stunning appearance is just one of their many draws. It has a pyramidal shape and deep green foliage all year round, making it attractive all year long.

Additionally, it is bred to adapt to a variety of sizes and shapes, making it the perfect accent plant for your landscape.

Known for its distinctive autumnal red leaves, the Redpointe Maple is a popular tree in gardens. However, its appearance changes from season to season.

The red branches with dark green leaves and silver accents stand out even in the winter. There are red flowers on the Redpointe Maple in the spring.

It is also one of the easiest maples to grow so you will enjoy it for a long time. The Redpointe Maple is reliable in a variety of soil types and can thrive in a variety of climates, provided it’s watered during the dry months and its soil stays moist.

Red Sunset® Maple Tree

Its dazzling color of red and orange makes this tree stand out from the rest. This red maple tree was chosen specifically for its outstanding properties.

Also, this unique tree develops it’s deep, warm tones almost two weeks earlier than other varieties, keeping its vibrant hue for weeks on end (even through hot, dry weather).

Red Maple trees are an extremely versatile ornamental, whether it’s used as part of a stunning privacy screen, along the side of a walkway, or as a standalone ornamental.

Plus, its wood is strong enough to withstand strong winds as well as severe storms.

Princeton Sentry Columnar Ginkgo Tree

Princeton Sentry Columnar Ginkgo combines the sturdy durability and longevity of classic Ginkgo with an upright form that is perfect for landscapes with limited space.

Moreover, its golden-yellow foliage is hard to beat in the fall. It’s a slow-growing plant that adapts well to tight spaces but provides a tremendous amount of color, something you can’t get from other varieties.

In addition, the Princeton Sentry is practically pest- and disease-free, so you won’t need to spray harsh chemicals or chemicals to keep it in check. Just plant it and forget it.