4 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T250 (Solutions Included)

The Bobcat T250 compact track loader, is the highest lifting compact loader on the market, enabling you to do more work and be more productive with each lift cycle.

The biggest difficulty with the Bobcat T250 is its hydraulic system, although electrical and engine problems can also occur from time to time.

In this article, I’ll go through the most typical issues with the Bobcat T250 and how to repair them. Stay till the very end to find out!

Problems with Kubota G2160Solutions
1. Hydraulic IssueClean the hydraulic fuel filter regularly
2. Engine troubleCheck the fuel system, clean the clogs
3. Electrical issueCheck the wires, replace the ignition switch
4. Emit smokeClean the filter, replace the head gasket

4 Common Problems with Bobcat T250 and Their Possible Solutions:

A highly remarkable piece of machinery is the Bobcat T250. However, you could still encounter some common problems with it. Here are several problems with the Bobcat T250 and their fixes.

1. Hydraulic Issue

Many problems with your Bobcat t250 compact track loader may be traced back to the hydraulic system. If the fluid level is not proper then the hydraulic system will not work properly.

Once more, if the hydraulic fuel filter is blocked or full of dirt, the loader won’t have enough power. This is because the loader’s power is finally lost because the blocked filter prevents fuel from flowing.

A tattered belt is dangerous for the hydraulic pump too. If the system’s fluid is under pressure, pinhole leaks become visible which is a problematic situation.

The Fix:

The level of the hydraulic fluid should be checked first. It cannot work as intended if the fluid level is too high or too low. Some individuals assume it will function better if they overfill it. Never do this. To the recommended level, always fill the tank.

Clean the hydraulic fuel filter regularly. Check that the hydraulic pump is functioning by the specifications.

Make sure the belts are not tattered or lost if the pump on your model is belt-driven. It will result in the engine losing power if the belts go loose.

Leaks or faulty fittings in the hydraulic lines require another inspection. Before doing this inspection, make sure the pump and engine are functioning and that the hydraulic system is pressurized.

To do this inspection safely, put on gloves and safety glasses. In the end, examine all of the seals and valve-related fittings. Full opening and closing of the valves are required.

2. Engine Trouble

The fuel system of a Bobcat T250 typically consists of a tank, gasoline filters, and fuel lines. If any of these components are broken, the engine won’t function correctly.

Inadequate maintenance might cause problems with the engine. The filters on this tractor often become filthy and cause engine failures when used in dusty regions.

The engine’s ability to function can be impacted if fuel cannot flow from the tank to the fuel injector. When there is improper fuel flow, the fuel injectors are frequently to blame.

When an engine’s glow plugs are malfunctioning, this is another frequent problem. Glow plugs may lose their tightness, which prevents them from warming the engine. 

The engine may occasionally operate poorly if the throttle cables come loose.

The Fix:

First, the fuel system includes a tank, fuel filters, and fuel lines, all of which need to be checked separately.

Your Bobcat T250 operates on diesel, therefore failing to change the filters according to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan might cause problems.

To avoid engine failures in tractors operating in dusty settings, you should replace the filters more regularly.

You should go to the fuel tank after inspecting the diesel fuel filters. There must be no clogs in the fuel injectors since they are frequently to blame for improper fuel flow.

Check to ensure that the glow plugs are securely fastened after finding them on both sides of the engine.

Take a moment to check both sides of the throttle cable to determine its level of security. The wires need to be connected to the accelerator and the throttle body, which are typically found on the upper front of the motor.

3. Electrical Issue

Electrical problems with the Bobcat T250 are quite significant. Sometimes wire damage or a voltage issue prevents the ignition switch from functioning.

Prior to the warm-up, the fuel injector pump frequently performs poorly. Sometimes intermittently the lights would go out. You may often see rotten solenoids also.

Battery damage might occur. The issue will be with the charging mechanism if the battery is undamaged. An electrical problem might be caused by either a defective alternator or a poor regulator.

The Fix:

Installing a new ignition switch necessitates removing the steering wheel. Clean the area around the two nuts holding the ignition switch to the lock cylinder housing using a wire brush attachment on an electric drill to remove dirt and debris.

The battery is a crucial component of the highly refined bobcat T250. An installed deep cycle marine battery didn’t appear to be in great shape, thus the battery was changed. Consequently, a new battery is required.

The battery must be kept in excellent working order; otherwise, it could not start the following time if it is drained for an extended period of time.

When the engine is not operating for an extended period of time, the bobcat’s charging system may not be able to charge the battery at all.

4. Emit Smoke

These two are two typical signs that your Bobcat T250 is failing. When there is insufficient airflow to the engine, black smoke is withdrawn.

When the air filter is fully or thoroughly blocked, it occurs. White smoke on the other hand may be a sign of a burst head gasket.

The Fix:

When the air filter becomes totally blocked or becomes filthy, black smoke starts to release. If so, all that is required of you is to clean or change the filter.

Replace the head gasket if it starts to spew white smoke. It could take place if the combustion center receives an excessive amount of fuel injection. This may also result from a lack of food or coolant.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The engine of the Bobcat T250 produces 81 and can support weights up to 2,500 lbs. The operational weight of the Bobcat T250 is only 9,347 lbs., with a tipping load of 7,358 lbs.

With it, you may carry out a variety of tasks, including digging trenches, backfilling them, preparing the ground for landscaping, removing garbage from building sites, installing fence poles, planting trees, removing stumps, grading, and levelling driveways, and clearing brush.

Since you can carry bigger loads than ever before with the T250, the market’s one of the highest lifting loaders, you can take on more jobs and work more effectively with each lift cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight can a Bobcat T250 lift?

The Bobcat T250’s engine has an amazing 81 HP (vs. 74.3 HP in the T650). The user may lift weights up to 2,500 pounds using it as well.

What kind of engine powers the Bobcat T250?

Bobcat T250 Compact Track Loader, Reman, Tier 1 Engine, Kubota V3300DIT. The turbo is not a part of the Kubota engine.

What is the width of the Bobcat T250?

The Bobcat T250 is 80'' wide and 142.9″ long (with a normal bucket), standing 80.9″ tall. Without a bucket, the T250 measures 78 inches wide.

Final Thoughts

The Bobcat T250 delivers unparalleled power to perform the most demanding jobs. It is a very strong and effective machine with an industry-leading breakout force, rated working capacity, reduced cycle times, and faster rotations.

If you want your tractor to work at its best, you need also to have regular maintenance performed on it. Additionally, make an effort to take care of any little difficulties right away because they could grow into major ones.

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