4 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T870 (Solutions Included)

With every lift cycle, the Bobcat T870 compact track loader, the highest lifting compact loader on the market, enables you to reach greater workloads and increase productivity.

The engine is the main area of concern for the Bobcat T870; occasionally, though, control issues and fuel issues might also be present.

I’ll discuss the most frequent problems with the Bobcat T870 in this article, along with the proper fixes. To discover out, stay tuned to the very end!

Problems with Kubota G2160Solutions
1. Engine troubleCheck the gasoline line, the fuel tank, and the fuel filters.
2. Engine overheatingRegular maintenance, filter replacement, and oil changes
3. Control problemTighten all connections, replace the joystick control circuit hoard
4. Fuel problemLook over the viscosity and fuel level

4 Common Problems with Bobcat T870 and Their Possible Solutions:

The Bobcat T870is a very impressive piece of equipment. However, you could still run into some typical issues with it. Here are some Bobcat T870 issues and solutions.

1. Engine Trouble

The bobcat t870 has a diesel-powered optional turbocharged engine. The fuel system or the glow plugs are typically at blame when an engine cranks but won’t start.

Fuel filters, a fuel line, and a fuel tank make up the fuel system. Any one of these components, or perhaps all of them, might develop a problem.

Working in a dusty environment will cause the fuel system to malfunction. In the dusty environment, the filter can become blocked and malfunction, which would lead to tainted gasoline and poor engine performance.

The engine won’t receive a fuel supply due to a blocked filter or other issues. An open or short circuit in the glow plug might result in an issue with the engine.

The Fix:

Fuel filters, a fuel line, and a fuel tank make up the fuel system. Any one of these components might develop a problem. Therefore, you must inspect each of them.

Replacements ought to happen more frequently if you’re working somewhere dusty.  A gasoline leak should be looked for. If you find any, fix them.

The fuel tank should now be examined once the fuel filter has been examined. The engine will lose its capacity to operate forcefully if the fuel cannot correctly flow from the tank to the fuel injector. Add the appropriate amount of diesel to the fuel tank.

The engine won’t get the fuel supply if the fuel rail develops a loss of pressure because of a blocked filter or another issue. Make that the fuel injector is clear and in good shape.

A malfunctioning engine may result from a glow plug with an open or short circuit. It may also be necessary to replace the switch or glow plug relay.

Ensure that the throttle cable of the engine is fastened to the throttle body and that all wiring and connector pins are free from corrosion or damage.

2. Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is one of the Bobcat T870’s most prevalent issues. The primary causes are low coolant levels. It’s necessary to clean the cooling system.

Sometimes the radiator cap or thermostat may be damaged. Potentially the issue is with the transmitter or the water temperature monitor.

Low oil levels, broken or loose alternator belts, or a combination of the two, may also contribute to overheating. The radiator screen, radiator cooling fins, or grille should not be dusty when the engine is running. Overheating may occur when an engine operates too rapidly for the circumstances.

The tractor’s overheating engine is so hot that the coolant in the overflow bottle boils through the vent hole in the cap and sprays out like water coming from a stovetop kettle.

The Fix:

You can keep your tractor in good working order by doing periodic oil changes, standard maintenance, and filter replacement as necessary. The filters should be examined each time the tractor is operated.

The safety screen must be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush to prevent any of the items on the filter from being lodged inside the radiator of the tractor. Check the filter for any accumulation of debris or dirt to avoid the engine overheating.

Prior to using a tractor, make sure the coolant levels are checked. Check the cap for any rust, coolant debris, or debris from detritus. The best suggestion is to steer clear of tractor use on really hot days.

Despite changing the thermostat, it sometimes becomes hot. If the machine has no overheating warning lights, you will have to rely on the overflow bottle boiling out to alert you to a problem.

3. Control Problem

Joystick controls frequently cause issues. The steer occasionally doesn’t react at all. Sometimes the control circuit does not work properly and the hydraulic pump creates some issues too which hinder the control of the tractor.

The Fix:

For the steering to function, all connections must be correctly tightened.

Replace the joystick control circuit hoard if they don’t respond after that. Ensure that the hydraulic pump and actuator cables are connected to the joystick.

Maintaining it at its highest level of performance will allow you to fully use its power. You shouldn’t be concerned if your final drive motor fails. We sell top-notch replacement motors that will get you rolling once more swiftly and effortlessly.

4. Fuel Problem

Some customers said that soon after buying the product, have expressed that the machine’s engine would stall out and idle quite erratically. It wasn’t constant at first, but it’s become worse since then.

Additionally, while using any of the accessories, the machine would occasionally shut off. Regardless of load, this occurs both when moving and when stationary. Sometime the injector tips also breaks.

This is quite risky and annoying while you are working on a construction site, but the machine will crank right back up and run perfectly.

The Fix:

Look over the viscosity and fuel level. Put the tractor’s recommended oil in it. Replace the gasoline right away if you notice a nasty odour coming from it. Injector tip breakage can occur. Alter it as fast as you can if this happens.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Using side-boards, the T870 Compact Track Loader can load over tandem axle trucks, mortar mixers, and hay wagons. Blocks, bricks, and other palletized materials may be easily stacked. Leading breakout forces and quick cycle times are delivered by the strong hydraulics and 100-hp Tier 4 Bobcat engine.

There’s no disputing that the Bobcat T870 is a striking look when you first see it. An attractive machine is produced by the machine’s crisp lines and sturdy design elements. The Bobcat T870 has unrivaled strength and moves like a juggernaut to take on the toughest projects.

The enormous Bobcat T870 tractor loader has undergone an upgrade to make it smoother, more powerful, and more comfortable for people who are constantly seeking the largest and greatest.

With the T870, the market’s highest lifting loader, you can take on greater assignments and work more productively with each lift cycle since you can carry heavier loads than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much power can the Bobcat T870 generate at full capacity (SAE)?

The Bobcat T870 has an approximate 3,650 lb rated operating capacity (SAE).

What is the Bobcat T870’s length?

Bobcat T870 measures 119.3 in. (without attachments) and 153.9 in (with standard bucket)

What is the Bobcat T870’s standout feature?

The T870 has the best 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage on the market. Stacks on top of hay carts, mortar mixers, or tandem axle vehicles. Brick, bricks, and other palletized materials may be stacked easily.

Does the Bobcat T870 tractor work well?

Your high-performance standards are regularly met by Bobcat T870 loaders. More useable horsepower, strong breakout forces, and quicker cycle times are produced through the design, balance, and weight distribution. To surpass your rivals, work more quickly and lift heavier.

Final Thoughts

To complete the most difficult tasks, the Bobcat T870 provides unrivaled power. It is an incredibly powerful and productive machine with an industry-leading breakout force, rated operating capacity, shorter cycle times, and quicker rotations.

Additionally, you should always get your tractor serviced often if you want the finest performance out of it. In addition, try to resolve any little issues as soon as possible because they could develop into bigger issues.

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