Can Ducks Eat French Fries? Is It Safe?

French fries are amongst the most popular snacks in the world. For most of us, dining outside is incomplete without them. We all love French fries, although they are made from deep-fried potatoes and contain lots of fat.

People raising birds most of the time tries exploring various food items to feed their birds. And often treat them with foods that we humans love. But the question here is, Can ducks eat French fries? 

The simple answer to this question is “Yes”; ducks eat French fries if we offer them. But we should be aware of the fact they are to humans. Therefore, avoid feeding them to your ducks. And if you want to treat them with French fries, you must serve them in very minimum quantity. Devouring too many French fries would lead to many health problems in ducks, such as high fat, weight gain, salt poisoning, digestive issues, etc.

Can Ducks Eat French Fries
Can Ducks Eat French Fries

Why Should You Not Feed Your Duck French Fries?

French fries are fried potatoes loaded with unsaturated fat, leading to weight gain, obesity, heart problems, and digestive issues. It results in low-quality egg production and various diseases in ducks that may be life-threatening. Various health risks of feeding French fries are discussed below

Excessive Salt

French fries contain high salt levels that reduce the calcium and bicarbonate content surrounding the eggs. And excess salt consumption is more often considered toxic for birds as they can witness problems in egg production. Therefore, if French fries are consumed more often, it will result in thin or soft shield egg shells and several health problems such as weakness, lameness, and bone problems due to calcium deficiency.

Weight Gain

French fries are high in calories and fat as they are fried in unsaturated oils, leading to weight gain in humans and in ducks. And we all know that weight gain invites various other diseases that might harm the ducks. 

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Heart Diseases

Unlike humans, ducks are less likely to develop heart disease. But it is also true that the more unsaturated fat you feed your ducks, the more they are prone to heart diseases. As it leads to high blood pressure, further increasing the cholesterol levels in ducks. 

Digestive Problems

Too many French fries could cause digestive problems in ducks, such as diarrhea, bloating, gastric, and others due to the starch content in potatoes, as ducks cannot process complex sugars, unlike humans.

Lowered Immunity

Intake of foods high in fats and oil can demote the beneficial gut bacteria and increase the level of harmful bacteria, resulting in various illnesses among ducks. It can be contagious and spread to the whole flock in severe cases.

What if your duck has consumed French fries?

Ducks need a variety of food items to feed on. Sometimes, they might consume whatever they feel like eating, whether healthy food items or processed food like French fries. And if your ducks have eaten French fries, there is no need to panic or think of the worst; the bird might have to bloat or vomit. As what matters is the amount.

You don’t need to worry if a minimal amount of French fries has been consumed. Still, if your duck has consumed too many French fries, you must visit a veterinarian immediately and follow his instructions.

 But you must ensure that you keep junk food away from your ducks as they are harmful and may cause salt poisoning, weight gain, and digestive and heart-related diseases in ducks.


Ducks are lovely birds. Duck owners want to feed the best to their birds to maintain their health and keep them disease free. And to do so, they try feeding them a lot of different food items that might be loved by ducks but may cause some severe health issues in ducks.

Therefore, consider your bird’s health before anything, and don’t feed them processed junk food. And for a treat, you may serve them mashed or boiled potatoes, raw vegetable salad, and fruits along with their mandatory commercial feed.


Some FAQs have been discussed below for a better understanding of the discussed topic:-

Can Ducks Eat Potatoes?

Yes, ducks love eating potatoes. Potatoes contain high carbohydrates and starch and are a great source of antioxidants and fiber that aids digestion in birds. But avoid feeding them green potatoes as they contain solanine ( an alkaloid, bitter to taste, and may be poisonous if consumed more) and can cause diarrhea, seizures, and difficulty breathing due to the presence of solanine in green potatoes.

Can Ducks Eat Potato Chips?

Yes, ducks can eat potatoes in any form. Be it boiled or mashed potatoes or in the form of fried potato chips. But fried potatoes contain high unsaturated fat that increases weight and cholesterol levels in birds. Therefore, do not feed fried potato chips to your ducks. Instead, try serving them boiled and mashed potatoes as they are starch and carbs rich and contain fewer calories than their counterparts.

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