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Can You Cook With Fig Tree Wood?

Can you cook with fig tree wood? Yes, you can! We at Wood`s Lumber have been selling fig tree wood for many years. We know that it is a great substitute for apple and/or cherry in cooking pies. Its flavor is almost identical to cherry when used to add a distinctive sweetness in desserts or when the water content of the dough is reduced. Apple is traditionally used for smoking meats. Apple also has that distinct sweetness that goes very well with pork, but fig wood is equally as effective. It may just be your new favorite for this! Basically, you can use fig wood for anything you would use apple wood for cooking. It is excellent for smoking hams, hams, bacon and game birds; it adds a distinctive flavor to these culinary delights!

Since fig wood has a stronger flavor than apple wood, it is also good for use in smoker applications. Fig can be used to smoke fish, beef or wild game. It will impart a sweet rather than smoky flavor to the food.

We know that you have heard of using fruit tree scraps for smoking meat and fish, but this is the first time you have probably heard of cooking with fig tree scraps! You can do so because their properties are similar to those found in fruit woods, but there are differences between the two wood types! We have identified some of these differences so you can understand how they may affect your proposed application.

Fig wood`s properties are similar to those found in fruit woods. It has a very strong sweet flavor similar to cherry, but fig burns hotter than cherry.

Fig wood may be used for smoking meat, fish, and wild game. A stronger flavor will impart a sweet rather than smoky smell.