Can You Push a Zero Turn Mower? What’s the Right Way?

Once or twice in your lifetime, your zero turn mower might need to be pushed or towed because of various malfunctioning or the engine giving up on you. In this situation, the first thing that might come to your mind is pushing the mower. But, can you push a zero-turn mower? 

The answer is, it depends on the model. You cannot push the engine manually because of the immense pressure from the hydraulic fluid. However, there are differences in models out there, and they have a variety of different instructions that you need to follow before and while pushing the mower. 

So, let’s scroll through the article and know the process. 

Is It Possible To Push A Zero-Turn Mower?

You can’t possibly push a zero-turn mower since it has an engine at the back. It is also aided by hydraulic fluid pressure for the movement of the wheels. 

So, pushing from the back is not an option. 

Is there any way we can tackle it from the front? Yes, there are steering levers at the front to help accomplish the task. 

You can pull the steering lever together and over your lap to make it neutral. Now, if you push the steering levers, the mower will move forward, and that too in a straight line.

How to Push a Zero Turn Mower Manually?

You cannot push the engine manually because of the immense pressure from the hydraulic fluid. However, different models of zero-turn mowers have their specific instructions for pushing it manually. 

These instructions are written in the instructions manual that comes with the model you purchase. Hence you cannot expect that the pushing instructions for Toro will match Gravely or vice-versa. 

Here are a few zero-turn mowers whose pushing instructions you can take a look at. These are mentioned below:

Pushing The Toro:

Your Toro zero turn mower can be pushed manually by following the instructions provided in your manual by the operator. The instructions include:

Step-1: You will first need to park the mower on a flat surface to perform the rest of the instructions properly. Then, you will turn off the blade control so that the blades do not move in their place.

Step-2: Turn off the engine by the spark plug and wait until all the moving parts are stationary. Then, set the parking brakes. 

Step-3: Turn the bypass levers on either side of the frame of the engine through the keyhole and then down to lock the levers.

Step-4: Then, you will turn on the ignition key and disengage the parking brakes. However, you will not turn on the engine until then.

Step-5: Now, you will be able to push the mower to its desired location.

Pushing The Rider:

For manually pushing the Rider zero-turn, we need to follow the following procedure. 

  • You need to disengage the PTO and turn off the engine.
  • Now, push the transmission release in and then push down the lock to its released position.
  • Then, you will be able to push the mower easily. 

Pushing The Gravely:

So, what happens when your Gravely zero turn mower stops functioning all of a sudden? 

Trust me, if you own one, you know it is quite troublesome since the mower comes with a security system that stops moving as soon as the engine stops. 

The hydraulic engine of the mower locks the wheels and ultimately stops them from moving. 

It is indeed a great feature but quite an annoyance in the face of trouble when you are trying to move it for maintenance.

What steps should you take to move? We will divide these steps into two parts. 

Before Pushing The Mower:

  • You will try to turn on the engine, but if you only hear clicks, then you can predict that there is not enough power to start the engine. If the mower is on an uneven surface, then you should put a barrier to stop it from moving.
  • You should stop the engine by putting both the lap bars in neutral and pushing them forward.
  • Engage the parking brake and then turn off the PTO knob to prevent the mower deck from operating.
  • You should then set the throttle to the lowest possible speed.
  • You will then turn off the ignition and let the power cool down. 

While Pushing The Mower:

  • We assume your engine is now cool, and you will go behind the engine to look for the transaxles bypass lever on either side of the hydraulic engine.
  • To bypass, you will pull these levers outwards. It will release the pressure and cause the rear wheel to move freely.
  • Now, disengage the brakes and take off the tire stopper or whatever barrier you used to stop it.
  • Finally, you are ready to push the mower to your desired place.

Safety Instructions:

Your safety is a big factor while pushing your mower manually. It can easily cause major accidents if you are not careful enough. Here are a few tips you can consider.

  • It is important to read the manufacturer’s manual before you start doing anything.
  • You should never work without gloves and do not touch the wheel or the blade.
  • Seek help from someone if you are not confident about it.
  • Turn off the blade and engine before you start pushing.
  • Do not push the engine at a very high speed; otherwise it will be hard to stop it.
  • Ensure that there is nobody in front of you will you are pushing. It might result in a dangerous accident.
  • Clean out rock or any other obstacles that may seem problematic.
  • Make sure all the parts of the mower are perfectly tightened to avoid any wear or tear.

Final Verdict

Can you push a zero-turn mower? The answer is, it depends on the model. 

There are differences in models out there, and they have a variety of different instructions that you need to follow before and while pushing the mower.

It is really important to read the instructions before you start to operate properly and also to remain safe and sound. 

Safety measures are essential for you since mowers are prone to cause horrible accidents if you are not careful enough. All in all, pushing a zero-turn mower is hard but not impossible in any way.

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