How To Purge Husqvarna Hydrostatic Transmission? (Explained)

Husqvarna produces lawn mowers, tractors, motorcycles, and works with engines of different sorts. The lawnmowers or the tractors can be categorized into two types, considering the transmission process. There are hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions. 

Considering the Husqvarna hydrostatic transmission, it needs to be purged before use as, during shipping, air enters the system. It also happens when the transmission is replaced. So, the transmission should be disengaged, controlled the throttle, neutralized, and then purged. 

So, let’s take a glance at the steps on how to purge Husqvarna hydrostatic transmission.

How to Disengage the Transmission?

At first, place the tractor or the lawnmower on a level surface where it can stay in a stable manner. Also, keep the engine off and make sure that the parking brake is fully set. 

Now comes the disengaging process. To do that, first, locate the freewill control that is on the rare side of the machine. Pull the free will control outward and down. 

This will make the transmission get locked. At this moment, the transmission is in a disengaged position – this way, the process of disengaging the transmission is completed. 

Now that you have disengaged the transmission, it’s time to do the same for the cutting blades. First, move to the operator’s seat. From there, press the brake pedal forward. Use your left foot to do this properly. 

By pressing the brake pedal, you engage the break and try holding it in that position. After that, push in the attachment clutch switch. 

This switch is on the right side of the dashboard. Now by doing it, you have disengaged the cutting blades. 

So, through both, the process of overall disengaging of the transmission and cutting blades is done.

How To Control the Throttle of Transmission?

In this step, you have to release the brake or clutch pedal. In doing that, throttle control plays a vital role. 

Sit on the machine’s seat to start the engine. You have to do this by pushing the throttle control upward, which is usually on the left side of the dash. 

Make sure to push the throttle control to fast settings. While doing that, pull out the choke. Then insert the ignition key and turn it right. After the engine starts, release it as soon as possible. Now, push the throttle control downward, setting it to a slow position. 

At this moment, the motion control lever has to be on the right side of the seat placed carefully in the center. The motion control lever has to be in a neutral position. 

If you have done all the procedures as explained, you only need to press and release the brake/clutch pedal. And make sure to do this slowly. The task is done for this stage.

After you’ve put the motion control lever in the neutral position, move it to the full forward position (going upward with the lever would do that). Hold the lever in this position for five straight seconds. 

Now do the opposite thing, meaning move the motion control lever to full backward position (going downward with the lever would do that). 

Similarly, hold the lever for five seconds in this position. You have to perform this procedure three times consistently. 

After doing that, move the motion control lever back on its previous situation (in the middle), keeping it in the neutral position. Then turn off the engine using the ignition key.

Now, you only need to place the free will control in the engaged position. This way, the transmission will be engaged. 

Purging the Transmission

This can be regarded as the last step. After performing previous tasks properly, you need to move the motion control lever to the forward position ( do this slowly). And when the machine moves around 5 feet, move the motion control lever to reverse position (do this slowly also).

 Now, while in reverse position, the machine would move like before. And again, after it moves around 5 feet, you have to return the motion control lever to its neutral position. Repeat the whole procedure three times using the motion control lever. This way you have purged your Husqvarna hydrostatic transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often should you change hydrostatic transmission fluid?

At first, you need to change the oil within 50 hours. Then, after 200 hours, you need to change it regularly. You should the oil filter as well.

What does it mean if a lawnmower is hydrostatic?

Lawnmowers with hydrostatic transmissions combine a hydraulic pump with a hydraulic motor to power the machine. It will allow you to mow through a wide range of speeds.

What is a hydro gear transmission?

A hydro gear consists of a variable displacement bi-directional axial piston pump and a fixed (typically) displacement bi-directional axial piston hydraulic motor. 


Did you understand how to purge Husqvarna hydrostatic transmission? 

While the process may seem complex and difficult to do, in reality, the possibility of error is minimized with the functional structure of the lawnmower or the tractor. 

If you carefully follow all the instructions and take care of the details, purging the Husqvarna hydrostatic transmission would seem very easy.

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