Why Your Cub Cadet Mower Isn’t Starting? (Reasons Explained)

Mowing your lawn becomes a child’s play if the cub cadet mower works fine. But many beginner landscapers come up with cub cadet starting problems. 

There are many factors responsible for cub cadet mower starting problems, and it can be a faulty battery system, loose spark plug, clogged air filter, or dirty carburetor. However, none of these problems are beyond solution.  

This in-depth article is the ultimate solution for beginners, and it’ll assist you in solving cub-cadet issues without splashing their money over trivial matters. This article also includes essential information based on research.

Faulty Battery System Replace it with a new battery system
Loose Spark PlugClean the residual Carbon and clogging
Clogged Air FilterWipe-off excess dirt and debris
Lack of Adequate Gas in Cub Cadet Mowers TankRefill your mower’s tank within every 30 days. 
Dirty CarburetorCleaning the carburetor and parts attached to it. 
Using a bad-grade fuelReplacing the bad-grade fuel with a high-end one. 

6 Reasons Why Your Cub Cadet Mowers Won’t Start

Are you tired of dealing with cub cadet mower starting issues?! Here, you can learn how to deal with it like a snap.  

1. Faulty Battery System 

You cannot start a cub cadet mower without the battery being charged correctly. But sometimes, the battery loses its ability to hold the adequate charge when you use it for a more extended period. 

Loose cables of the battery terminal can also be the reason for a faulty battery system. A corroded battery system tends to spoil the full functional capability of a cub cadet mower. You should at least repair the battery system if replacing isn’t possible. 

The Fix

Replacing your battery on time is necessary. If you’re a beginner, you may not know how to change the mower’s battery. You can also learn how to change a lawn mower battery here. 

For understanding the condition of your mower battery, I suggest you test it using a multimeter. An approximate reading of 12.7 volts is good enough, and you need to charge your battery if the task is lower than that. 

2. Loose Spark Plug

Loose of bad spark plug connection can be another reason your cub cadet mower isn’t starting. According to the statistics, maximum landscapers new in business ignore this issue. 

Sometimes unwanted carbon buildup around the spark plug initiates such inconvenience. Oil around the spark plug can also cause your engine to backfire accidentally. 

The Fix

Before jumping into any solution steps, never forget to disconnect the spark plug. You can also use a gentle cloth for cleaning the plug if it has excess carbon buildup. 

Make sure that you check whether the spark plug has any porcelain buildup. According to the manufacturer’s research, you also need to ensure the suggested gap. 

3. Clogged Air Filter

The air filter of your cub cadet mower lets the air penetrate inside the mower, and it cools up the environment inside. But a clogged air filter obstructs the constant passing of the air. 

The mower engine overheats and initially backfires if the air filter is clogged. This issue can affect the other mower parts if you don’t solve the matter instantly.

The Fix

Wipe off excess oil and dirt in the air filter using a mild soap and cloth. Be sure that you’re not clogging the air filter with any loose dirt.

Many inexperienced mechanics use an air compressor to clean the air filter. But an air compressor can degrade the performance level of your cub cadet mower. 

4. Dirty Cub Cadet Carburetor

A carburetor is one of the vital parts of any cub cadet mower. Carburetor formulates the right amount of gas and air to the engine to create combustion. But the ethanol in the Gasoline creates gummy deposits and unwanted buildups inside the carburetor. 

Clogged and dirty carburetors will become a hindrance to the overall performance of the cub cadet mower engine. This issue will make your mower run rough.   

The Fix

If you want to clean your mower carburetor by yourself, you can learn how to clean a clogged carburetor here. But for beginners, I recommend paying a visit to the mechanic’s shop. However, replacing your old carburetor with a new one is the best choice. 

5. Lack of Adequate Gas in Cub Cadet Mowers Tank

You’re wondering how such a trivial issue causes mower problems. But this problem is one of the most underrated yet common issues among cub cadet mower users. 

Many newbie landscapers have come with problems where lack of adequate gas was the culprit. Empty mower tanks can make rough sounds, halt operating, and yield under-average performance! 

The Fix

Using fresh Gasoline with an octane rating of 87 grade or more can significantly improve your mower engine’s performance. But make sure that you don’t end up using a fuel with an Ethanol percentage of more than 10%. 

And never leave your gas tank empty. Using 100% of the gas percentage at once can harm the engine system in the long run. You can also consult a professional to choose the Gasoline best for your cub cadet mower. 

6. Using Low-Grade or Bad Fuel

The fuel of your mower engine starts breaking 30 days after refilling it. According to the studies, the ethanol begins breaking down and attracts moisture gradually.

And when the moisture evaporates, it leaves behind a gummy and sticky textured component. Such components are stuck around fuel hoses, filters, and the tank, and this gummy texture can clog your carburetor, fuel hoses, and fuel filter.

The Fix

Remove your old fuel within 30 days and replace it with fresh fuel. You can purchase fuel from any nearby gas station, and you can also include fuel additives if changing within every month is challenging for you. 

What Should I do If my Cub Cadet is Running Rough?

The entire function of Cub Cadet Mower gets spoiled when the cub cadet starts running rough. According to the research, there can be divergent reasons behind your Cub Cadet mower running wild. Let’s tell you about some of the factors- 

  • Clogged Carburetor
  • The engine hitting a rock or hard surface
  • Low Fuel Levels
  • Faulty flywheel key
  • Carbon deposits on the spark plug

Resolving these issues by following the instructions given in this article will help you. You can quickly stop your cub cadet from running rough while mowing. 


Why Do the Cub Cadet Mower Engine Backfires?

– It can be due to air-fuel mixture, engine coasting down or internal mufflers above-average temperature. 

What Causes Hydraulic Failure on Cub Cadet Mowers?

– Air contamination is the primary factor responsible for hydraulic failures. A problematic pump or system breach lets the air penetrate the hydraulic system, and failure happens. 

How do I read my Cub Cadet Mower’s Hourmeter?

– The red dial tells you the number of hours from 0-60. And the yellow dial detects the total number of operations up to 600. 

Where Can I find the Cub Cadet Mower’s Spare Parts?

– You can look for spare parts in any mechanical store nearby. However, you can also purchase them from Cub Cadet US if you prefer online shopping. 


Cub Cadet Starting problems are not that difficult if you know some easy hacks. And this article features some of the everyday cub cadet mower hacks that every owner needs to learn. 

This article includes every essential information that a beginner-level landscaper needs to know. I’ve comprehended some easy fixes for the common problems related to cub cadet mowers.

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