Domino Peace Lily : How to Grow & Care

The Spathiphyllum, in other words ‘’Domino Peace Lily’’symbolizes peace. It is often preferred by those who want to say “forgive me” or “I want to make peace .” White peace flowers are known as the flower of apology. This plant, which usually symbolizes peace, also means purity, innocence, purity, and hope. You can gift this Spathiphyllum plant to your loved ones to show your goodwill.

In addition to the beautiful things it symbolizes, Domino Peace Lily has many benefits. Spathiphyllum (Domino Peace Lily) is among the plants that destroy chemical gases in the air. Commonly named Peace Lily, this plant also removes many toxins from the home environment, including formaldehyde and ammonia. In this aspect, Spathiphyllum is an excellent indoor plant at the same time.

Domino Peace Lily Care

Domino Peace Lily is a little difficult to bloom. Sometimes it may not bloom even in its happiest and healthiest times. However, if suitable conditions such as light, moisture, fertilizer, and irrigation are applied, the required yield can easily be obtained. Spathiphyllum plant is not very difficult to care for, but this flower is very sensitive to lack of water and attention. The plant’s place should not be changed. In addition, it is a flower that is resentful in airless, cigarette smoke environments.

When growing a Peace Lily at home, you can leave it outside in the summer, but the temperature should not be high; otherwise, it can be dry. You should arrange the temperature, and it should not be very cold or very sunny. Peace Lily usually grows at medium speed. It reaches appropriate maturity in 3-5 years. There are important factors to grow Domino Peace Lily;

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1- Light For Domino Peace Lily

Because of Peace, Lily care likes shade in its natural environment, but when it grows indoors, they need some filtered light, although not direct sunlight. In a way, your indoor plant is not exposed to direct sunlight; It grows very well on slightly high platforms, away from the window, in a semi-shade environment where it will not receive much light. But, of course, it should not be left in the dark either. It can be positioned in semi-shaded areas such as balconies behind the scenes of the store. The point is that the scorching midday sun should not reach, but the morning sun can be good for this plant.

2- Soil For Domino Peace Lily

To care for Spathiphyllum, it is important choosing proper soil selection. Peace flowers are native to tropical rainforests. It usually grows under lush, multi-layered forest cover and is constantly surrounded by decaying vegetation. When choosing potting soil, these features are taken into account. This plant can use peat-based potting soil containing bark fertilizer along with sand or perlite. In addition, this plant is very sensitive to moist soil conditions. 

3- Watering Domino Peace Lily

It would be best if you avoided over-watering when caring for this plant. This plant likes to stay submerged rather than overwatered. It should be done regularly, several times a week in the summer. It can be watered little by little every day on hot summer days, while the need for water decreases to once a week in winter. In cities with hot climates in winter, it can be watered twice a week, considering the soil drying. If the water in the house is highly chlorinated, filtered water can be used. Alternatively, you can soak the tap water for irrigation for a few days to evaporate the chlorine.

4- Heat For Domino Peace Lily

The Spathiphyllum needs to have a humid temperature when growing this plant. It requires an average temperature of 18-20 degrees during development. In winter, a temperature of 15 degrees is sufficient. As mentioned above, the temperature must be neither high nor low to grow this plant. During the summer, which is the growing season, the plant leaves can be sprayed with distilled and softened water at regular intervals.

5- Fertilizer For Domino Peace Lily

There are important points for fertilization when growing this plant. Nutrients in the soil are depleted after 6 to 8 weeks. Then the peace flower needs fertilizer. For this, liquid fertilizer should be used. For the correct amount, the ratio stated by the manufacturer on the packaging is taken into account. This plant should never be given too much fertilizer. Fertilizing is unnecessary in the fall and winter and may even damage the plant. When fertilizing this plant, slow-release pellets can be used weekly in the summer or at the beginning of the season.

6- Repotting of Domino Peace Lily

 Repotting is an important factor in growing this plant for a long time. However, the pot should not be changed too much. The Peace Lily should be repotted every two years. Because when repotting is done too often, your flower will get used to it repeatedly, so its growth may slow down, and the bloom may stop. You can understand that it’s time to change the pot if your flower looks like it doesn’t fit in the pot with its side parts.

After it is time to change the pot, apply light pressure to the edges and loosen it, then gently separate it from its old pot without scattering its roots and soil. The best time for this process is in spring. Over time, the substrate is depleted, and the roots cannot find enough space. The roots become so bushy that it becomes difficult to grow this plant. If this continues for a long time, reactions such as wilting of leaves or brown and dry leaf tips occur. You can create the best conditions for growing and flowering by changing the pot. Choosing the larger new pot will prevent the hanging leaf tips from touching the ground and turning brown again accordingly.

In conclusion, Spathiphyllum is a beautiful indoor plant. If you make the necessary contributions, you can get a lot of efficiency with its appearance and benefits.

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