3 Common Problems with Ford 1920 Tractor (Solution Included)

The Ford 1920 is a compact utility tractor from Ford’s Twenty Compact series but manufactured by the Japanese Shibaura company.

Although the Ford 1920 model is considered one of the best tractors from Ford’s Twenty series, consumers also reported several troubleshooting issues related to its engine, transmission, clutch, and three-point hitch.

Now, why do such issues occur with the Ford 1920? Continue reading the following article to find out all answers!

Problems and Solutions Briefly:

1. Starting ProblemsMake sure the safety switch on the clutch is correctly activated/Follow the owner’s manual troubleshooting guide or seek professional assistance.
2. Vehicle Won’t or Fails to Move While in GearAdd more or change the transmission oil/Service or replace the PTO bearing and deck spindle.
3. Three-point Hitch MalfunctioningPut the required level of hydraulic fluid/Replace the dirty hydraulic oil & oil filter/Bleed air out of the Hydraulic pipes.

3 Common Problems with Ford 1920 Tractor and Their Possible Solutions:

Let’s learn what are the possible reasons behind these problems of the Ford 1920 tractor and find out all the possible fixing solutions-

1. Starting Problems

According to several Ford 1920 tractor users, sometimes the vehicle won’t start even with the key turned on.

One particular user also mentioned that when such starting issue occurred, he could jump the solenoid coil to the positive battery cable, and it fired right up with the key on.

When the Ford 1920 fails to start you can notice symptoms such as two dashboard warning lights will turn on if you turn the key on or when you turn the key to the starter cranking position, and three more dash lights will come on.

Still, you will see no clicking or cranking sound coming from the starter to ensure that it is about to start.

This type of problem can arise if the safety switch on the clutch is not activated properly or is not making accurate contact.

Sometimes users notice that the key switch tends to put out power on the starter terminal while turning the key to the starting position. That means you have a damaged or bad key switch, which is causing the starting failure.

The Fix:

If you ever encounter a similar type of problem follow the below-fixing ways-

First, inspect whether the clutch safety switch is activated correctly and is making proper contact.

Next, if that is working correctly, check whether you can see any power on the starter terminal released by the key switch whenever you turn the key in the start position.

It means the key switch has turned bad or defective, and you need to replace it.

If you still see the same starting failure after following the earlier-mentioned fixing ways, follow the owner’s manual troubleshooting guide thoroughly or seek professional assistance or service.

2. Vehicle Won’t or Fails to Move While in Gear

Several Ford 1920 users reported encountering this particular trouble, where they mentioned that sometimes the tractor fails to move while in gear.

Users also added that when such commotion arises, it will not move in any gear whether they try to turn it forward or reverse position.

One Ford 1920 user even claim to see that the PTO was engaged when the tractor was not moving at any gear.

But in some cases, people also encountered PTO malfunction, such as the PTO switch abruptly shutting off when the vehicle fails to move in gears.

This type of failure can occur if you have a damaged, loose, or broken clutch that is not working correctly. It might be occurring due to a lack of transmission oil or contaminated oil in the tank.

If the PTO switch is also malfunctioning as I mentioned earlier, it can happen due to a locked-up PTO bearing or locked-up deck spindle.

Potential gear shifting issues with the Ford 1920 can arise due to worn or corroded shift linkage, bent shift Forks, improper clutch adjustment, or damaged gear shift mechanism.

The Fix:

First, inspect whether the clutch has a loose connection, is damaged, or is adjusted improperly.

Replace and properly adjust the clutch in its position.

Next, check the current state of the transmission oil, add more or change it if needed.

If the PTO shuts off, you should check the bearing and deck spindle’s condition.

Service or replace the locked-up PTO bearing and locked-up deck spindle if necessary.

Remember to check the current status of the gear shift linkage, shift forks, and gear shift mechanism.

Repair or replace the faulty components as required.

3. Three-point Hitch Malfunctioning

Another commonly mentioned troubleshooting issue that most Ford 1920 users have encountered is several problems related to this tractor model’s 3-point Hitch.

According to users, sometimes the 3-point either lifts too slowly or fails to lift completely. Users even mentioned experiencing that sometimes the Hitch faces the same issues while dropping down.

Several users claimed that the Ford 1920 Hitch sometimes jerks dangerously while lifting or dropping.

These problems can arise due to Hydraulic fluid pump malfunctioning, failed main relief valve, faulty Hydraulic spool valve, defective cross shaft, or broken cylinder.

It can occur due to insufficient Hydraulic fluid, the control valve is not adjusted correctly, or the oil and oil filter being dirty.

Similar issues can occur if air gets into the Hydraulic pipes, 3-point Hitch is misadjusted, or overloaded.

The Fix:

Check the current condition of the Hydraulic fluid pump, main relief valve, spool valve, cross shaft, and cylinder.

Service or replace all the faulty internal Hydraulic elements.

Make sure you have a sufficient level of correct hydraulic fluid.

Check whether you have dirty hydraulic oil or oil filter and change them if necessary.

Inspect and bleed the air out of the Hydraulic pipes.

Adjust the Hydraulic control valve and Hitch correctly.

Reduce the Hitch load.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Ford 1920 Tractor?

While going through several Ford expert review blogs, consumer reports, and YouTube vlogs to understand experts’ and consumers’ real opinions, I discovered that most reviews are positive.

Based on most Ford 1920 consumer review reports published on several consumer forums and websites, this tractor is an excellent machine or tool with tough, adequate power, and incredible reliability.

However, just like any other tractor model available on the market, Ford 1920 model also has its fair share of troubleshooting issues. But the good news is that all these issues are easily fixable too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Horsepower is a Ford 1920 Tractor?

The Ford 1920 tractor engine can produce a 33.3 hp 24.8 kW gross Horsepower.

What type of engine is assembled in a Ford 1920 Tractor?

The Ford 1920 tractor come with a 4-cylinder Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline Shibaura N844 Diesel Engine.

How much Fuel capacity does a Ford 1920 Tractor have?

A Ford 1920 has 39.0 L (10.3 US gal.; 8.6 Imp. gal) fuel capacity.

How much oil capacity does a Ford 1920 have?

A Ford 1920 has 6.0 L (6.3 US. qt, 5.3 Imp. qt.) oil capacity.

Final Thoughts

The Ford 1920 tractor model has earned 4.9 out of 5 based on consumer review ratings, but consumers also highlighted some common troubleshooting problems that they often encountered with their Ford 1920.

However, most people claim that Ford 1920 still has fewer issues than similar graded tractor models of other brands. One can use this tractor for a long time by following the correct user instructions and maintaining the vehicle’s regular scheduled servicing.

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