Gravely Vs. Ariens Vs. Husqvarna: Ultimate Brand Comparison

If you’re looking for a mower, Husqvarna, Gravely, and Ariens are three brands you won’t want to overlook. This is due to the fact that they provide high-quality goods that will not only offer you a beautifully maintained lawn but also endure for many years.

Professional landscapers who mow lawns for a living rather than merely for upkeep will find the Gravely mowers to be the best option. Ariens provides machines that can cover whatever size lawn you have at your house successfully, while Husqvarna performs well in both sectors.

I’ll go through some features of the Husqvarna, Ariens, and Gravely tractors in this post and attempt to offer a recommendation to help you make a better decision.

Gravely Vs. Ariens Vs. Husqvarna: Quick Comparison Table

A basic similarity and difference among these three Gravely, Ariens, and Husqvarna are given below

Power output18HP -38.5HP17.5 HP-25HP20 HP-27HP
Price$7,227- $32,632$3,734-$6,473$3.999-$32,194
Cutting Height1.5-3 inch1.5 inches to 4.5 inches1.5 inches to 4 inches
Maximum speed9 mph8.5mph7.4 mph
Warranty5 years3-5 years5 year
Fuel capacity(max)13 gal5.10 gal5 gal
Fuel typeGasolineGasolineGasoline
Overall comfortGoodGoodGood

About the Brand: Gravely, Ariens and Husqvarna

Gravely has been in business for more than a century, creating tools that improve the productivity and ease of your everyday life.

Their powerful vehicles are made with the American landscape in mind and are intended for professional landscapers who wish to maintain regions without using too much time or effort.As opposed to the latter, which has been designed for commercial use, the first type is primarily intended for homes.

The family-owned Ariens firm has a solid reputation among homeowners and has done so since it was founded in 1933.The USA, the UK, and Norway are just a few of their many international clients today.

In addition to a variety of models, Ariens lawn tractors offer features that enable them to operate more quickly and with more mobility. To improve your model, even more, there are a number of accessories available.

The Swedish brand Husqvarna is well-known. It began in 1689 with its initial steps. Many consumers today are familiar with the company’s great tractor output, but it was not the company’s major selling point in the past.

Husqvarna Garden Division, Construction Division, and Husqvarna Division are now the three divisions of the corporation. Husqvarna has 19 lawn tractor models available as of the beginning of 2014, compared to Ariens’ five.

What are the Differences Between Gravely Vs. Ariens Vs. Husqvarna Features?

Mowers may be made or broken based on a number of key aspects, including cutting deck size, comfort, and engine power. So, let’s find out the differences:

1. Engine:

With three new vertical V-twin engines created for commercial mowers, Yamaha has opted to produce engines for the lawn and garden sector.

Meanwhile, Gravely, who collaborated closely with Yamaha throughout the development of the new engines, will display the Yamaha-equipped lawnmowers on the market.

Kohler engines are found in every Ariens lawn tractor. Some versions use Kohler Courage engines with a single-cylinder, while others have them with two cylinders.

Ariens then provide Kawasaki engine choices for several of the mowers in its 2017 portfolio. The company is now offering Kawasaki engines on its zero-turn line for the first time in a number of years.

A Kawasaki engine, automated drive, and electric PTO are included with this Husqvarna lawn tractor. It has a washout port and a really cozy high-back seat. Furthermore, it features tool-free quick-change cutting blades.

2. Performance:

Because they are so maneuverable and let you turn 180 degrees, Gravely zero mowers are able to execute their work so perfectly. To make the ideal turn, you don’t need to travel back and forth.

Some of the Husqvarna’s standout features include ClearCut technology and a drivetrain that requires no maintenance. Simply said, these make cutting and caring for it much simpler.

But in terms of features, the Ariens isn’t falling behind. To begin with, there is a dial to select between several cutting positions.

3. Cutting deck:

In comparison to their rivals, Gravely mowers typically have cutting deck widths that range from 34 to 72 inches, which is larger than those of its competitors. While those from Ariens are geared at homeowners, those from Gravely are typically employed in business settings.

Ariens’ mowers often have greater cutting deck diameters. Additionally, they are typically stronger than the typical machine. For instance, they have a tubular frame that offers them the durability and ability to traverse difficult terrain.

Husqvarna successfully balances comfort and power. Some versions also come equipped with its patented ClearCut technology, which enables to achieve an equal cut on uneven ground. Considering that cutting deck widths range from 30 to 72 inches, choosing the proper size mower is important.

4. Price:

Because Gravely machines are made to be utilized by professionals in a business setting, they are loaded with many pricey, cutting-edge features.

Due of their much higher pricing than Gravely, Ariens and Husqvarna are less expensive for the average person’s budget.

5. Durability:

The Gravely mowers are made as sturdy as possible because they are intended to be used largely for business reasons.

In contrast, residential Ariens mowers are a little less robust than Gravely models. In this regard, Gravely triumphs.

The durability of Husqvarna, however, won’t let you down.

6. Overall Comfort:

Gravely has a distinctive seat design that simultaneously combines comfort and effectiveness. As an illustration, some seats have comfortable high backs with armrests, while others have seat isolation to lessen tiredness. 

On that front, the Husqvarna has you covered. It has a thickly cushioned seat that offers support in addition to comfort. To prevent overheating, it even includes an open-back design for airflow.

The Ariens features a high back and a luxurious seat in contrast. It has cushioned armrests despite having no ventilation features.

Raptor Gravely Vs. Ariens Vs. Husqvarna: Which One to Choose Finally?

Before purchasing a lawn tractor, take into account and contrast key characteristics, safety, and convenience. Three brand manufacturers provide tractors with cruise control, and the majority of more recent models include cup holders.

The functionality and design of Gravely and Ariens still differ significantly, despite the fact that Ariens owns the Gravely brand.

Due of these distinctions, the ones from Ariens are generally intended for homes while those from Gravely are utilized largely in commercial settings.

Garden tractors, riders, zero-turn mowers, and commercial front mowers are among the Husqvarna ride-on lawn equipment options. Whether they are for a household or commercial setting, Husqvarna has a model to meet your needs.


The lifespan of a Husqvarna lawnmower

Your lawnmower may enjoy a healthy, robust life with the proper care for roughly 15 years. 

Is Husqvarna the same business as Ariens?

Husqvarna also manufactured several Ariens tractors, which is likely why the dealer was perplexed about the connection between Ariens and Husqvarna.

Has Gravely stopped doing business?

Presently, AriensCo’s commercial lawn segment under the Gravely name sells its products entirely through a dealer network.

Ariens and Gravely – are they the same?

The purchasing process took many months, and Ariens Co. finally acquired Gravely in 1982. After ten years of production in different states, both brands are now produced in Brillion, a community of slightly over 3,000 inhabitants in east-central Wisconsin.


I hope to distinguish between the three brands with clarity. Consider carefully what you want from your mowers and the function you must do before choosing. Gravely and Husqvarna are both good options if you want a commercial one. Gravely, though, is fairly pricey.

Both Ariens and Husqvarna are good options if you want a permanent mower. There isn’t really an obvious winner in this case, but Husqvarna would be our pick. Simply said, it equips its mowers with a ton of features aimed toward comfort and efficiency.

Despite this, Ariens produces some sturdy mowers that have a long lifespan, but Husqvarna’s features are simply too compelling to ignore.

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