Husqvarna Vs. Gravely: Which One Should You Go For?

When discussing mowers, the Husqvarna vs. Gravely debate comes up. In the industry, there has always been a Husqvarna vs. Gravely argument. Who is worth it, though? What distinguishes each of them from the others?

Every customer should pay attention to the traits shared by Husqvarna and Gravely. They can outperform the majority of common mowers on the market in terms of capacity, dependability, and efficiency. But which one is better?

I’ll explain the key distinctions between these items in this article so you can choose wisely. For better analysis, I’ve added a comparison table here.

Husqvarna Vs. Gravely: Quick Comparison Table

A basic similarity and difference among these three Husqvarna vs Gravely are given below

Power output20 HP-27HP18HP -38.5HP
Price$3.999-$32,194$7,227- $32,632
Cutting Deck30 to 72 inches34 to 72 inches
Cutting Height1.5 inches to 4 inches1.5-3 inch
Maximum speed7.4 mph9 mph
Warranty5 year5 years
Fuel capacity(max)5 gal13 gal
Fuel typeGasolineGasoline
Overall comfortGoodGood

About the Brand: Husqvarna Vs. Gravely

Husqvarna is a well-known Swedish brand. Its first steps were taken in 1689. Although the firm produces excellent tractors, it was not previously the main selling point for buyers.

Genuine Husqvarna ride-on mowers are available from Husqvarna in a variety of models, including garden tractors, riders, zero-turn mowers, and commercial front mowers.

The mechanics at Husqvarna are qualified to do all repairs, services, and maintenance because they are licensed servicing dealers for the Husqvarna brand.

Husqvarna will give you effective and secure mowing all year long because many of these mowers come equipped with high-performing AWD technology and a low centre of gravity.

On the other hand, the most well-known of Gravely’s cleverly designed equipment are its zero-turn mowers, such as the ZT HD and ZT X. The latter type has been specialized for business uses, whilst the first one is primarily intended for homes.

For more than a century, Gravely has been providing types of equipment that make your daily life simpler and more productive.

Gravely’s strong tractors are designed with the American landscape in mind and are intended for professional landscapers who wish to maintain regions without expending excessive time or effort.

What are the Differences Between Husqvarna Vs. Gravely Features?

Mowers may be made or broken based on a number of key aspects, including cutting deck size, comfort, and engine power. So, let’s find out the differences:

1. Engine:

The Kawasaki-powered Husqvarna Lawn Mower engine has everything you require to manage your business effectively.

Even throughout lengthy hours, you can maintain the pace and remain productive thanks to their ergonomic design solutions’ powerful and small size.

With this Husqvarna lawn tractor, you get an electronic PTO, an automatic drive, and a Kawasaki engine with a 20–27 HP power range. 

Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Subaru, Yamaha, Hydro-Gear, and Loncin are a few well-known companies that produce Gravely engines for lawn mowers on a regular basis.

Among them, Yamaha is a well-known company known for making Gravely engines. With three new vertical V-twin engines created for different commercial mowers, Yamaha has opted to produce engines for the lawn and garden sector.

Gravely, who collaborated closely with Yamaha throughout the development of the new engines, will display the Yamaha-equipped lawnmowers on the market. The engine output range about 18HP -38.5HP.

2. Cost:

Everyone wants to invest their money on a lawnmower that will bring in a significant profit. What good is it to buy something that costs a lot of money but has no use?

You’ll be drawn in by the Gravely performance, but the cost is high. On the other hand, Husqvarna is a budget-friendly imitation of pricy lawnmowers. According to its many models and features, a Husqvarna lawnmower ranges in price from $3.999 to $32,194.

You may need to set aside anything from $7,227 to $32,632 for Gravely. I suggest beginning with a less costly mower for beginners before upgrading to a more expensive one. For activities that are intermediate and above, however, gravely is best!

3. Cutting Deck:

Husqvarna successfully balances comfort and power. Some versions also come equipped with its patented ClearCut technology, which enables to achieve an equal cut on uneven ground.

Considering that cutting deck widths range from 30 to 72 inches, choosing the proper size mower is important.

Gravely mowers typically have cutting deck widths that range from 34 to 72 inches, which is larger than those of its competitors. 

4. Warranty:

Mower warranties are a hidden blessing. The company will provide you with service at no cost as long as you abide by their terms and conditions, and they are responsible to you for the thing they sold you.

Moreover, if they sold you a defective item, your money would be returned.

For Gravely lawn mowers, a five-year guarantee is provided. Additionally, Husqvarna offers a 5-year guarantee. Those who want to experience more dependability might choose this masterwork.

5. Overall Comfort:

Husqvarna will give you proper comfort. It has a thickly cushioned seat that offers support in addition to comfort. To prevent overheating, it even includes an open-back design for airflow.

On that front, the Gravely has a distinctive seat design that simultaneously combines comfort and effectiveness.

As an illustration, some seats have comfortable high backs with armrests, while others have seat isolation to lessen tiredness.

Husqvarna vs Gravely: Which Should You Finally Choose?

Choosing between these two mowers is really difficult for someone who is aware of their exceptional characteristics. However, if you ask, I’ll choose one for you based on a few crucial considerations. Budget, feature demands, task variety, and rider experience are all factors.

The Husqvarna is a fantastic alternative if you are a novice with a tight budget. A cheap mower cannot possibly do better than this gem. You can use the models for residential or commercial purposes.

Those who are new to lawn-care tasks should choose Husqvarna. There are no other mowers that operate better than Husqvarna at such a low price. It is the most economical knockoff of high-end models.

In addition to any other advantages, a mower’s resale value is also important. Customers focus on mower resale value at this point since not every landscaper likes to buy a new mower as a beginner.

If you’re considering resale value, I must admit that the Husqvarna is not that great, but people will happily buy your Gravely tractor.

Nothing less than Gravely can slake the need for field talents of premium and seasoned users, too. There are very few reputable landscapers who do not praise Gravely manufacturing.


How long will a Husqvarna riding mower last?

Husqvarna mostly manufactures lawnmowers for small yards. They perform effectively under conditions of low workload and, depending on the application, have a lifespan of 400–800 hours.

Can you vouch for Husqvarna lawn equipment?

Husqvarna was been named one of the most dependable lawn mower companies by the organization. The lawn mower manufacturer received a Very Good projected dependability grade overall, according to Consumer Reports.

What kind of gasoline does the Gravely mower use?

Unleaded gasoline must have an octane value of 87 or above and a maximum ethanol level of 10% in order to operate gravely lawn mowers.

Has Gravely stopped doing business?

NO. Presently, AriensCo’s commercial lawn segment under the Gravely name sells its products entirely through a dealer network.


The key differences between Husqvarna and Gravely lawn mowers are extensively covered in the text. It will let a user or buyer decide which of them to buy. Here, I’ve assembled all the information you want about these mowers.

Gravely is for individuals who desire premium performance as opposed to Husqvarna, which is a budget version of high-end brands. These two brands have strong brand awareness.

You won’t face a bad investment if you choose to buy any of these products, I guarantee it!

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