The Differences Between John Deere 3038E Vs. Kubota L3901

The John Deere 3038E has a clean design that provides more than enough flexibility for operators of all sizes.

The Kubota L3901, however, features HST, which offers limitless speed control through the HST pedal that gets operated simply by pressing down on the pedal.

In this article, I’ll evaluate all of the features of the John Deere 3038e with the Kubota L3901 and give you my final recommendation so you can make an informed decision. Therefore, complete the article.

John Deere 3038E Vs. Kubota L3901: Quick Comparison Table

There are some comparable features between John Deere 3038E and Kubota L3901. So, take a look at the quick comparison between these two powerful brands.

John Deere 3038E Vs. Kubota L3901:

FeaturesJohn Deere 3038EKubota L3901
Power36.7  HP37.5 HP
Lift Capacity615.1 kg650kg
The capacity of the fuel tank7.5 gal13.5-gal
CostCosts more than Kubota l3901Less expensive
Warranty6 years6 years

What are the Differences between John Deere 3038E Vs. Kubota L3901 based on Features?

1. Engine Power:

The Yanmar diesel engine gives 36.7 HP to the John Deere 3038E engine. The engine employs cutting-edge technology to improve fuel economy, control, and accuracy. Such conditions help lowering negative impacts on the environment.

Moreover, the engine is equipped with a self-contained after-treatment system. There is an exhaust filter that initiates an active cleaning cycle for the engine.

Kubota L3901 does not have a big difference from John Deere 3038e in terms of engine power.  Kubota L3901’s engine power shows up at 37.5 HP.

The diesel engine in Kubota L3901 is designed to maximize engine performance while meeting a wide range of performance requirements.

A mower with a powerful engine is certainly desired in any case. As a result, you might choose Kubota L3901, which has a variety of facilities.

2. Transmission System:

A two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) is included inside the John Deere 3038E‘s transmission unit. Through a closed-loop pump and motor system, engine power is sent to the drive wheels.

If the operator exits the seat without the range lever in neutral; the engine will shut off on the John Deere 3038E.

The operator may tailor the tractor’s speed to the operation due to infinite ground speeds. Importantly, the transmission fluid dipstick is easily accessible, allowing for frequent transmission fluid level monitoring.

With the HST pedal, which can be controlled simply by pressing down on the pedal, the Kubota L3901 gives limitless speed control. The wheels spin faster the harder the pedal is squeezed.

The mechanical Synchro-Shuttle transmission on Kubota L3901 allows for fast directional changes and inline forward and backward shifting.

Moreover, the transmission has eight forward and eight backward speeds, allowing you to choose the most productive speed.

If we look at the transmission system of John Deere 3038E and Kubota L3901, both tractors are enriched with various advantages. In this case, I would recommend Kubota L3901 because it comes in 3 range transmission that completes more requirements than John Deere 3038e.

3. Overall Comfort:

The John Deere 3038E‘s clean design offers full space for operators of all sizes. On either side of the operator, color-coded controls can be found.

The brake and hydrostatic transmission pedals are designed and placed for the ultimate comfortability of usage.

The John Deere 3038E has a flat operator platform that makes getting in and out of the tractor a simple task. 

A smooth and comfortable ride is provided by the seat’s thick, soft padding. In addition, the seat moves along ramped rails for better accessibility to all functions.

During lengthy shifts, simplicity and comfort are essential. The Kubota L3901 is designed to be simple to operate, with an intuitive control configuration and excellent comfort.

The Standard Kubota L3901 has a large operator platform for ultimate flexibility. Its flat form makes it the users easy to get on and off the tractors.

Comfort is provided through the use of the adjustable seat suspension. The ergonomically built seat is curved to help prevent the operator’s fatigue during long days on the job.

In the case of overall comfort, both tractors can provide you with the total comfort that you desire. Thus, you can rely on both John Deere 3038E and Kubota L3901.

4. Cost:

The John Deere 3038E comes up at more expanse than The Kubota L3901, pricing at $35,360.

At this price, a field-installed rear hydraulic remote kit can be added to John Deere 3038E, offering two more hydraulic spools at the rear. On a tractor with or without a loader, this kit can be field attached.

Users may utilize around four gallons of fuel in two full days of 1,500-rpm running, relying on the 7.5-gallon fuel capacity.

The Kubota L3901, on the other hand, appears to be less expensive than the John Deere 3038E, price between $23,995 and $24,396.You may expect desirable reliability, quality, and durability at this price.

The tractor is designed to survive big loads and possible wear and tear over time. Furthermore, its sturdy steel chassis is aimed to limit maintenance.

It’s worth noting that the Kubota diesel engine is shielded by hydraulic hoses and is paired with performance-matched equipment.

Everyone will always choose a machine that offers numerous qualities at a moderate cost. As a result, you may prefer Kubota L3901 over John Deere 3038e.

5. Efficiency:

Attaching tractor tools is one of the most common concerns among operators. The iMatch Quick-Hitch on the John Deere 3038E works with this issue.

The iMatch Quick-Hitch is simple to install, and all attachments require a set of bushings to fit properly. Such components are compatible with the iMatch Quick-Hitch, which comes with one set of bushings.

The loader and the functions of the John Deere 3038E are fully distinct. These rear remotes are compatible with a wide range of equipment and attachments.

Kubota’s L3901 tackles demanding jobs with a heavy-duty 3-Point Hitch and reliable pulling power. The tractor has a big hydraulic cylinder and pump, allowing it to lift a wide range of implements with ease.

Moreover, the Kubota L3901’s regular maintenance is simple, due to a sturdy chassis and conveniently accessible routinely examined parts.

Comparing the efficiency, both John Deere 3038E and Kubota’s L3901 are welcome to purchase.

John Deere 3038E Vs. Kubota L3901: Which One to Choose Finally?

Overall, if all of the features and dependability of the John Deere 3038e and Kubota L3901 are compared, Kubota L3901 can be your best choice over John Deere 3038e.

Many consumers believe that the Kubota L3901 is the finest option for them. To them, the Kubota tractor’s loader and loader bucket are simple to remove.

It also has three integrated rear remotes and a three-range transmission. The JD e series tractors do not have any of these features.

Interestingly, you are getting all these great facilities at a lower price than John Deere 3038E.


You should have a good understanding of these tractors after reading this article. You can now make your best decision after looking at the difference between these two options.

If you ask any user, the Kubota L3901 is a winner even when many of the tractors struggle often on the grounds.

The elegant slanted hood of the Kubota L3901 provides a large field of vision. This is useful for front-loader work. In dark and rainy weather, several headlights are useful.

The one-piece hood may also be kept open for better accessibility to the engine and other servicing components.

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