Kubota Vs. Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers: Which One To Pick?

The comparison of Kubota vs. Husqvarna zero-turn mowers is very common among the lawnmowers. But is it the only reason why people talk about it so much? What are the significant differences between these mowers? Which one is better? 

Both Kubota and Husqvarna have gained enough trust from the landscapers within these years. They’ve proved to be the cream of the crop among many other lawnmowers available. Some of their advantages include adaptability, dependability, and availability. 

In this article, I’ll brief you on the difference between Kubota and Husqvarna, and I’ll also be including a basic comparison chart for a better understanding. So, this article may work wonders for those new in the business.  

Kubota Vs. Husqvarna: A Quick Comparison

There are tons of differences between Kubota and Husqvarna worth comparing, and I’ve listed some of the vital ones below. Take a look. 

Cutting Height2”-4.5” 1”-4” 
Engine (19-32.5) HP(16-24) HP
AppearanceLarger in sizeA bit smaller
PriceCosts more than regular mowers and tractorsBudget-friendly
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Overall Efficiency EfficientEfficient
Warranty1-3 years2-4 years
Handling AbilityGoodGood

About the Brand: Kubota Vs. Husqvarna

Kubota is a brand founded in 1890 and has Japanese origin. Kubota is best known for high-end manufacturing compacts and sub-compact tractors. It’s been championing horticulture and farming gadgets.

Their kerosene-fueled engine had brought revolutionary changes in 1922. And soon, they expanded their work among machinery, tractors, and harvesters. In 1969, Kubota introduced its first US Engine Division in Illinois.   

You’ll be amazed that Husqvarna started its journey as a state-owned weapon manufacturer. The Husqvarna town in Sweden was selected as the brand’s headquarters.

They continued manufacturing weapons until 1989. It was only 1918 when the Husqvarna brand decided to start crafting its gardening product line. With over 10 international brands all over the globe, Husqvarna is going places. 

Kubota offers zero-turn mowers of Z, ZD, ZG, Z100 Kommander, and many other latest editions.

Husqvarna on the other hand has zero turn mowers like MZ54, Z572X, Z560X, Z142 and more. 

What’s The Difference Between Kubota and Husqvarna Based on Features?

1. Engine

A lawnmower without a power pact engine is of no use. Luckily, both Husqvarna and Kubota have efficient engines.

Kubota comes with a deck size of 48″,54″, and 60″, offering 19 to 32.5 HP. Kubota zero turn mowers are always mentioned in the top list, and John Deere and Kubota are two of the most well-known mower engine manufacturers.

Contrarily, Husqvarna has deck sizes of 54″,60″ and 72″ with 16 to 24 HP engines. You can cover up many acres of land riding a mower of this A-1 brand. They use Kohler engines for maximum efficiency. 

2. Reliability

Both Kubota and Husqvarna are unfailing brands that come up with fascinating features. 

The manufacturers of Kubota and Husqvarna never compromise when it comes to quality or efficiency. No matter which model you pick for yourself, they are worth your attention. 

And their strong warranty policy takes their stability to a level higher. 

A mower’s reliability depends on its deck size. Both the brands concentrate on manufacturing durable decks with distinctive patterns scribed on them, and Kubota and Husqvarna have decks that can be customized in size.

Kubota has deck sizes of 48″,54″, and 60″ for their clients. Its withstanding and heavy-duty steel deck provides you with 100% reliability.

On the other hand, Husqvarna has customizable deck sizes of 54″,60″, and 72″. This variant offers several premium features that help the deck function at its finest. 

3. Appearance

A mower’s appearance decides its first impression. Before noticing another specification, customers focus on their mower’s outer appearance. Both Kubota and Husqvarna win customers’ hearts at first sight. 

Whereas Kubota appears a bit larger, Husqvarna is comparatively small-scale than Kubota, and Kubota’s bulky outlook often attracts customers.

According to professional lawnmowers, Kubotas have an ideal appearance for top-notch outcomes and endurance.

4. Price

Even though Kubota costs a little more than Husqvarna, it’s worth every penny. According to the survey, maximum customers believe their investment in Kubota has paid off. They cost from $8,999 to $10,999. 

Husqvarna can be a safe option for entry-level lawn mowing chores, offering you the best outcome within a limited budget. The zero-turn mowers of Kubota will cost up to $9,999. 

You can learn more about it from the Official website of Husqvarna

5. Warranty

Both Kubota and Husqvarna offer you an extended warranty period. 

Usually, Kubota offers a warranty for 1-3 years. You can constantly use a Kubota mower for a year without taking it to the mechanic.

Husqvarna is the mower that ensures a long-lasting warranty for up to 2-4 years. If you’re scouring for a brand that’ll take care of your mower for years, no other brand can beat Husqvarna.  

Kubota Vs. Husqvarna: Which one to choose finally?

Both Kubota and Husqvarna can flabbergast their customers with high-end features. In terms of ease of use, availability, performance, quality, and consistency. You will never regret paying for any of these two brands. 

However, Husqvarna can be the holy grail for you if you’re looking for something incredible within budget, and Husqvarna is comparatively less expensive than Kubota. 

On the other hand, Kubota is the first choice of those who prioritize engine power over other matters, and Kubota features way more engine power than Husqvarna. 

Kubota is a premium brand that meets its customer’s needs and ensures quality. Purchasing this masterpiece with a high price tag is not unworthy. Even though it costs a little more, it’s worth paying for a new one. 

Husqvarna is a good pick for those who’ve just decided to step into lawnmowing chores. It’s best within a limited budget, and you can’t find another product that performs better than Husqvarna at such a low price. 

And if you’re looking for a zero-turn mower with more extended warranty periods, Husqvarna is the ultimate choice. It offers an extended warranty period, and a more incredible warranty can be the silver lining for any landscaper. 

Are Husqvarna Mowers any good?

Husqvarna mowers are great for people who want quality within a budget. As a beginner, investing in something pricey on the first attempt is risky. In such a case, Husqvarna will never displease, and it’s been serving its mower fans for decades.  

And its long-lasting warranty period safeguards your lawn mower’s overall health, and you can constantly use it without worrying about another purchase. These mowers demand minimal maintenance and better performance than other budget-friendly mowers. 

No wonder Husqvarna is one of the most trusted brands globally.


This article defines the main difference between Kubota vs. Husqvarna zero-turn mowers. You can consider this article for choosing your desired mower brand. 

Before getting your hand on any of these two, make sure you know what you want. Noting down your needs before making a purchase is essential.

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