Toro Vs. Kubota Zero Turn Mowers: Which One To Pick?

Spring and Summer is the time when mowing becomes a ritual in America. So, it’s time for you to get yourself a new mower.

And that’s when the Toro vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers debate gets a fresh wind. But which one is worth considering? 

Kubota is probably one of the best mowers you can ever own. Its transmission type, durable engine, and precise cutting speed make it the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for another brand, you can pick Toro zero-turn mowers.

This article will assist you in determining which one can be the right one for you.

Toro Vs. Kubota: Basic Comparison Chart

There are numerous differences between Toro and Kubota mowers. This basic comparison chart will help you understand if you’re running out of time. Take a look.

Dimension 76.4 x 55.5 x 65 inches81 x 61 x 48 inches
PriceComparatively cheaperA bit pricey
Deck Size50”42”-72”
TransmissionHydro-gearPowdered metal gear
Brand RecognitionComparatively lessIndustry-leading brand recognition.

1. Dimension:

The dimension of a mower plays a vital role in overall performance and managing it. Dimension is probably the first thing you need to consider before purchasing, and it determines how big or small the mower is.

The dimension of the Toro mower is 76.4 x 55.5 x 65 inches. Toro mower is more significant than any other mower on business. Any landscaper’s dream is getting such a bulky beast within a limited budget.

On the other hand, This mower’s dimension makes it more manageable than many other brands. Such a flexible size (81 x 61 x 48 inches) can be the silver lining in the dark cloud for lawnmowers.

2. Price:

No matter how worthy a mower is, its price tag always matters. Like a lawnmower, I always urge other landscapers to compare the price of the mowers before choosing one. There’s no point in buying an expensive mower that offers no extraordinary feature.

Suppose you’re new to mowing chores; initially, going for an expensive one isn’t worth it. That’s when Toro zero turn mowers can be your savior.

This masterpiece executes every mowing task without pinching your pocket. Toro will please you well if you’re looking for something on a budget.

When it comes to rendering premium-grade services, Kubota never fails. Kubota is the first choice of every professional and skilled landscaper.

Even though it costs a little extra, it’s worth every penny! You’ll not regret paying a bit more for this A-1 piece.

3. Deck Size:

Your mower’s deck size has a lot to do with even grass cutting. A mower has to have a perfect deck size that will go with your yard size. Both Toro and Kubota are pretty liberal with their deck size.

If I talk about Toro, it has a deck of 50″, which can fit in with any commercial yard or lawn. You can also use it if you have a large residential yard, and Toro is an excellent option for buyers with a limited budget.

When it comes to deck size, Kubota is very liberal. They offer you a deck size of 42 “-72”. The brand lets buyers decide the deck size they want for their lawn. Kubota is the best if you’re looking for an adjustable, user-friendly deck size. 

4. Engine:

Your lawnmower will need enough power to operate, and a highly-functional engine can only provide that. Only a durable machine can cut the grass evenly, and a power pact engine is probably the most underrated feature one needs to check out.

Factors like fuel availability, price range, and application greatly influence the mower’s engine. Toro and Kubota mowers engines are pretty well-manufactured compared to others in this field. 

Toro mower comes with an engine that provides 24.5 HP for functioning. Can you find any other mower providing such power at a cheaper rate? Experts always suggest Toro mowers for beginner-level grass cutting and lawnmowing work. 

And if you’re looking for an engine acing the mowing business, Kubota can be the correct bid for you. Its 25 HP engine keeps it ahead of all other mowers in the industry.

The survey says maximum Kubota users have highly praised its zero-turn mowers for the beast-like engines. 

5. Transmission:

There was a time when gear drive transmission was the only transmission type available in lawnmowers. But now hydrostatic, friction disk, powdered metal gear, and many other varieties are also available. 

Toro zero-turn mowers usually feature hydrostatic-gear transmission. It’s one of the most common types of transmission, and it includes an internal pump and motor drive system.

Hydrostatic gear transmissions are one of the easier to use. You can also learn how to repair Toro transmission problems here

Metal-powdered gear transmission is a new type of transmission available in Kubota mowers. The experts have been focusing on it for the past ten years.

It’s the cream of the crop in this field. If you’re inclined to explore boss-level transmission, Kubota is the best choice. 

6. Brand Recognition:

No other fact can give a brand more market availability than brand recognition. A well-known brand is always a safer choice than a comparatively new brand because the renowned one is usually answerable to its customers. 

Toro is a synonym of reliability for low-budget landscapers and newbies, and it’s safer to invest in than many other low-cost brands. If you research its quality and customer reviews, you’ll rarely find something negative.

On the other hand, Kubota is a brand serving its clients with outstanding manufacturing. There’s hardly anybody in the mowing business who doesn’t know about Kubota. 

If you’re inclined to invest your valuable money in something worthy, experts will always recommend Kubota, and it’ll safeguard you from splashing cash over repairing sessions. 

So, Which One Will Be Your Final Pick?

As per my survey and research, Kubota is the right pick for you. The experts have agreed that Kubota never compromises its quality or performance, and it’s the champion in what it does!

Are Toro Zero-turn Mowers Any Good?

Yes, they are. Toro is a brand trusted by many customers using it for years. You can count on it if bought from reliable dealers, and it offers exceptional cutting in domestic and professional fields.

If you’re not somebody who likes to maintain their mowers now and then, this piece will keep you in comfort. With Toro zero-turn mowers, you don’t need to worry much about maintenance. 

It’s the best zero-turn mower you can ever purchase on a budget. Toro ensures quality with efficiency. 

How to Maintain Zero-turn Mowers?

Zero-turn mowers can become your best friend infield, only if you know how to maintain them. And who won’t take care of such a significant investment, right? You can get into it, do your chore, and keep it aside. 

Here are some zero-turn mower maintenance tips-

  • Check your mower’s air filter regularly. Make sure that it isn’t clogged or dirty. Excess debris and dirt can deteriorate its condition. 
  • Mower blades are something that constantly does the chore of cutting grass. Wipe off the extra mud and dirt for smooth cutting sessions.
  • Your mower deck isn’t safe from yard clippings or debris. Cleaning the mower deck will save your mower from waste and render smoother cutting. 


The article widely discusses the essential factors of Toro vs. Kubota zero turn mowers. It’ll guide a user or purchaser to choose between both of them. I’ve compiled all necessary information related to these mowers here.

Toro provides satisfactory performance and durability within budget. Toro is far better than other mainstream gadgets as a beginner or budget finder, and it offers an eye-catching warranty.

If you’re a professional-level landscaper, you’ll need something advanced for your yard. And Kubota is the ideal combination of durability and extravagant execution. Kubota can be your pick if you’ve no time to choose among piles of other mowers.

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