The Key Differences Between John Deere 1025r Vs. ZTR

John Deere is a top maker of mowers in the market. Its 1025r is a great model of sub-compact mower and it has excellent features to offer.

A zero-turn mower can be a great alternative to these kinds of sub-compact mowers. There are more advanced features that may make the zero-turn mower a better choice than sub-compact mowers.

But what are the differences between them that will make you choose a zero-turn mower? Or should you buy the 1025r for more convenience?

In this article, I will tell you about the differences that these two mowers have and help you choose the one you need.

John Deere 1025r Vs. ZTR: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power17.2 HP26 hp HP
Cutting Width54 inches48-54 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and reverse
Tire18 and 26 inches11 and18 inches
Pricehigh rangeMid to high range
WeightHeavy and light-weight modelsheavy
Charging Capacity12 volts, 40 ah12 volts, 20 ah
TransmissionTwo Hydrostatic2 HST
Fuel Capacity6.3 gallons12 gal gallons
Starter size1.2 kw8 kw

What Is the Difference Between John Deere 1025r Vs. ZTR on Features?

1. Engine Power:

1025r is a great mower that has an engine power of 17.2 hp. It does not have as much energy as a zero-turn mower but it is decent for a sub-compact one.

The zero-turn mower has about 26 hp which is notably higher than the 1025r mower.

Now if you look at the data it is clear that the zero-turn mower has more engine power than the 1025r. Thus, it is a better choice.

2. Wheel Drive:

If you want to drive the 1025r at full speed you will get 9 mph speed for driving it. It can also drive in reverse but it is a bit hectic and the speed is lower.

A zero-turn mower, on the other hand, can run at the speed of 12 mph normally and the reverse speed is better than 1025r.

In every way, zero turn mower has a better driving speed than 1025r.

3. Tire:

The front tire of 1025r is 18 inches and the rear ones are 26 inches which are standard sizes for a sub-compact mower.

The zero-turn mower has a drive tower measuring 18 inches and the front tires are 11 inches.

The winner depends on what you prefer. If you like mowers with smaller tires then zero-turn will be the one for you.

If you need a heavy tire mower then go for 1025r.

4. Price:

The price of 1025r is quite high. It has the great built quality and other features with a great brand name behind it which makes it quite expensive.

On the other hand, zero-turn mowers have different prices for a different model. It can range from low to expensive according to your need.

As you have freedom in choosing the price, the zero-turn mower wins this section.

5. Cutting Width:

The cutting width is a major factor for a mower. And 1025r will not disappoint you. It has a big 54 inches cutting width which is quite large and it will help you mow big fields in a shorter time.

The zero-turn mower also has big cutting width. You can get 48-54 inches cutting width from these mowers.

Thus, if you need a smaller one or maybe a bigger one you can adjust by buying a zero-turn mower of your preference.

But you are stuck with the 54 inches cutting width with 1025r. Because of the flexibility, I would say the zero-turn mower wins.

6. Weight:

Many individuals find that heavier mowers are beneficial, particularly those whose jobs require them to mow larger fields, which necessitate the use of heavier mowers. However, there are some individuals who prefer to operate a lightweight mower since it is easier to turn and drive, and it also uses less gasoline.

Hence, if you need a heavy mower you can go for 1025r which has 1556 lbs, and if you think of a lighter mower or need to make a flexible choice you can check the zero-turn mowers.

7. Charging Capacity:

The battery of 1025r has 12 volts and 40 amp which is very good. And the zero-turn mower has 12 volts and 20 amp. Both are decent and work fine. But 1025r will stay one step ahead in this section.

8. Transmission:

1025r mower has two hydrostatic transmissions which work really well when you are working in the field.

On the other hand, zero-turn mowers also have dual hydrostatic transmission. This transmission can power your mower for smooth driving and cutting.

Both of the mowers are great in terms of transmission.

9. Fuel Capacity:

The amount of fuel that lawnmowers can hold is a significant concern. If your mower has a limited fuel capacity, you won’t be able to get any work done without continually refueling it.

However, if your mower has a large fuel capacity, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to refuel it.

Thus, the 1025r mower has 6.3 gals of fuel capacity which is decent for a mower that size. But a zero-turn mower has a 12-gal fuel capacity which is almost double that of the 1025r.

Hence, a zero-turn mower is better when it comes to fuel capacity.

10. Starter:

1025r has a 1.2 kW starter size which is an excellent addition to this mower. But zero-turn mower has 8KW size for the starter. It is exceptionally better than 1025r.

11. Warranty:

In terms of warranty 1025r is quite exceptional. It will give you a 6 years warranty and services which is huge.

But the zero-turn mower will provide you 3-4 years of warranty which is also good compared to other mowers in the market.

However, the 6 years of warranty will surpass the zero-turn mower’s warranty.

John Deere 1025r Vs ZTR: Which One to Choose Finally?

Zero-turn mower and sub-compact mower 1025r are quite different in build. But the main purpose of the mowers is the same. Now, which one to choose from these two mowers.

In case you want lower engine power but better build quality with a long warranty period then the 1025r is a great mower for you. It will also give you a comfortable and easy cutting experience along with some other benefits.

However, if you need a mower that can run for hours, and have great engine power excellent driving systems with smooth cutting capacity then a zero-turn mower is a great choice.

Which one to choose, thus, depends on your preferences. Both of the mowers have some great features to offer.


John Deere’s 1025r is a great mower with many functions. It is a premium mower that you can get for a fair price. But people who have used zero-turn mowers have found that it is more comfortable than 1025r.

Thus, some people will pick a zero-turn mower over 1025r. But choosing a mower depends on your preferences.

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