6 Common Problems with John Deere 997 and Their Solutions

John Deere 997 is produced by John Deere company which is one of the most reputed brands in this field. But for any machine it’s normal that it will cultivate some problems over time.

Problems like uneven cuts, smoky engine, steering problems usually occur after using this model for a few years.

In this article, I will discuss the most common problems you can encounter with John Deere 997 and their possible troubleshoot.

Key Points:

  • Some common problems you face with John Deere 997 include the starting problem, cutting problems and the steering issues.
  • To avoid such problems, you should use the correct type of fuel and the fuel lines shouldn’t get clogged.  
  • Besides, damaged components also create issues with mower. So, you should maintain your mower properly and replace the defected parts.

6 Common John Deere 997 Problems and their Solutions:

Let’s learn all the problems and troubleshooting od John Deere 997 below.

1. Engine Doesn’t Start

This is the problem you will come across with any mower. If your engine doesn’t start at all, first look at the possible electric causes.  Make sure you have a fully functioning battery and charging system.

If the charging system cannot charge the batteries or hold the charge, engine won’t get the power. Replace faulty safety switches and bad ignition switch. 

Once you are done with the electric components, you should inspect for any reason that can block the air or fuel flow. Make sure your fuel tank is not empty and have the proper amount of the recommended type of fuel. 

When the fuel becomes stale, sticky substances develop over time and they clog the fuel or air filters and the carburetor.  You should check for such clogged filters and clean or replace them in addition with changing the oil.

2. Engine Stalls While Mowing

Some users have complained that their mower starts but stalls after one hour. The same reasons that create the starting issues can also cause the engine to stall or die after some times of starting.

However, there are some predominant reasons that need check. First, stale fuel can cause this. You should change the oil every month.

You can also add a fuel stabilizer and assist the cleaning.  Dirty or clogged air and fuel filters should be cleaned and replaced.  All the components that make the carburetor should also be cleaned.

Another reason is fouled spark plug. Dirty or damaged spark plugs will cause the spark plug to foul out. To troubleshoot this, clean or replace the spark plug and secure all the spark plug wires and the plugs are gapped properly.  

3. Mower Produce Uneven Cuts

At times, you can encounter uneven or bad cuts with your John Deere Mower.  Start the inspection with tire pressure. The pressure should be even on each tire.

Check if the mower blades are worn or bent. You’ll have to change them in that case. Unlevelled or clogged mower deck can also breed uneven cuts.

So, adjust the deck height and clean it.  Finally, the ground speed should not be too fast and the engine should not run too slow either. Otherwise, you’ll experience bad cuts.

4. Engine Is Smoking 

Sometimes you will see white or black smoke spewing from your mower when you run it.

If you experience white smoke, that can be due excessive oil in the crankcase. Drain the excessive oil until it reaches the recommended level.

The opposite can also be the reason.  If the engine oil level is too low, it will increase the friction and eventually cause damage to the engine.

If this is the case, only pouring oil up to the right level may not help as it can be too late. So, contact an expert to inspect the damage.

On the other hand, black smoke indicates to rich mixture of fuel and air ratio. Lack of air keeps the combustion incomplete and unburnt fuel emit as smoke.

In addition to making the fuel and air ratio right, check if the air filter is clogged. Clean or replace the clogged air filter. You can also blow the engine gasket. Repair it. 

5. Mower Vibrates

Debris stuck in the mower or any damaged component can cause your mower vibrate excessively.  Whenever the mower vibrates, look for any foreig materials like long weeds wrapped around your blade shaft. 

Check if any small debris has got tugged in in the deck or in the mower.  Don’t overlook the smallest thing like a pebble. Remove all of them.

Engine bolts help reduce vibration of the mower when it is running.  So when there is any bolt missing or the bolt connection is loose, the mower will vibrate. Secure and replace any missing bolts.

Besides, damaged blades, worn pulleys or deck belt and bad spindle bearings can also cause the mower to vibrate. So, check for these defects and replace them.

6. Steering Problem 

The steering issues are also common with most mowers.

Firstly, make sure the tire has even pressure.  If the pressure is unequal the mower can pull to one side. Bad dampers can also do the same.

Replace the dampers with new ones. Adjust the speed adjustment bolts and change the rotation speed of the tire if one tire is moving faster than the other.

Finally, look for any worn or damaged steering components.  Damaged bushings, washers and gears should be replaced.

How Good Are John Deere 997 Mowers?

The mower has received good feedbacks from majority of the customers. However, this is a heavy mower with a big size. So, this is not ideal for small lawns. 

But they are great for mowing large lawns. With its fast-cutting speed, this mower mows faster than most other mowers. Operating them is also easier than other mowers. You should face minimum issues with these mowers. 

Still, some issues appear with time. This article should help you in such situations.

How Should I Store the Fuel?

Always store the fuel in a clean, plastic sealed container that is approved for storing fuel to avoid any contamination.  Keep the container away from direct sunlight so that temperature cannot affect the quality of it.

How Should I Remove the Mower Blade? 

You need to remove the mower deck first to remove the blade. Place the deck on the ground gently. Your blades will face up. Now loosen the bolts that hold the blades using a 15mm wrench with a ratchet.

Final Words

Although this article explains almost all common issues with the John Deere 997 mower, some other problems may appear at times. In such cases we recommend you to contact the local repair stores.

However, it is important to keep your mower on regular inspection to avoid any issue.

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