John Deere S120 vs S130 Features and The Key Differences

The S120 tractor is a fantastic snow removal device that can help you get rid of that pile of snow on your driveway throughout the winter season. Contrariwise, to keep the throttle from jamming in the choke position, S130’s spring creates resistance and forces the lever back into its normal position. But, is such information enough to guide you in avoiding one over another?

In this article, I’ll go through the features and advantages of both the John Deere S120 and S130 to help you decide which one is ideal for you. So, sit back and take your time reading the whole thing.

John Deere s120 and s130: Quick Comparison Table

The S120 and S130 are nearly identical except for the manual vs. electric PTO and the front bumper on the S130. It is now the time to explore.

John Deere S120 vs S130:

Length69.7 inches74.2 inches
Height44 inches45 inches
Width55.2 inches55.2 inches
Starter volt12V12V
Fuel tank capacity       9.1 L9.1 L
Reasons to Confuse Buyers to Choose One over Another: If the specifications of both John Deere S120 and S130 get compared, it can be seen that both models show up with the same orders. However, this is not enough as features of such models should be looked up to that make consumers amazed, as well as to choose a better option for them. Let’s get into them.

John Deere S120 its Features


The S120 engine, is a 2-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical shaft, V-twin engine built by Briggs & Stratton. It has a 22hp engine, which is excellent for a lawn tractor.

This strong engine, combined with its V-twin capacity, will improve your lawn’s capabilities and smooth operations. It has a 9.1L gasoline tank with simple access in the back.


The fuel tank is easily accessible at the tractor’s back end, and the fuel gauge can be checked while sitting comfortably in the seat.

The lever is equipped with a spring-assisted hand grip for a secure grasp. It comes with a 15-inch backrest and a high seat. With two coil springs, the seat suspension can be angled.


The Tuff-Torq TL200 transmission variant with belt-driven hydrostatic transmits power from the engine to parts such as the tires of the John Deere S120 lawn tractor. 

With the standard cruise control technology, you can focus on mowing amazing patterns because the pace will remain constant regardless of the terrain you’re mowing.

John Deere S130 its Features


The John Deere S130 is powered by a gasoline-powered Briggs & Stratton engine which has enough horsepower for tough jobs like mowing thick grass.

The S130 delivers maximum power while retaining fuel economy due to its overhead engine valves.

Furthermore, the engine and its components benefit from a full pressure lubrication system and oil change technology.


The John Deere S130 has a compact body that has been updated with current features like a front bumper.

The structure is strengthened with high-density steel rails for increased protection, despite the body being made of a robust one-piece steel frame.

Moreover, when compared to other tractors of similar size, the S130 features a rather big drivers’ seat. When using your lawnmower, the 15-inch seat gives maximum comfort and eliminates back strain.


The S130’s 22-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, along with the Tuff Torq TL200 transmission, puts it in a solid position for tackling demanding lawn tasks.

The tractor’s belt-driven hydrostatic transmission distributes power from the engine to the back wheels, allowing it to move in the right direction.

John Deere s120 vs s130:  Which One to Choose?

Overall, if one is to compare all the features and facilities that John Deere S120 and S130 share, it is pretty difficult to choose one over another as both the S120 and S130 have a lot in common.

However, S120 can be your final choice as it comes up with great facilities at a lesser cost than s130.

John Deere sS130 costs $2,399 whereas you can get S120 for $2,299. With this price, S120 will help you deal with the avalanche of snow that has formed on your driveway during wintertime.

The internal wet disk braking system operates brilliantly even in damp conditions. As a result, the probability of a fatality caused by braking issues is lowered.

The cutting method facilitates the cutting of problematic lawn edges both internally and externally, resulting in a consistent and stunning environment.

When dealing with lawn clippings, you can use the side-discharge feature to carefully relocate the clippings to the side of the grass.

Can John Deere s120 be Reliable with its Durability?

When it has been decided that you can get John Deere S120 as your best option, a concern may come with its durability. There is nothing to be worried about.

The 42-inch mower deck’s robust steel deck shell extends the life of this area, which is subjected to a lot of stone hits. Another area that is prone to impacts is the frame.

This is why John Deere uses full-length welded steel in this part. The molded-in color material on the hood minimizes engine noise while also protecting it from corrosion and rusting.


You are now able to make rational choices about which one to use for your specific needs as you have come to be familiar with the facilities and features of S120 and S130, which offer the same features but at different prices.

Even though the John Deere S120 shares the same features with S130, Because the soil is lumpy, rough, changes slope quickly, and is very tight, it really performs rather well and cuts better than any of the Deeres. Even the 42″ deck seems to be too big to perform well, so nothing is an issue for you.

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