John Deere x738 Vs x739 Lawn Tractor: Which One to Choose?

It’s nothing new for John Deere to provide models that make it very hard for customers to choose one over another one.  John Deere X738 and X739 are two models that have a lot in common. Will you, however, be encouraged by these straightforward facts to make the correct decision?

Both models in the X700 series include standard equipment designed high strength wheels that give them a fresh, classy look. Additionally, both come with a full-length, welded C-channel steel frame that can support big loads.

So, what exactly is the difference between these two outstanding models?

Throughout this article, I’ll highlight some subtle differences and key aspects between X738 and X739 so you can decide which is best for you. So, sit back and relax while reading the full thing.

John Deere X738 vs. X739: Quick Comparison Table

Despite their similarities, the John Deere X738 and X739 show a significant difference. So, let’s take a short look at how these two powerful models compare.

John Deere X738 Vs. X739:

Manufacturer and model of engineFD750D EFIFD750D EFI
Power25.5 hp25.5 hp
Width of the blade48 inches48 inches
Forward speed0-8.5 mph0-8.5 mph
Total Length75 inches75 inches
CostLess expensive than X739More expensive

What are the Features of John Deere X738 and X739 Provide that Confuse Consumers?

Engine and Power:

The V-twin, liquid-cooled John Deere iTorque engine system with electronic fuel injection (EFI) is available on both the X738 and X739, providing great performance and the longevity to handle practical uses.

The John Deere iTorque power system utilizes engine technologies to increase pulling capability, balanced cooling, and reliability.

Both versions come with a 25.5-hp or 19-kW liquid-cooled V-twin engine with a powerful 45.5-cu inch displacement that delivers enough power and torque for outstanding results in every situation. The hood is made of one piece and hinges open for easy engine access.

It is worth mentioning that both the X738 and the X739 feature full-pressure lubrication with a removable oil filter, ensuring plenty of clean oil for extended engine service.

Moreover, in both models, the solenoid-shift starter guarantees that the starter remains engaged until the key switch is disengaged, allowing for quick coolant temp.


The 5.5-inch deep-deck design of both the X738 and X739 provides great airflow, allowing the material to be handled fast and efficiently.

For further strength and longevity, the deck is made of 9-gauge, 0.15-inch steel with weld joints reinforcing at the bottom edge.

In both models, high-capacity mower decks are manufactured in a hydraulic press to reduce welds giving a flat bottom for reduced material buildup.

Such models show up with a bigger and higher discharge opening, which allows for even clipping spread and a great completed look in all conditions.

Ramps are also included in both models to allow driving over the mower deck during the installation and withdrawal of it from the tractor.

Shark teeth-shaped grips are built in such a fantastic way into the ramp inclines that assure better tire grip while driving through the mower deck.

Moreover, these incredible models are made of 30 percent glass-filled polypropylene for stability and to support the tractor’s weight.


You can acquire a bumper-to-bumper 4-year or 700-hour single-source warranty. The good news is that the warranty is painless, as all of the paperwork is handled by one organization.

Both the X738 and X739 tractors, like other premium features of the X700 Series, offer a longer warranty duration with more protection than competitive brands.

You can obtain Cruise control as standard equipment on these amazing X700 series tractors with their long durability.

To activate, press down on the cruise lever and hold until the forward pedal is released.

It’s worth noting that the cruise control can be disengaged for an emergency stop by pressing down on the main brake pedal or the forward pedal.


When all the features get matched with one another, in terms of cost John Deere X738 comes up with a lower price than X738.

The X739 comes with full-time four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for unmatched traction, maneuverability, and trimming capabilities. These are enough reasons for X739 to be more expensive than X738.

John Deere X738 Vs. X739: Which One to Choose?

Overall, if all of the features and dependability of John Deere X738 and X739 are compared, X739 should be chosen as the best option for use. You may now wonder why is X739 a better option rather than X738 when both models offer the same features?

There is not a big difference in price between these two great models. X738 comes up for $14,244 whereas X739 offers the same fantastic features as X738 for $14,904. With this little difference in price, X739 gives enough satisfying service with its AWS function.

AWS in X738 in contrast simply cannot provide enough of an advantage to justify its expense, ground clearance reduction, and increased parts complexity.

The back of your X738 with those HDAPs may impress you, but if all of the functions do not meet your needs, the little price difference between the X738 and the X739 is an issue for you. This is why you ought to think properly while purchasing a better tractor for your needs.

The X739 can be equipped with a 54″ Edge drive-over deck that is stamped in one piece and strengthened with a bent and welded bar that runs around the circumference.

What are the thoughts of the users on John Deere X739?

According to the majority of users, the AWS on the X739 is very useful. The yard is almost entirely on hills, with several plants, trees, and boulders to mow around with it. Because of the tight curves, AWS has reduced mowing time. With AWS, 4WD, and HDAP tires, no chains are required.

 Customers are blown away by how well the device works. It also starts instantly in subzero temperatures, unlike my diesel compact, which requires a Herculean effort to start when the temperature drops below 20 degrees.

I also enjoy using it to mow my grass. You can plow sideways if you want, and because you can steer with the rears, you won’t lose steering if the front end gets light on the snow.

Many people have a well-kept lawn with difficult-to-maintain landscaping. This 739 of the X700 series, on the other hand, outlives everything. The 739 loaners resolve any minor issues that could arise with other models or brands.


Considering the differences and similarities between the John Deere X738 and X739 might assist you in coming to a decision about which one is best for your needs.

Despite its slightly higher price than the X738 model, the John Deere X739 is recognized as a reliable model because of its excellent features and abilities, and as a result, people will gravitate toward it more frequently. It cannot be forgotten that AWS of X739 is a game-changer for the users.

Moreover, the rear wheels’ ability to articulate in snow and ice is extremely beneficial in slippery situations.

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