John Deere S170 vs S240: Which One You Should Buy?

Seeing a better transmission and Kawasaki engine, you may have made up your mind about buying S240. But don’t rush into a decision before reading this comprehensive John Deere S170 vs S240 comparison.

Both lawnmowers are very popular but S240 is a more recent one with better features. S170 also has had a strong presence in the community for a long time due to its reliable performance.

In this article, I have done a side-by-side comparison of the two models with their pros and cons in detail. Read till the end to know which model better suits your needs.

John Deere S170 vs S240: Quick Comparison Table

Before you start reading the feature-wise comparison, let’s have a quick look at the table below for an overview.

 John Deere S170John Deere S240
Engine power24 hp21.5 hp
Engine BrandBriggs & StrattonKawasaki
Rear tires22×9.5-1220×10-8
Cutting TechEdgeAccel Deep
Reliable EngineYesYes

What’s the Difference Between John Deere S170 and S240 Based on Features?

Both S170 and S240 have almost similar features and specs. After some research, I have found some differences that are worth mentioning. Let me explain those below.

1. Power

According to the ideal engine power requirement from different experts, 24HP is enough to meet residential needs.

Anything more than that threshold is capable of handling commercial applications.

Here, I have seen that S170 comes with a more powerful engine compared to S240. Logically, S170 should be the winner in this segment.

But higher horsepower doesn’t always mean a more powerful engine. I am going to explain the reason in the next parameter.

When you will know about the brands of the engine used in these models, you will find which one is better.

2. Engine Manufacturer

On one hand, we have S170 which has a 24HP Briggs & Stratton engine. On another, the S240 comes with a 21.5HP Kawasaki engine.

In terms of reliability, you can rely on both brands. But Kawasaki engines are more efficient and powerful compared to Briggs & Stratton.

What I mean is that you may not get the claimed 24HP from Briggs & Stratton engine in real life.

Kawasaki is a worldwide renowned brand that produces top-notch motors and engines used in various machines.

And, Briggs & Stratton is a very old company with a rich history of making mower engines.

Comparing the features and performance, I think homeowners should go for the model with the Kawasaki engine.

3. Rear Tire Size

John Deere S170 has a 4” wider rear tire which is very useful in certain conditions.

But that doesn’t mean that having a slim tire in John Deere S240 is a problem. It also has certain advantages.

S170 is capable of carrying more load and providing better traction on dry surfaces. If you live in such an area where seldom rains, JD S170 will be your best choice.

John Deere S240 is released more recently with a narrow rear tire compared to its counterpart.

The benefit is that the tractor has a better grip on wet surfaces making it suitable for almost all terrains.

In this part, I am not declaring one model as a clear winner because it depends on the application.

4. Cutting Tech

Another big difference between the two models is in their cutting technology. S170 uses Edge and S240 uses the Accel Deep feature of John Deere.

Seeing the Edge mowing deck, you won’t be able to differentiate it from other competitors. It has the same underside deck but there is more in the design.

The development team at John Deere researched a lot and improved its design in a way that leaves no grass clippings or other materials.

The benefit of this design is that you can easily and more quickly clean the deck spending less time than before.

Accel Deep technology also has the same benefit and some more. It offers faster and cleaner cuts.

As a result, you can cover larger areas spending less fuel and time. Long or mid-sized grasses can easily pass through because of the improved design.

Hence, there are no possibilities of re-cutting or interference that may harm the blade. In the end, the mowing deck lasts longer.

On top of that, you can easily add the mulching option for better landscaping. So, I would keep S240 ahead in this parameter.

5. Price

Lastly, I want to talk about the price. From the comparison table above, you have already seen that the price difference between the two models is very small.

For obvious reasons, S240 costs slightly higher than the other model. Considering the features and performance, I think both models are priced reasonably.

6. Durability

John Deere is famous for the durability of its products, and S170 or S2140 is no different.

Due to using hardy metal with corrosion-resistant coating, both models are capable of supporting your landscaping tasks for years.

7. Engine Reliability

JD uses B&S engines for their lower-end models (S170), and Kawasaki engines for higher-end models (S240). Both are good and reliable engine brands.

But in comparison, I would keep Kawasaki ahead of Briggs and Stratton for certain reasons, and I have already explained them above.

8. After Service and Warranty

You can go through different online forums and know about John Deere’s aftersales service.

There are mixed reviews but most of them are good. As dealers’ behavior and policies vary from state to state, it is normal to get a mixed experience.

From a valid source, I have read that S170 comes with a 2-year or 120 hours of limited warranty.

If you have used it 120 hours before the 2-year mark, the tractor’s warranty will be up.

And, S240 comes with better parts, engine, and specs along with a 3-year warranty period.

For both models, an extended warranty can be applied. But you have to make an application for that special benefit. This link can be helpful.

John Deere S170 or S240: Which One to Choose? (The Verdict)

Now, let’s put an end to the John Deere S170 cs S240 comparison. I think that buying S240 will be the best decision.

Spending a little more than S170, you are getting a Kawasaki engine, better Accel Deep Technology, and better control on wet surfaces.

But those who want something to carry heavy loads and don’t want to spend much on maintenance can go for S170.

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