4 Common Problems with John Deere x520 (Solutions Included)

The John Deere X520 tractor is part of the most recent lineup of John Deere lawnmowers, which is the X500 series.

The actual apparatus is driven by a V twin engine that generates 26 horsepower and is cooled by liquid. It is substantially more powerful and is capable of making more optimal use of the power available to it.

However, you may find some problems like power loss, starter issues, or engine problems which can be annoying. You need some tools and some guidelines for fixing them. 

That’s why, in this article, I have shared the most common issues of John Deere x520 and how you can fix them.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with John Deere x520Solutions
Engine ProblemCheck wire connections, change spark plug
Power LossChange gas and clean clogged filter
Vibration and brake issueChange belt, use bypass for the brake
Starter ProblemChange defective fuse

4 Most Common Problems with John Deere x520 and Their Possible Solutions:

John Deere x520 has some issues as reports say. Although these problems are not that frequent, they can happen to your John Deere x520. Thus, you should know why that happens and how can you fix it.

1. Engine Problem

The fact that the engine won’t start is one of the most significant problems associated with this model.

This issue could have been caused by a wide variety of factors. There is a possibility that the tank is empty of fuel and that the fuel system is jammed.

It’s possible that the engine of your mower will occasionally be in a difficult state.

This occurs when the cooling fins become obstructed in some way. This can also take place if the spark setting is adjusted in an improper manner.

The Fix:

First, it is necessary to identify the source of the issue. If the engine of your tractor has unexpectedly been unable to start, you should only use premium gasoline. Conduct a test to ensure that the wire connection is functioning correctly.

Whenever the engine would not start, it is important to determine whether or not the spark plug has been compromised. In case the problem persists, the spark should be inspected, and if required, it should be replaced.

If your engine is operating in an uneven manner, clean and wash the cooling fins.

Whether there are any issues, like a backfire on the engine, inspect to find if the spark plugs have become clogged, and fix or alter the throttle as necessary.

You might alternatively concentrate your efforts on examining and adjusting the air gap that is present in the ignition coil.

2. Power Loss

The x520 may experience a reduction in power when you are cutting various kinds of grass if dirt is piling up underneath the mower deck if there is a blockage in the airflow and fuel, or when the oil level is low.

It is normal for the engine of the mower to endure a loss of power if it is forced to contend with an abnormal quantity of load. It is true that sometimes you need to use the mower for some excessive work. But that can lead to power loss. 

This problem can also be caused by a clogged air filter, filthy carburetor, or poor-quality fuel. Even after the engine is turned off, it is possible for there to be an abrupt loss of power.

The Fix:

Here are some potential solutions to the issue of power loss, which you can perform to get rid of the problem-

  • You need to get a new air filter if the one you have is clogged with dust or other debris.
  • Change any spark plugs which are dirty or have become clogged in order to maintain engine performance.
  • Set the blade height on the tractor to the appropriate level before beginning to trim tall grass.
  • The blade of the lawn mower needs to be sharpened or replaced if it is worn out, crooked, or if it is missing.
  • Replace the previous gas with the brand-new gas after cleaning out the old gas
  • Check the amount of oil in the container, and then, if needed, add more.
  • Remove the junk that has accumulated in the gasoline filter, or clean or replace it.
  • Remove any debris blocking the air vent and clean it regularly.
  • Try to give the mower breaks every 40-50 mins of use.

3. Vibration and Brake Issue

The machine the x520 has a tendency to vibrate and create strange noises, and this is by far the most common problem with the machine.

This issue has a straightforward cause: the drive belts for the attachments are either defective or worn out. The presence of debris on the drive pulleys is another possible explanation for the peculiar behavior of your tractor.

When the tractor is sitting still with the engine working, you need to check the parking brake. This is another potential outcome that may occur once the bypass valve has been closed.

The Fix:

To begin, the driven belt of the implementation needs to be replaced whenever it develops a crack or shows signs of excessive wear.

Check for worn belts and replace them as necessary.

You need to replace the blades if they are crooked, unbalanced, or otherwise damaged in any way.

Whenever the parking brake is put in place, the only option you have is to loosen its hold on the vehicle.

After the bypass gate has been pulled out, disconnect the lever that controls the bypass valve.

When the blades of the mower have become too loose, you should fasten them as necessary.

4. Starter Problem

The inability of the starter of the John Deere X520 to function efficiently is one of the more common complaints about this model.

This occurs as a result of the primary fuse having been blown.

It may also occur if the terminal connection is in a terrible state or maybe the starter is compromised.

Additionally, there is a clear indication that the battery has not been fully charged. This takes place whenever one or more of the cell’s components become destroyed.

The issue may also manifest itself if the connection between the wire and the battery pole is imperfect.

The Fix:

First things first, check and perhaps replace the faulty fuse. Proceed to the next component if the fuse appears to be in good condition.

Investigate the battery terminals for any signs of irregularities.

If it is rusted, giving it a thorough cleaning should remove the obstruction and allow the flow of power to resume normally.

If the battery has lost all of its charges, you should recharge it.

If you notice that, then the problem cannot be caused by any of the other options; it has to be the switch.

It indicates that the starter or the ignition switch is faulty on this vehicle. Examine it and make adjustments to it.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

John Deere x520 is an incredible mower. It has many features that people love. The users have given great reviews on this mower.

One person said that he enjoyed the mower very much. He also said the transmission is highly robust in its strength. He has pulled things that it should not pull, including logs and a truck, but he did it anyhow. The transmission didn’t even make a groaning sound.

According to a different user, the engine possesses a lot of power. He has not been successful in stopping it despite undertaking routine and heavy mowing. When I tried to turn on the blades in the waist-high grass, he did stop it once, but only briefly.

Additionally, it is simple to carry out the daily pre-start checks and work whenever it is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much oil does a John Deere x520 take?

This mower has an oil capacity of 1.9 L.

How often should I change the oil in my John Deere x520 mower?

It is recommended by John Deere that you refill the oil at least once every season. That’s roughly once per 50 hours that you operate your lawn mower.

Final Thoughts

This mower is one of the best of John Deere and people love this mower. There are some issues in this mower that can be relatively easy to fix. If any of these problems are causing you discomfort, carefully following my advice will result in a satisfactory resolution. If you want to avoid issues like these in the future, it is strongly recommended that you perform routine maintenance on your mower. I hope you have a nice experience.

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