6 Most Common Problems with Kubota L3901 and Their Solutions

Kubota is undoubtedly a trusted brand that offers some exceptional tractors. Especially, if you are looking for a tractor for your farm, nothing can be better than the Kubota L3901 model. 

However, one might encounter some common troubleshooting issues with their Kubota L3901, such as engine crank difficulty, engine overheating, abruptly shut down, steering difficulty, Regeneration, and PTO problem.

In this very article, I will address each of these troubleshooting problems and provide potential solutions to them-

Common Problems of The Kubota L3901 and Their Potential Solutions:

Although Kubota L3901 is an incredible option for using on farms, one might still experience certain troubleshooting issues while using them. So, let’s have a brief look over those potential problems and their possible solutions-

1. Sometimes Engine Does Not Crank

Although it is a very common issue with any tractor or mower that sometimes their engine just refuses to crank or takes too long to crank, it is still troublesome for any user.

Most owners claim that the L3901 tractor’s engine usually works smoothly with proper care and regular maintenance, but sometimes the engine starts to act on its own and just won’t crank.

Well, this error mainly occurs when you have a dead battery on your tractor, or the battery cables have any issue such as a loose connection, or they are corroded with an excessive amount of dirt and corrosion.

Quick Fixes:

Fortunately, the solution is pretty easy, and all you have to do is, as soon you notice cranking difficulty, check the internal battery condition first along with the battery cables state.

If the battery is damaged or dead, replace it immediately and if any of the battery cables seems loose from the connection, tighten it properly.

Besides that, if an excessive amount of dirt and corrosion is the main culprit, clean them thoroughly with a professional cleaning solution.

While you are on there, do not forget to test your tractor’s safety switches with an Ohm meter to make sure they are reading the correct voltage.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions works for your L3901 engine problem, immediately contact your nearest service provider.

2. Engine Overheats

Multiple owners have claimed that they have experienced that the Kubota L3901 engine overheats.

Generally, the engine can overheat due to insufficient radiator airflows. Remember, when external dust particles or debris enter the radiator, they reduce the airflows by blocking the path.

As a result, the engine starts to overheat, and as time passes, the heat turns unbearable, which might lead your engine to shut down abruptly.

Quick Fix:

Luckily the solution is simple, and all you have to do is thoroughly clean all the existing debris or dust particles from the radiator fins. You can even use an air compressor to blow them out.

3. Trouble with Regeneration

Regeneration is an essential element for your L3901 tractor’s smooth operation. Technically the regen light is supposed to go off after your tractor starts the regeneration process, but unfortunately, many owners claim that sometimes the light does not go off and keeps flashing.

Not only that, another particularly annoying issue with this tractor is that it needs regeneration almost every thirty hours. Since frequent regen typically burns more fuel and causes heating issues on other nearby parts, which is dangerous too.

Quick Fixes:

However, to solve the light flashing error, you can try a quick fixing trick like speeding your engine up to a higher RPM until the light indicator turns off.

Besides, in most cases, the lights stop flashing right after the regen process completely finishes. So, if you are having trouble, let your tractor in the regeneration process for at least fifteen minutes and do not interrupt. The light will automatically stop flashing.

But if these little tricks do not help you solve your tractor’s regen issue, immediately contact the experts.

4. Engine Abruptly Shuts Down After Starting

This is one of the most common problems that happen with most Kubota tractor models, including L3901.

According to several owners, the tractor initially starts normally, but the engine abruptly shuts down in the middle of their operation without any warning.

Generally, a tractor engine abruptly shuts down in the middle of its operation when it is starving for fuel or due to any internal component such as the fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, or air filters failure.

Quick Fixes:

In most cases, it occurs due to fuel starvation, so make sure to check your tractor’s fuel tank to check the fuel level and refill it if needed.

Now, if your tractor is not starving for enough fuel, the next thing you need to check is whether your fuel pumps, filters, and lines are working correctly or any of them got clogged or damaged. If you find any clogged, damaged parts over there, replace them.

Besides that, do not forget to check the air filters, whether they are clogged or not, and if needed, replace them.

5. Power Take-Off Or PTO Might Malfunction

Another commonly mentioned problem is the PTO malfunctioning or failure, where users have noticed that the PTO shaft starts turning without its proper engagement. Sometimes people even see that the shaft does not turn when the PTO itself has engaged properly.

There can be several potential reasons behind PTO failure or malfunction, but most commonly it happens when the bush hog shuts off while PTO is still not connected with the power supply.

Quick Fixes:

As soon you notice the PTO malfunction issue, check the clutch pack first to ensure it’s in proper working condition and if needed, either repair or replace it.

If the clutch pack is not the culprit, check on the PTO control valve and do a pressure test to confirm whether it is in good working condition or not. Even if you see any weak seal on that control valve, make sure to replace it.

6. Steering Difficulty

Sometimes the L3901 tractor gives the user a hard time controlling and operating the steering, which mainly occurs when air gets in your tractor’s hydraulic system or if your tractor’s steering cylinders have any issue there. It can occur due to fuel or oil starvation too.

Quick Fixes:

First, check your tractor’s oil tank, and if it’s empty or nearly empty, refill it immediately.

If that does not solve your problem, the next thing you should do is clear all existing air from the hydraulic system.

Next, you should check the steering cylinders of your tractor and if any or multiple cylinders look damaged, replace them.

Is Kubota L3901 Tractor A Good & Reliable?

Kubota L3901 is undoubtedly a good and reliable tractor. It comes with all the necessary features, including a water-cooled 4-cycle engine that offer 33-37 horsepower, HST Transmission, a great Hydraulic system that offers up to 650 kilograms lift capacity, tires that provide great grip and traction, even the full tank lets you work all day long with one full load.

All in all, based on its power and usability, Kubota L3901 offers versatility, durability, and better user comfort.

Final Thoughts

To sum up today’s discussion, I must agree that some common problems can occur with the Kubota L3901. But let me remind you that most of those issues happen pretty much with almost every top-rated tractor. 

So, learning these problems in-depth and understanding the possible solutions beforehand will help to get rid of those problems.

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