Money Plant: How Does the Money Plant look

Epipremnum aureum, more widely known as money plant, is a plant in the arum family of Araceae. These plants are very well known and are grown everywhere and are one of the most preferred house plants. These plants do not require much extensive care and thus are the most preferred types of plants.

These plants got their famous name, ‘Money Plant’, because of their structure. The leaves are green and almost heart-shaped in structure which gives it a close resemblance to that of a coin, which is why the plant got its name. money plants have one of the most striking features which every plant possesses. This feature is that money plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

These plants can grow and thrive well both inside the house and outside the house, which makes money plants a very preferred kind of plant. These plants are also known for their benefit of purifying the air. Their ability to purify the air makes them a much-preferred plant to grow as it generates a great ambiance and appears to provide a pure situation. As money plants are filled with goodness and do not require much maintenance, it remains one of the most popular plants in the world.

Money plant
Money plant(Golden Pothos)

The appearance of money plant

The appearance of golden pothos is well-known as striking in nature. Golden pothos is usually lush and filled with leaves. These plants can easily grow up to 30 feet long. The plants reach an average of around 20 to 30 feet while growing indoors. In case, the plants are grown outdoors with excellent conditions, the plant could grow even beyond 30 feet.

The golden pothos has several colors in which they can be grown. Though the most popular color is green, it is also grown in shades of golden, light yellow, light green, and so on. The foliage of the money plant is usually yellow and white in color. The leaves, because of which the plant derives its name, are plump and coin-shaped. These features of the plant make golden pothos an excellent decorative plant. Furthermore, when combined with its benefits these plants are most preferred among decorative plants.  

Varieties of money plant

Money plants come in various types. Each variety is different from one another. Each variety holds the same benefits and basic characteristics, yet they differ on a small basis. A few of the types are Golden Pothos, which is most commonly known as the Devil’s Ivy Money Plant. There is another variety that is as famous as the Devil’s Ivy known as the Split Leaf Money Plant. The Marble Queen or the N’joy Pothos Money plant is another famous type of money plant.

Silver or Satin Money Plant, Swiss Cheese Money plants, and Hawaiian Pothos are other types of money plants that are quite popular. The Big Leaf Money Plant is known for its lush leaves and huge leaves. The Neon Money Plant is quite famous for its bright and striking hue. These types of money plants are chosen accordingly to match the décor. Thus, the presence of different types of money plants makes them wonderful decorative plants.

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History of money plants

Money plant wasn’t always known as widely as it is today. Earlier, money plant was known by other names. There were several other names through which the money plant was earlier referred to. In the year 1800, they were named to several genera. This was the first report of the money plants. The first ever reference to the money plant was as, ‘Pothos Aureus’, which is why the money plant still continues to hold the name Pothos. Later, in the year 1962, it got a new name known as, ‘Raphidophora Aurea’. 

Money plants, now spread all over the world, were initially native to Moorea in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Though money plants are way more popular as indoor plants, they have also adapted themselves to grow and thrive just the same even in the outdoors. Thus, money plants could be found in the wild in the regions of South Africa, Australia, South East Asia, Pacific Islands. These money plants thrive better in tropical as well as sub-tropical areas. Gradually, due to their appearances and their benefits, these plants became a very popular source of decorative plants.

Benefits of money plant

Money plants are not only appealing to look at but also hold various special benefits. These special properties of money plants make them even more preferable. Money plants are filled with goodness and special uses. The most important feature of a money plant is the ability to purify the air. The world is being filled with pollutants and thus it is of utmost importance that the air is purified in all possible ways. The use of money plants can help in purifying the air and ultimately give an environment with no pollutants and clean air.

The harmful pollutants in the air such as benzenes, xylene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide all result in severe health hazards. Money plants tend to remove these pollutants from the air and thus keep the air healthy. Money plant ensures that the air is comparatively cleaner and tends to make the environment cleaner and safer for breathing.

The amount of radiation is progressively increasing in the day-to-day world. There is immense radiation emitted from various electronic devices such as mobile phones, televisions, and refrigerators, these are very harmful to the immune system and greatly affect the health of human beings as well as animals. Money plant is very useful as it tends to remove these harmful radiations from the environment, making the environment a radiation-free one.

The present-day world, being a complicated and chaotic place is bound to have a negative impact on human health and tends to affect mental health. There are many cases and instances of being affected with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and several other mental disorders. Growing money plants is proven is to have a calming effect and ultimately tends to reduce the stress and chaos of life. Money plants, being an oxygen producer and having an appealing look, can easily calm down the minds of the people. Thus, a money plant can be used as a relaxant plant.

Money plants are also associated with various beliefs. Though these may seem a myth, it has been thought to be true and is believed to bring about these positive changes. According to Feng Shui, the money plant is a very special plant, especially if it has five leaves in a single branch. This is because the five leaves represent the five elements.

Every five leaves are believed to represent air, fire, water, earth, and metal. Since these five elements are the basis of the world, this plant which is believed to represent these elements is believed to be a very special plant. Thus, it is said that growing money plants brings luck and prosperity. This ultimately led to the popularity of the plant. 

Planting of money plants

With the simplest care, money plants can be grown. They do not require much attention or specialized care. They can be grown with simple and easy methods. The money plant is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. Money plant has a special nature where they can be grown in both, soil and water. Thus, it can be grown even in bottles with water, where it will successfully thrive. Golden pothos can be planted directly in the soil outdoors or can be grown in pots. The pots can be of any material such as ceramic, metal, stone, mud, and so on. 

In order to plant a money plant, a portion of the money plant has to be cut off. Usually, a portion of the money plant is cut anywhere near 10” long. This is the cutting that has to be used to plant and ultimately taken care of so that it can develop as a new plant. The stem so cut must be healthy and must not have any damage.

All the leaves in the lower part of the stem ought to be removed. This is necessary to do so because the leaves require energy and attention and thus much energy of the stems will be devoted to the leaves. Thus, when the leaves are cut off, the focus of the energy will shift to the development of the roots. In order to promote the growth of the roots, they must be soaked in water for a couple of days after removing all the leaves. Tiny roots will develop a few days later. The stem can be planted in the soil or can be grown in the water. 

Golden Pothos care

Once the plant is planted, certain care has to be taken. Thigh there is not much work to be done, and some criteria have to be fulfilled. The most important of them is the use of water. Golden pothos does not require excess water and can thrive even with minimal water. However, they cannot go on dry for a long period of time. They need to have their soil moisturized. The soil must hold some moisture in it and must also have a good drainage system. The soil has to be ensured that it has sufficient moisture in the top layer. 

Pruning is not a necessary part of the process of growing a money plant but can be followed in some cases. In cases where the plant beings to look clumsy, it is better to start the process of pruning. In case there are no new shoots growing, the old shoots can be pruned. The old shoots when pruned will lead to the growth of new shoots and healthier-looking leaves. Thus, pruning also has its benefits. It allows new growth and makes the plant look healthier and more appealing.

Fertilizers are not really required. Yet it can be used to promote the development of the plant. Liquid plant fertilizers could be used. Natural manure and organic matter can also be used. This will ensure that the plants could grow better and develop healthier. These are the care that a golden pothos requires and these methods and steps are really easy to follow. Thus, growing golden pothos can be done easily.


The care required for growing golden pothos is quite simple in nature. As they do not require much-specialized care and do not require modern techniques, they remain as one of the most preferred household plants. Money plant grown all over the world are very beneficial in nature and is thus gaining even more popularity. With a little knowledge about their care methods, they could be easily grown and made to thrive. Thus, money plants are one of the top best plants available in the world.  

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