Kawasaki vs Kohler: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Kohler engines are more reliable whereas Kawasaki engines have superior support.

Cab Cadet as a great lawnmower uses Kawasaki and Kohler engines like many other powerful mowers and devices. Both of them provide outstanding performance with multiple strong qualities, though Kohler has stronger support service. Kawasaki, on the other hand, has a history of outstanding quality over time.

In this article, the distinction between Kawasaki and Kohler will be covered to help you in choosing the best option for your mower.

Kawasaki Vs Kohler: Quick Comparison Table

Kawasaki and Kohler are both viable solutions. However, before selecting which is the best option for you, have a closer look at both.

Engine TypesSpecial ChoiceSeveral Choices
Fuel ConsumptionFuel consumption is inefficientFuel efficiency is better than Kawasaki’s
Power15.5 hp to 38.5 hp3hp to 38hp
LongevityLong-lastingLess Lifespan
Warranty3 Years with the Advantage of getting the replacementNo Set of Warranty Period
CostExpensiveCosts Less than Kawasaki

What’s The Difference Between Kawasaki and Kohler Engines Based on Features?

1. Power System

Kawasaki is noted for its Critical Power engines, which produce significantly more horsepower than any other engine. This standard assures that engines deliver at least 98 percent of their advertised horsepower to the customers.

The interesting part is that several testing authorities put Kawasaki engines to the test in order to ensure that they have the most horsepower for their consumers and its horsepower ranges from 15.5 hp to 38.5

In contrast, Kohler engines aren’t recognized for their reliability when it comes to horsepower measurements. Kohler offers a wide range of gasoline engines, with horsepower ranging from 3 to 38.

Kawasaki is the winner in this category. Because of its higher horsepower, the Kawasaki has a faster top speed, making it ideal for commercial use.

2. Durability

A Kawasaki engine has the potential to survive more than a decade.

Moreover, Kawasaki is regarded for the correctness of its horsepower numbers when it comes to dependability. You receive the horsepower you anticipate when you are to use lawn mower with a Kawasaki engine.

In comparison to Kawasaki engines, Kohler engines have a shorter lifespan.

Depending on the model you buy, Kohler engines are fairly reliable. Oil leakage has been a problem with some models, but it’s a simple fix.

Kawasaki wins in the case of durability because Kawasaki engines have far fewer problems according to users.

3. Warranty

Most of the Kawasaki engines come with a 36-month warranty that can easily be used in your lawn mower. If the engine has any difficulties throughout the period of use, it can be replaced with the help of the manufacturer.

Kohler engines, on the other hand, are rarely covered by a warranty.

It is not very hard to decide that Kawasaki is the best option for your lawn mower from the beginning because of the longer warranty period.

4. Maintenance

Regular maintenance on Kawasaki engines is recommended. As Kawasaki engines have fewer components, its distinctive loop technology requires less maintenance. Despite taking less maintenance, it still requires routine maintenance on occasion.

Kohler also recommends doing regular maintenance as specified in your user manual to extend the life of the engine. The air filter, oil and oil filter, and cooling system should be maintained on a regular basis.

Even though both Kawasaki and Kohler need regular maintenance, Kawasaki is a better option for your Cub Cadet because it offers open-loop control technology and has fewer components to be maintained than Kohler.

Kawasaki vs Kohler: Which One to Choose?

Overall, if one is to compare all the features and facilities that Kawasaki and Kohler engines, Kawasaki should be regarded as the better option for your lawn mower.

The Kawasaki engine, if properly maintained, can last longer than the Kohler engine.

How Can One Know If a Kawasaki Engine Is a Good Lawnmower Engine?

Kawasaki comes up with smooth edges along seams and covers, trimmed seals with no overlap, heavy fuel lines, plug wires, and tight-fitting housings and covers all indicate a well-built engine for your lawn mower.

Moreover, Kawasaki provides good indicators including clearly labeled, easy-access dipsticks and filters, as well as thoughtful additions such as Kawasaki’s debris clean-out ports.

Only Kawasaki Critical Power engines are SAE Certified for horsepower accuracy, ensuring that you get all of the power promised.

How Long Can a Kawasaki Air Cooled Engine Run?

You can get 2000 to 3000 hours out of a high-quality air-cooled engine like the Kawasaki.


You are now able to make smarter decisions regarding which engine to use for your lawn mower now that you understand the differences between Kawasaki and Kohler engines.

In a summary, the Kawasaki engine will not disappoint you because it has excellent responsiveness, power and reliability. The Kawasaki engines have a long track record of dependable performance.

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