The Key Differences Between Kawasaki FR730 vs Kohler 7000

The Kawasaki FR730 and Kohler 7000 series engines seem to be the most prospective and affordable engine lines for larger to mid-size lawnmower engines. If you want to choose the best possible engine between these two, we are here to assist you in shortening the process.

The Kawasaki FR730 and the Kohler 700 series engines are almost identical in terms of performance. However, there are a little bit of differences in terms of their dry weight, power capacity, oil capacity, engine displacement and maximum torque speed.

The popular Kawasaki FR730 engines will be compared side by side with the Kohler 7000 series engines throughout this article to assist you in making a better choice about which one to purchase. So, continue reading this article attentively.

Kawasaki FR730 vs Kohler 7000: Quick Comparison Table

The Kawasaki FR730 differs from the Kohler 700 series engines in the following features.

Kawasaki FR730 VS Kohler 7000

FeaturesKawasaki FR730Kohler 7000
Dry Weight88.2 lbs. (40 kg)85 lbs. (38.6 kg)
Power Capacity24 HP20 – 26 HP
Oil Capacity2 L1.9 L
Engine Displacement726 cc725 – 747 cc
Maximum Torque53.9 N.m.54.6 – 57.5 N.m.

What’s The Difference Between Kawasaki FR730 and Kohler 7000 Based on Features?

1. Dry Weight

The dry weight of the Kawasaki FR730 engine is 88.2 pounds (40 kg).

The Kohler 7000 series engines, on the other hand, have a dry weight of 85 pounds (38.6 kg).

When it comes to weight, the Kawasaki engine has the disadvantage of being a heavyweight engine in comparison to the Kohler 700 series.

As a result, I recommend that you choose Kohler 7000 series engines in order to have a more comfortable working experience.

2. Power Capacity

The Kawasaki FR730’s engine generates 24 horsepower and is equipped with a four-stroke engine.

On the other hand, Kohler 7000 series engines are capable of generating between 20 and 26 horsepower, depending on the model. It has also a four-stroke transmission.

As a result, the Kohler 7000 series engines are more powerful than the Kawasaki FR730 when it comes to performance. Therefore t, I will recommend you to pick engines for your lawnmower from the Kohler 700 series.

3. Oil Capacity

There is a 2 liters oil capacity in the Kawasaki FR730 engine’s oil tank.

On the other hand, the oil capacity of the Kohler 7000 series engine is 1.9 liters.

Both the Kawasaki FR730 and the Kohler 7000 series engines have a large capacity oil tank, which is a characteristic common to both models. But the Kohler 7000 series engines have a lower rate of oil consumption.

4. Engine Displacement

The Kawasaki FR730 engine has a 726 cc displacement. This means that the cylinder volume size of the engine is 726 cubic centimeters.

The Kohler 7000 series engines, on the other hand, have a displacement ranging from 725 to 747 cc. The cylinder volume size of the engine is ranging from 725 cubic centimeters to 747 cubic centimeters.

The larger the cylinder, the greater the air and fuel absorption capacity, and thus, the greater the cubic capacity. The Kohler 7000 series engines have more displacement than the Kawasaki FR730.

That is why, I recommend that you get a lawnmower with a Kohler 700 series engine.

5. Maximum Torque

The Kawasaki FR730 engine produces a maximum torque of 53.9 Nm.

On the other hand, there is a range of 54.6 to 57.5 Nm available in the case of the Kohler 7000 series engine when operating at its maximum torque.

The benefit of increased maximum torque is one of the reasons why Kohler 7000 series engines are so popular. Therefore, for getting more gross torque from your lawnmower engine chooses the Kohler 7000 series. 

Kawasaki FR730 vs Kohler 7000: Which One to Choose?

People regularly compare the Kawasaki FR730 and Kohler 7000 series lineups because of their prominence in the engine industry so that they can choose accordingly to their needs.

Despite the fact that the two series share a lot of similarities between them, it is possible to separate them in order to get the most out of each.

The Kawasaki FR730 lawnmower engine is a single model from the FR series of the Kawasaki company. On the other hand, the Kohler 7000 lawnmower engine series includes six models: KT740, KT745, KT715, KT735, KT730, and KT725 in its lineup.

A mower powered by the Kawasaki FR730 engine should provide optimal performance whether it’s being used in a hilly residentials or other low commercial uses. 

On the other hand, you may get a Kohler 7000 series engine if you want to use it for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting long grass or doing mid-range commercial work.

Which Engine Should You Choose Between the Kawasaki FR730 And the Kohler 700 Series?

If you want to keep your engine operating for a long period, you must maintain it on a regular basis. Today’s engines, though, are designed in such a manner that they can cope with their owners’ lack of attention.

That is why the pressurized lubrication system is available on both the Kawasaki FR730 and Kohler 700 series engines. Because of the engine’s lubrication system, it is possible to extend the life of your engine and enhance the function ability even further.

But you should understand that this does not eliminate the need for routine maintenance. Even though the engine’s lubrication system is taking care of it, you should inspect the engine from time to time because it may need to be replaced after a long period of usage.

But I will recommend you to choose the Kohler 700 series engines for your lawnmower if you have a bad habit of neglecting maintenance. Because the Kohler enables you to change both the oil and the fuel filters which will eventually offer you an extra layer of protection to your engine.

Which Engine Between the Kawasaki FR730 And the Kohler 700 Series Have the Higher Maintenance Cost?

The Kawasaki FR730 engine is more expensive to maintain. Prices for Kawasaki components are substantially higher as a result of the reduced volume.

The Kohler engine components, on the other hand, are only available via registered Kohler dealers. Therefore, their prices are higher. However, when compared to Kawasaki parts, Kohler components are less expensive in terms of volume.


Kawasaki and Kohler are both companies’ engines that have popularity among the users. That is why there is confusion among them about which one to choose. After reading the article, you get a clear idea of picking your engine for your lawnmower.

There are various aspects to consider while picking the most convenient engine for your lawnmower. The engine you will choose have to be selected according to your preference. 

Both Kawasaki and Kohler seem to be capable of producing the necessary performances. If you select the engine of your lawnmower by giving priority to your preference, you will benefit in long run.

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