Troy Bilt vs John Deere: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Troy Bilt is another name of the premium tractor that has earned loyalty from the users. Besides, John Deere is known to all for its highly advanced and latest technological tool.

Yet, there remain some considerable differences between Troy Bilt and John Deere tractor. In this case, the features like engine power, price, and warranty service will play a vital role in selecting the right one.

From this article, you will come to know all details about Troy Bilt and John Deere through looking over the information. Hopefully, the article will be beneficial for you.

Troy Bilt vs John Deere: Quick Comparison Table

The following chart will show you a clear view of differentiating between Troy Bilt and John Deere based on their features. Take a look.

FeaturesTroy BiltJohn Deere
Engine ModelIntek 33R877-0008Power Tech 3029
Engine Power15.5 HP17.5 HP
Number of Cylinder2 cylinders3 cylinders
Rated engine power540 cc36750 cc
Cutting Width21 inches42 inches
Transmission typeFoot-PadelStandard: 9F/3R Sync Shuttle
Hitch category Category 0Category 2; convertible to 1
Warranty2-year limited residential5000 hr/5 year
BrakesDiscAll-wheel hydraulic disk
MaintenanceQuite difficultEasy
Wheelbase46 inches80.7 inches
Fuel Capacity4.9 Litre9.1 Litre

What Are The Difference Between Troy Bilt vs John Deere Based on Features?

1. Engine Power

Troy Bilt tractor possesses 15.5 HP in its engine average power. This means the tractor can produce enough but not a high level of energy for the users.

In contrast, John Deere is capable of producing 17.5 HP while running in the yard. This expresses that the engine is more powerful compared to the Troy Bilt.

Thus, John Deere is far better than Troy Bilt in this regard.

2. Number of Cylinder

The number of the cylinder is one of the parameters to detect what amount of fuel the tractor can carry. In this case, Troy Bilt has 2 cylinders for fuel carriage which is quite good for a tractor.

On the other hand, John Deere has 3 cylinders for the fuel tank. It expresses a better-quality tool compared to Troy Bilt.

Finally, John Deere is as usual proving its higher performance by carrying its advanced tool.

3. Rated engine power

Rated engine power is another parameter to identify the performance of a machine. In Troy Bilt, the engine has 540 ccs rated power which is sufficient for heavy load carriage and fast movement.

In contrast, John Deere has 36750 cc rated power which is excess than its need. So John Deere is the winner in this case.

4. Cutting Width

The cutting width is around 21 inches of Troy Bilt for grabbing grass.

On the other hand, John Deere can cut grass a maximum of 42 inches.

Finally, as John Deere can cut more inches of grass compared to Troy Bilt, it is the winner.

5. Transmission type

The transmission is given foot-padel type in Troy Bilt which is considered a backdated system.

 On the other side, John Deere has a Standard transmission system which is 9F/3R Sync shuttle type.

So, John Deere remains in the frontline for its outstanding transmission system tool.

5. Hitch category 

Troy Bilt has a category 0 level in its hitch which is not functional. John Deere has a Category 2 level of hitch which can be convertible to 1.

So in this respect, John Deere is advanced from Troy Bilt considering the Hitch category.

6. Price

Troy Bilt is less expensive compared to John Deere as it carries backdated features. The market value of backdated technology is not much more costly than the latest product.

On the other hand, John Deere is more expensive than Troy Bilt. So, John Deere is more demandable though it is more costly.

7. Brakes

The brakes of Troy Bilt are made up of discs which is quite a normal configuration in the market of the tractor.

On the other hand, John Deere brake uses a wheel hydraulic disk. So, John Deere has the better quality of brake for the favor of the users.

8. Maintenance

Troy Bilt is quite difficult to maintain because it carries some backdated tools and features.

In Reverse, John Deere is easy to handle compared to Troy Bilt. So John Deere can be the first choice for its simple maintenance feature.

9. Wheelbase

The wheelbase size of Troy Bilt is around 46 inches.

On the flip side, John Deere has 80.7 inches wheelbase. It is an advantage for the users who utilize the model in the field. This size of wheelbase plays an important role to manage the weight distribution of the vehicle.

So John Deere becomes the choice of the users for the purpose.

10. Blades

Troy Bilt has 2 blades for cutting grass. On the other side, John Deere has 3 blades which are better compared to Troy Bilt. In these circumstances, the winner is John Deere.

11. Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of Troy Bilt is around 4.9 Litre. In contrast, John Deere can bear a fuel maximum of 5.1 Litre in its fuel tank. So the vote goes to the better configurational tractor which is John Deere.

12. After Service & Warranty

Troy Bilt renders a 2-year limited residential warranty for the customers. In reverse, John Deere offers a 5000-hour or 5-year warranty for the consumers.

In the case of Troy Bilt, many complaints have been made about bad after service. For example, in case of a bad block. Again, specific parts like the blower’s nozzle may not be available.

Consider not purchasing the extended warranty. A two-year guarantee is already included with the mower. If anything is going to break early, it will most likely do so by then.

And if an ordinary wear and tear item (such as a drive or blade belt) fails during the first two years, it will most likely cost less than $130 or $190.

In the case of John Deere, however, the after service is satisfactory. Even after 10 years and 700+ hours on it, you will definitely get a pennyless fix. So John Deere wins this one.

13. Durability

Troy Bilt was once a good brand. But after filing into bankruptcy in the early 2000s and being acquired by MTD, it has become nothing more than another MTD brand.

The MTD quality suffers. The quality of these mowers is quite similar to CubCadet RZTs.

John Deere, on the other hand, has good durability. Some of the mowers can last more than 30 years. For example, the 6210R can have 7000+ hours on it. 

14. Engine Reliability

The John Deere uses Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Briggs & Stratton engines in different mower series. While Briggs & Stratton 163cc EXi 725 Series engine powers the Troy Blit.

Troy Blit engines are considered junk. They break down, stutter, have a terrible start and much more from day 1. While the John Deere mowers, especially those that use the Kawasaki engines, are pretty reliable. The JD wins this one.

Troy Bilt or John Deere Which One to Choose?

From research, John Deere is a highly powerful tractor compared to Troy Bilt. John Deere possesses advanced technology for which people prefer using this tractor.

Not only that but also John Deere has all the latest specifications more than Troy Bilt. Every feature proves that Troy Bilt is not superior to John Deere.

There remain drastic changes between them for which John Deere is known as the leading company of tractors.


John Deere and Troy Bilt both are capable of delivering their best to the customers. But still, there must be a winner according to the people’s choice.

From reading this article you are quite well upon knowing the maintenance and service warranty of two models. So if you want to use a mower for a long time using your preference would be John Deere undoubtedly.

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