The Symbolism of Flowers : What Do Colors of the Flowers Mean?

What is the first thing you notice when you see a beautiful flower? You probably do not look at its size or its shape. Instead, the first thing that attracts you is the color. Yes, the scent or the shape of the leaves are all important aspects of pretty flowers. However, the first thing we notice, the most important thing, is the color.

Flowers make for good presents;since then, we have used flowers as gifts for our loved ones. And we have always believed that the colors of the flowers have meaning. We believe that the colors we see in our lives represent something. The things they represent could be feelings like love or hate, or just like the color white, it could remind us of innocence and purity.

Flowers also represent different emotions, or they could remind us of what we encounter in real life. Like the color red, roses normally represent love, making a good present for a significant other. However, different colored flowers, a white rose, for example, could have a whole other meaning to its color. Now let’s look into what do colors of the flowers symbolize.

Does specific flower color have meanings? 

Flower color symbolism can be found in cultures worldwide and dates back centuries or more. While the meaning of each color varies by culture and place, there are some universal symbolic meanings and messages in Western civilization. So, it would be beneficial for you to know what the color of the flower symbolizes the next time you buy a present for a loved one.

Why do flower colors have meaning?

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The history of flower colors and their meanings isn’t entirely established. It certainly differs by culture, and some of the meanings date back so far that no one is certain why they exist. The symbolism of different flower varieties and hues extends back hundreds of years and may be found worldwide. Shakespeare’s works, ancient Greek and Egyptian literature, and Asian folklore and myths contain them. If you know what colors and flowers mean when picking a gift for a loved one, you could buy the perfect one that conveys the message you want to send to them.

What Do Different Flower Colors Indicate?

The meaning of flower hues isn’t completely clear. Although the symbolism differs, there are some commonalities that you can utilize to match your flowers to a special person, emotion, or significance in arrangements or beds: red flowers, particularly roses, are frequently connected with romantic love and passion. Desire, strength, courage, and respect are all words that can describe them.

What Do Colors Symbolize?

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Before we look into what colors the flowers symbolize, we should look into what colors symbolize to understand the meanings of colors in general better.

Red: Red symbolizes excitement, love, passion, desire, speed, power, strength, and heat.

Pink: Pink represents love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance, and calm.

Beige and ivory: These two colors symbolize unification. Ivory represents quiet and pleasantness, and beige represents calm and simplicity.

Yellow: Yellow signifies joy, happiness, optimism and idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, and summer.

Blue: Peace and calm, tranquility, stability, unity, confidence, security, cleanliness, and order.

Purple: Purple represents royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mystery, and transformation. Also, the shade lavender symbolizes femininity, grace, and elegance.

Green: Green represents nature, environment, health and good luck, youth, renewal, and fertility.

Brown: Brown symbolizes the earth, stability, home, reliability, comfort, and endurance

White: White represents purity, birth, simplicity, peace, cleanliness, youth, winter, snow, good, innocence, and sterility.

Black: Black represents power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, mystery, elegance, and wealth. Black also has negative representations that might vary in different cultures. These negative symbols are death, mourning, and detachment.

What Do Flower Colors Mean?

Now, let’s see the popular flowers and learn about what their colors symbolize.

What do the colors of the Roses Symbolize?

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Red Roses 

Red roses have been quite popular among lovers across the globe for generations. A single red could be the perfect way of saying “I love you” to your significant other on your anniversary. They symbolize passion, true love, romance, and desire, and when they are used in a wedding bouquet, they represent appreciation and true respect. A dark red rose also can mean that you are ready for commitment. 

White Roses

White roses generally symbolize purity and peace, and they represent innocence. They are associated with bridal roses as they are connected with young life and everlasting loyalty. White roses also symbolize new beginnings, and they are a good choice for honoring a friend or a loved one. A bouquet of white roses is a good way to say to someone that you are thinking of them.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are a classic symbol of elegance. They are often gifted as a token of admiration and appreciation. They are the gentlest types of roses, so they convey the message through their grace. They symbolize femininity, refinement, and sweetness. Different shades of pink roses can have different meanings. A dark or hot pink rose is a good way of thanking someone, while light pink or pale pinks represent grace and happiness. Pink roses pair with any type of flower, so they are one of the most sold ones in the world.

Yellow Roses

You may want to think again if you are thinking about gifting someone yellow roses as they were once thought to express jealousy and infidelity. However, these beautiful colored roses adopted better meanings in modern times, and they now represent friendship. Yellow roses symbolize remembrance, and they remain a token of appreciation to another.

Orange Roses

This beautiful fiery color symbolizes energy, excitement, and admiration. Orange roses are a good way to let someone know that you admire them. Orange roses are the wild child of the rose family, and you can easily say that their energy is not like any other.

What do the colors of the Tulips Symbolize?

tulips flowers colors

Tulips only bloom in Spring, starting in April and after. Therefore, they are a really good option for Mother’s Day. As they bloom in Spring, they represent new life and warmth. However, like any other flower, their meaning varies according to their colors.

Red Tulips

Like red roses, red tulips are quite popular among the romantic types of flowers. Their deep red hues remind you of passion, love, and lust, making them popular among younger couples. Gifting someone you love red tulips is a good way of telling them that your feelings are sincere.

Orange Tulips

Orange tulips convey a sense of understanding one another, and they represent the appreciation between two people. Gifting someone a bouquet of orange tulips means you both feel connected: spiritually and physically.

Yellow Tulips

Just like yellow roses, yellow tulips also had the negative meanings of the yellow colors. However, in modern years yellow tulips now symbolize cheerfulness and hope. So, if you are thinking about gifting a loved one some flowers, yellow tulips could be a good option.

White Tulips

You can use White Tulips to say sorry to someone you have hurt or if you want to console them. White Tulips are seen during funeral services. They represent purity, honor, and holiness. 

Pink Tulips

This flower is a good way of congratulating someone. You could be celebrating a job promotion or even a new baby or college graduation with pink tulips to send your loved ones good luck and let them know you wish the best for them.

Blue Tulips

Blue tulips are kind of a myth. Tulips are one of the few flowers that come in almost every color, making them incredibly unique. Surprisingly, “true blue” is one of the few colors missing from tulip’s otherwise stunning color pallet. Some of the first blue tulips were recently created by a couple of skilled plant breeders. Blue tulips symbolize originality and uniqueness since they are one-of-a-kind. If you can find them, you can gift them to the person you think is unique- just like the blue tulips.

What do the colors of the Lilies mean?

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Lilies are versatile flowers that are classic, and they have many different colors. They are stunning flowers to pamper a loved one and are used as displays at funerals to show sympathy.

Pink Lilies

This flower symbolizes love, admiration, and compassion. You gift your mom pink lilies to your family members to show them your love, or you can gift them to someone special.

White Lilies

White lilies are normally associated with purity and heaven. They also represent modesty, so they are popular flowers for funerals and condolence messages. When used in a wedding bouquet, they symbolize the commitment to marriage.

Yellow Lilies

The yellow color symbolizes happiness, joy, and lightheartedness in this flower. With their bright and sunny colors, yellow lilies can be used to put a smile on your loved one’s face. If you want to tell your friends how much you love your friends, you can gift them a bouquet of white lilies.

Orange Lilies

These orange lilies symbolize energy, warmth, confidence, passion, and satisfaction with their warm, strong, and bright colors. This vibrant orange flower stands out from the crowd. This flower also symbolizes honor and respect for a notable person. If you want to express gratitude or appreciate someone for something they have done for you, a bouquet of this flower could be a good option.

Purple Lilies

Purple lilies symbolize pride, success, and admiration. They also symbolize dignity and accomplishment. They are associated with royalty just like other purple flowers, and they are regarded as rare and exclusive flowers. Because of their connection to royalty, they also symbolize privilege.

If you are planning to buy a loved one flowers, you can prefer purple lilies just to put a smile on their face!

What do the colors of the Gerbera Daisies mean?

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies symbolize simple beauty and very happy life. The gerbera daisy has been a symbol of innocence throughout history, signifying the innocence of children’s hearts and happiness and gratitude for the life you’ve been given.

Yellow Gerbera Daisy

Yellow gerberas are associated with friendliness. Yellow flowers, on the other hand, are typically sent to close friends with whom you have an unbreakable tie. You can, for example, give these flowers to your close friends to demonstrate your support through their difficult moments. Finally, yellow gerberas can be utilized to express gratitude in the workplace.

Orange Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies have a vivid orange color that conveys a warm and joyful attitude. These flowers are suitable for both new and old friends, as they symbolize friendship and the love, warmth, and happiness they bring into your life.

Red Gerbera Daisy

Red is often associated with love and passion. Likewise, this color is commonly associated with red roses; however, it may be found in practically all flower kinds, including red gerberas. As a result, these flowers should be given to your companion as a token of your affection.

Pink Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies’ pink color symbolizes grace, kindness, and admiration. The shade is commonly used to get well soon messages or express gratitude for someone’s efforts. Pink gerberas come in a variety of hues as well. Pink Gerbera Daisies can also represent love more flirtatious, lively, or impulsive.

White Gerbera Daisy

The color white is typically associated with happiness and innocence in flowers. White Gerbera Daisies symbolize pure affection and can be used as a thank-you gift. Giving someone beautiful white gerberas is like praising them for being pure and loyal. White Gerbera Daisy can also be used for these bouquets for weddings.

Purple Gerbera Daisy

Purple gerberas are associated with elegance and grace. Therefore, sending purple gerberas to someone expresses your admiration for them as a graceful, attractive, and polished individual. In addition, purple daisies, like pink and red gerberas, can be used to express romantic feelings for someone.


Roses, Tulips, and Gerbera Daisies are among the most popular flowers in the world. And now you know what their colors mean and symbolize. Now you can find the perfect flower and color for your significant other or loved one, or you can pick the perfect flower color for the right occasion.

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