Worx Landroid WR150 Vs WR155 Robotic Lawn Mower

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The Landroid is nimble, safe, accurate, quiet, and ideal for bigger lawns; its many included attachments further enhance these qualities. You may customize your ideal robotic lawnmower with this model and its available add-ons.

Many people think that if they have a big yard, they must have a gas mower or, at the absolute least, an electric mower with a long extension cord. That’s not how it works with this prototype. Most individuals just don’t have the time to mow their lawn as often as it needs to be to maintain its ideal appearance.

Regular mowing, as everyone knows, prevents weeds, maintains nice and healthy grass, and paves the way for mulching’s numerous advantages. When you have a robotic lawn mower like the Landroid, you can kick back and relax while it takes care of your grass.

Self-learning technology and cutting-edge hardware combine to provide rapid, precise movement and high-quality cutting. You won’t have to lift a finger to have a lawn that is stunningly beautiful and thriving.

APPWi-Fi & app-controlledSmart app



Without difficulty navigating tight spacesNarrow paths with ease
EfficiencyRain sensor and high efficiencyHigh efficiency
How it worksExpandable powerFully automated
PriceMore affordableLess affordable
  • WiFi-enabled and app-managed
  • Access to challenging areas
  • Cheap
  • Able to be amplified
  • Inconsistent configuration is a common problem
  • Limited ability to slice
  • Smart app
  • Without difficulty navigating tight spaces
  • Good at efficiency
  • Automated
  • Expensive
  • No rain sensor
  • The application may need to be constantly updated

Comparison of WR150 vs. WR155 Robotic Lawn Mowers

1- App

Technology is changing, and the world is getting different. With the development of technology, the processes for people are also changing. This developing technology provides great advantages for people as a result of correct use. Technological products come into our lives in lawn mowing, as there are developments in the field of health, education, agriculture, and many other fields thanks to technology.

Thanks to smart technologies, you can run the washing machine without entering the house, program the dishwasher with a timer, and turn off your television if you left it on. Landroid is a tool that gives you smart technology for mowing. This tool can save your physical strength, and it is very easy to use.

Worx Landroid WR150

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WR150 (3)

In this context, “smart device” refers to a system in which electronic devices are linked and managed remotely using a mobile phone. A smart device’s interconnected technologies communicate through the internet, enabling the user to do actions like controlling the device’s volume or screen brightness from afar.

A smart device can be managed from another location using a mobile device and an internet connection. Using smart technology, people may save time and money. The Landroid WR150 app allows you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, like measuring your lawn, monitoring the progress of the mowing process, maintaining an up-to-date software installation, and modifying your mowing schedule.

Worx Landroid WR155

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Without leaving the comfort of your sofa, you can manage Landroid and set up mowing times directly from the app. The Landroid L is here to save the weekends of those with bigger lawns, and it’s loaded with cutting-edge technology to make sure it performs a decent job, mowing width enough for up to a half-acre of grass. Once you’ve put up your Landroid, you’ll never have to mow your lawn again.

To get started, just set up the charging station, then use the included boundary wire and pegs to demarcate the edge of your grass. Without leaving the comfort of your sofa, you can manage Landroid and set up mowing times directly from the app. You may use the Landroid app to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and then control Landroid remotely from wherever you happen to be.

2- Drive

When you hire us, we’ll perform a wide range of services to make your landscape seem better. In addition to the meticulous care we take with its aesthetics, we also do a separate task to ensure the garden’s upkeep. Care for the garden improves its use and attractiveness. Garden upkeep is crucial for this reason.

Those with a large garden at home maintain and improve it. Gardens are great for weekend activities. The grass must be maintained to maximize garden use. Many tools are used to trim the grass. Lawnmowers are an example. Maneuverability and cutting power are important.

Worx Landroid WR150

Sometimes you may find it difficult to mow the lawn because the cut of your garden may not be the way you want. It is likely to have rough areas or narrow sections. At this point, the features of the lawnmower you use become important. Landroid WR150 L model, equipped with a 9″ cutting disc, can mow down to half an acre.

Install the charging base, set up the boundary wire, use the app to determine the exact size of your grass, and let the mower handle the rest. Utilizing AIA technology, Landroid can go into tight spaces that would otherwise be impossible for conventional robotic lawn mowers.

Worx Landroid WR155

Since the first cut is very important in lawn areas, level the area with a roller before and after the first form, as the roots are not fully developed. Sharpen the blades of the lawnmower or lawnmower you will be using. In the first form, reduce the grass to 6 cm. The layout of your garden is also important when mowing the lawn.

Made for bigger lawns, it can mow up to a half-acre area. Its ability to squeeze into tight spaces is made possible by cutting-edge engineering. Whenever Landroid’s blades meet an obstacle, the floating blade disc will automatically raise the blades to provide the robot more room to move.

3- Efficiency

Efficiency is a vague notion that gauges how sensitive and effective methods are for accomplishing economic aims. However, efficiency in a restricted sense reflects the physical link between the quantity of production (output) and the number of inputs of production, therefore, it is theoretically the same as productivity (input).

It can be said that the efficiency of a lawnmower is to be able to mow the grass in the maximum time and to make your garden beautiful by bringing the grass to the size you want. At the same time, it can be added that the charge takes a long time and consumes less energy.

Worx Landroid WR150

WR150 (2)

For a lawnmower, efficiency is about how long you can mow your lawn. Apart from this, the battery power of the machine can also affect efficiency. In addition, its ease of use is another feature. Over seventy-five 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power equipment in the Power Share family all run off the same battery.

Landroid WR150 may automatically cut your grass on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis, depending on the size and circumstances of your yard. Reduce post-mowing work by using less grass between rows thanks to the 9″ offset 3-blade cutting disc.

Worx Landroid WR155

The lawnmower’s efficiency is shown by its ease of use. Additionally, the machine’s battery life might have an impact on its productivity. Also, the length of time a lawnmower will allow you to mow for is a measure of its efficiency. The Worx 20V, 40V, and 80V tool, outdoor power, and lifestyle items are all compatible with the 20V, 6.0Ah Power Share battery.

Mowers with brushless motors last twice as long, produce 25% more power and have a 10% higher durability rating. You can even enjoy mowing the lawn when you prefer an efficient machine. Mowing the lawn will not seem like a hassle to you.

4- Working Mechanism

A lawnmower is a great necessity for those who own a house with a garden because you want to be happy to host guests in your garden. For this, the grass in your garden must be tidy. You need a good lawnmower to cut your lawn at the level you want. The way the lawnmower you buy works is also important.

Especially automatic lawn mowers are in fashion lately. Apart from being automatic, the fact that it can be controlled with smart applications affects the way of use. Or the battery power it has. These are the features that may affect your choices.

Worx Landroid WR150

In fact, it has similar features to the WR155 in terms of the way it works. There are minor differences. The WR150 has a 9” cutting diameter, while the WR155 has an 8” cutting diameter. Apart from that, the WR155 works with 6 Ah battery power, while the WR150 works with 4 Ah battery power.

The Landroid WR150 robot mower has smart technology features. AIA Intelligent Navigation’s Landroid has a random mowing algorithm. This ensures the whole grass is trimmed, even those often-forgotten corners. Landroid’s fine clippings give nutrients to your lawn. Large expanses don’t exhaust this robotic lawn mower.

The Landroid uses sophisticated technologies to charge itself and stay inside your property boundaries. It turns at right angles, unlike other robotic lawn mowers. This assures complete coverage.

Worx Landroid WR155

The amount of time it takes to mow your lawn depends on various variables, including the size of your lawn, whether it has any slopes, and the number of obstacles the robotic mower must avoid. The Landroid may be set to automatically or manually trim your lawn at regular intervals to keep it at an optimal height. A half-acre (or 21,780 square feet) of grass is no match for this fully automated robotic lawn mower

Through its companion app, the owner of a Landroid WR155 robotic mower may access and modify a wide variety of settings and learn more about the mower. It’s free to get from the App Store or Google Play. There is a 35% inclination that the Landroid can manage (20-degree slope).

5- Price

All our lives, we spend money on something. When we are sick, we spend money to get well. When we are hungry, we spend money to buy food. When we are bored, we spend money buying tickets to go to a concert or a game.

We always find a place to spend our money, but we also need to save from time to time. When we need a lawnmower, prices vary according to its features. At this point, what you expect from the lawnmower becomes important. However, finding a suitable product that will meet our needs is a little difficult.

Worx Landroid WR150


Poor traction might be to blame if your lawnmower is having trouble cutting grass in your yard. The lawnmower problem may finally be solved with the help of stainless-steel spikes. The lawnmowers are simple to set up. Simply install the right and left Spikes into the wheels of your lawnmower to increase their grip and traction immediately.

Worx Landroid WR155

The new robotic mowers include a floating blade technology that modifies cutting clearance height if they strike a rock, stick, or another item. The lawnmower’s floating blade technology allows continuous cutting.

Each Worx Landroid WR 155 mower has a waterproof base that can be rinsed to remove grass, dirt, or debris. Bluetooth connectivity is new this season, guaranteeing a simple setup and connection using Landroid’s app.

Final Verdict

Latest technology and software allow robotic lawnmowers to operate autonomously, cutting grass without human supervision. Robotic lawn mowers remove the need for constant supervision, unlike traditional mowers. These devices can function well without the assistance of a human operator. 

Once programmed, the robot may stay in one place for months as it maintains a neatly mowed lawn. You may sit back with some tea and enjoy it, but the machine will keep running if you keep your eyes on it.

Landroid WR155 and Landroid WR150 are two of these machines. They have similar and different characteristics. When both products are examined, it would be more logical to choose the Landroid WR150 product because both products have similar features at many points. The other difference is the cutting diameters. One is 8” while the other is 9”. It can be said that there is a little power difference in the batteries. 

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