Beautify Your Garden with Smart Lawn Mowing Design

Mowing your lawn can sometimes feel tedious when you put hours into it and end up with a basic lawn. We have just the right article for you if you’ve ever thought about giving your plain grass lawn an exciting design with unique patterns.

We’ll be talking about some of the easy-to-do grass mowing patterns you can add to your lawn care, and best of all, most of these patterns do not require a high-end mower and can be accomplished even with a simple mower, a rake, and maybe a hand trimmer. 

These patterns may not be complex, but they will surely make you enjoy mowing the grass a lot more and give your lawn a fresh look!

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Before you start mowing away, you first need to understand how the pattern forms on the grass. It’s all about light and shadows. Leaving your grass taller or angling it one way with a rake will create darker patches of grass while mowing the grass short or angling it away from you will make lighter patches. Keep these tricks in mind when choosing a pattern for your lawn.

Striped Lines

This pattern is perfect for those new to lawn mowing designs who want to start with an easy but beautiful pattern. It will give your garden an elongated look while also making it look tidy.  

To achieve this pattern, mow straight lines with equally distanced spaces between them while your lawn is still relatively short. For a finishing touch, you can go over those lines with a lawn roller to increase the contrast and make it look neat. Choosing which way the lines will go is totally up to you – horizontal, vertical, diagonal – let your creativity run wild! 


If you have a statue, a tree, or a birdbath on your lawn and want it to be the center of attention, this pattern might be a great choice. Mowing circles starting from that item and growing outwards will result in a beautiful pattern that resembles a blooming flower or an eye—ideal for making items in your garden the focal point.

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You can achieve this pattern by mowing grass rings around a center point. If you run into any trouble making perfect circles, you can sketch an outline before mowing by putting down leaves or hand trimming a rough circle and going over it with the mower.


This pattern is just as easy as the first one, with a small difference. Instead of making straight lines, make swirly ones! By mowing your grass in a wavy pattern, you can have much more freedom cutting as you won’t need to be bothered making perfect lines. As a bonus, your neighbors will be impressed by the funky design.

This pattern will also allow you to be more carefree regarding the edges of your lawn, as you won’t need to be as precise. Instead, you can blend the waves into the corners, making it look tidy.


This one takes a bit more planning but results in such an elegant look. To make weaved – or braided – patterns in your lawn, you need to make lines diagonal to your garden and then make a second row of lines perpendicular to the first ones. It’s like knitting, but with grass.

The result will be a stunning checkered pattern and will give your garden a royal look.

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Singular shapes

If you don’t want an overall pattern in your lawn, you can try mowing in single shapes. It could be a star, a triangle, a water droplet, and even a heart. You can make the shape as big as you want it to be, make multiples of the same shape and turn it into your pattern. Like the circle pattern, this technique can accentuate particular objects in your garden. For example, you can cut out a giant heart and put garden furniture in the middle to sit down with your loved ones.

To achieve this design, you might need to use hand trimmers to outline the shape, and depending on the size you want to go for, you can trim the middle with your mower.

Garden Pathing

A current trend we have heard about for lawn owners is a “wild lawn.” More and more people are choosing overgrown gardens with native plants and flowers instead of fully cut ones. This option is trendy for wildlife preservation, less maintenance, and environmental concerns. 

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But this does not mean that you can’t still mow. If you prefer this type of garden, you can still use your mower to create efficiencies for yourself. For example, you can make paths in your garden by mowing through your wild garden and creating mini roads without paying someone to set stone paths. This still requires minimal care and allows you to remove or add pathways in your garden all by yourself.


Some of these patterns are easy, and some are a bit harder, but as long as you start simple and gradually work your way up to grander lawn patterns, you will have no problem. Of course, you will need to keep your lawn patterns fresh by maintaining them every once in a while. 

Remember never to mow after it has rained as it can damage your mower. Always make sure that your mower blades are sharp, and practice doing straight lines with the mower before attempting line patterns. Always be careful with the mower.

I hope you enjoyed this article about mowing patterns and picked up some ideas to use for the next time you handle your lawn. Your family and your neighbors will surely appreciate the effort put into your lawn. Happy gardening!

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